Baby Weekly Milestones

Hello Families & Fellow Therapists!  My name is Alpin Rezvani, M.A., CCC-SLP & I am the co-owner of Gift of Gab Resources along with Debbie Shiwbalak, M.A., CCC-SLP.  We provide therapy, evaluations, and workshops for amazing families all over NYC & NJ.  My husband & I recently welcomed our baby boy Roman into the world on 4/25/14!   And being a new mommy & SLP, I thought what better way to capture the moments of his life than a blog.  Come join us for our journey of monthly milestones, funny stories, and hilarious videos!  We’ll definitely share tips & techniques along the way too!  

24 Months 3 Week Milestones

roman loves twoRoman tells us “Sleepy time” and says “I’m so tired”.  He also says “I funny” and “I silly”.  For example, he put a funny hat on his head and said “I silly” while smiling.  What a sense of humor!!  It was dinner and he said “breakfast time” while smiling to make a joke.  And it’s the cutest thing… he initiates cleaning up by himself and attempts to sing the clean up song.  And this little guy thinks he can eat a whole bag of chips!  He has been randomly requesting milk with a straw sometimes and he hardly ever drinks milk.  

roman and delancey sign It was Mommy & Daddy’s anniversary so we went to Angel Orensanz and got the cutest pic of him on Delancey Street.  And we of course went to Katz’s Deli for dinner!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Roman eats at katz Roman is really into play dough this week and says “Make this dinosaur” or “Help me make this”.  He even said “make a pile” when he was stacking up all of his dinos.  He loves feeding his dinosaur and tells it to “eat ____”.  He produces “how” questions such as “How make this?”.  He also asks questions such as “What’s happened?”.  He comments about things in his environment by saying “It’s ____” (e.g. – yucky, dirty, color).  He tells us to “fill it up” or “more fill it up mama”.  He loves when swing him by the arms and says “swing me now”.  “Now” has become one of his favorite words within phrases since he likes things done immediately!  He also uses phrases with “too”, “another”, and “other”.  He says “no mama this way” to point in the direction he wants to go.  He labels things we never knew he knew like a knight, farmer, etc.  He loves labeling colors.  He pretends to be an animal and says the sounds while acting like it (e.g. – flaps his arms while saying “flying pteradactyl”, swings his arms to pretend to be a monkey and says “oo oo oo aa aa aa”, etc..  Little guy is going to be great at charades!  And the silly guy has been obsessed with Thanksgiving pictures – way to early for that!

Roman on the log He loved going to Longwood Gardens this weekend and produced phrases such as “tree houses”.  He climbed up four of them and saw “dragons”, “birds”, and much more!  There was even a cool log chair to sit in.  He loved running around the fountains, touching the flowers, and he was obsessed with the “map”.  He wanted me to show him where we were and where we were going.  He also got to go to Chuck E Cheese with his best friends and we even took him to the circus.  He has been helping out at the playspace and at our community fairs.  He still loves playing in the toddler area and getting on the ride-on toys.                                                                                                                                     

Roman loves the turtle Another favorite is the Little Zookeepers class.  This week he got to pet a frog and even made a frog life cycle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Us with the Mayor of Princeton The week ended with a bang – it was our official grand opening party at Princeton Playspace!  We cut the ribbon with the mayor, had yummy food and cupcakes, did fun activity and just had a ball celebrating!  Mr. Roman wore a Princeton Playspace t-shirt to represent!

24 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman playing soccer It was Mother’s Day this week!  Roman took the mommies out for pizza and did such a good job sitting at the restaurant since he was using his stickers.  He requests help such as “take it off”.  We then played soccer in the backyard and he said “kick the ball” and he is really getting the hang of only using his feet.  We have to sign him up for lessons!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Roman at the water table He got to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this week and was a HUGE fan of the water table and wait for it… DINOSAURS!  He also loved playing a hand biting game with his grandfather – such a cutie!  They even went on an MTA bus.  Roman helps with everything around the house.  You can tell him to go get the play dough container and he brings it or if you tell him to close it then he closes it.  He cleans when you say “clean up”.  He does a very funny thing during mealtime and eats without using his hands as if he is a dinosaur!                                                                                                                                                                                 

Roman with cupcake Roman has become a commenting machine!  He says “I broke it. As you already know, toddlerhood is a very egocentric phase. ”.  As he’s falling he will say “I falling”.  He said “Other sock mommy” when he lost a sock.  He knew what he heard when I said “I heard something” and he said “turtle”.  He’ll repeat “turtle power”.  He says “Dinosaur I love it”.  He is starting to ask longer questions such as “Can you open it mommy?”.  Roman has been very into reading all of his new books he received for his birthday.  He says “Good Dinosaur” – his new favorite movie!  And he of course loves his Dino Trucks gift.  It was Daddy’s birthday and we got him some Key Lime Pie delivered all the way from Miami.  And Roman got to celebrate again with a House of Cupcakes cupcake (which he ate like a dinosaur again!).  

Roman with dinosaur If you ask a question he answers appropriately.  For instance, if you ask “What are you eating?” he replies  “I eating strawberries”.  He often says “I have it”.  If he finds something he will say “right here”.  And it’s so cute he’ll say “Help me this” and we model “Help me with this”.  While playing with Legos he says “Fix it Daddy”, “Put the slide in”, “Down the slide”, “Pirates”, “That’s a flag”, etc.  And he likes to say “mess it up” or “make a mess” and destroys things around the house.  He produces a variety of phrases with “I” such as “I stick”, “I do”, etc.  He’s also the boss at the playspace and loves sitting up front.  He got to touch a HUGE snake and even made his own snake puppet during class this week.  

24 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman and daddy with cake Roman’s official birthday was last week, but we celebrated this week!  He helped his mommy make chocolate covered pretzels (or ate them!) and we even practiced blowing out candles!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Roman and dno party His dino party was out of this world – we painted dinos, made fossils, dug for fossils (in sand and in ice!), followed footprints, blew up dino decorations, and ate dino claws (Bugles) and bones (pretzels)!  His dessert table was DELICIOUS complete with the most beautiful cake and dirt pudding!  Someone had a rough start to the party since people were playing with the dinosaurs, but he pulled through and was all smiles!  Someone drew him a dinosaur on the white board he was in LOVE with.  He was very shy when we all sang him Happy Birthday.  Can’t believe he’s two!

Roman and gift competition At the party he was beyond excited to open his gifts.  His Auntie Olga and Uncle Reza did a gift competition!  We really didn’t want the party to end.  We are gradually giving him his birthday gifts at home to keep them motivating.                                                                                             

Roman with magnets He is as excited as ever!  Some of his favorites include of course the dinosaurs, transportation magnets, Lego pirate set, and more!  And he’s still eating cake from his birthday!  We of course still do not go anywhere without bucket – even in the rain.                                                                                               

Roman watching friend play soccerHe went to go see his friend Demir play soccer this week.  He loves reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book.  He says the cutest phrases such as “I can’t find it”, “squeeze the lemon”, etc.  He’s obsessed with feeding birds with his grandpa and says “feed the birds”, “bird food”, etc.  He even has conversations about it.  Receptively he now answers a ton of questions such as “Where does a fish live?”, “What does a ____ say?”, “Where you do live?”, etc.   

24 Months Milestones

Roman is 2 years old Roman had a blast celebrating his 2nd birthday on a beautiful spring day! He got to go to the Central Park Zoo where he was amazed by the birds and kept pointing and saying , “Wow bird!”, “see bird”, etc.  He could not contain his excitement!  And he of course checked out his favorite spot by the seals.  Then he got to have ice cream in Central Park followed by his favorite slide followed by yummy burgers and milkshakes at Black Tap.  He received lots of amazing gifts for his birthday!  When he received a dinosaur shirt he loved he said “Put this here” and I modeled “Put the shirt on please”.  He ran around the streets of NYC and roared while chasing all of us.  

Roman running He was very excited preparing for his birthday party and even went to go run errands at Target with mommy.  He said “dinosaur tissue” and then “I use dinosaur tissue”.  He loves wearing his dino tail too and searching for dinos in the sensory box – followed of course by lining them up!  Can’t wait for the actual celebration next week!  He has been getting better about letting go of things when they are not his or he can’t have them.  Although when we went to check out a school he tried to take a bucket of dinosaurs and would not stop crying!  My mom said we are in trouble because he now says “buy this” if he’s watching a commercial or in a store and will also say “pay this”.  He has also discovered the attic and “climb the ladder”.  

Roman visiting schoolsWe’ve been catching him talking to himself a lot while playing… almost narrating his actions.  While he’s doing something he’ll say “I + action” such as “I hiding”.  If he is in a stroller and wants to get out he says “I walk”.  And he loves looking for things.  For instance, he will say “Mommy here?” and then will say “not here” if he cannot find me.  Or if he’s looking for water he’ll say “Water here?”.  And he is very intrigued by things that are missing and will say “Missing?”.  My mother came back from errands one day and he said “I miss you grandma” and he will say “I love you mommy”.  He loves greeting people at the playspace by saying “Hi” and waving.  He always says “Bye” and will even say “See you later”.  He interacts with new children and old friends there (e.g. – pushes them in the yellow car, holds their hand and takes them places, pretends to run after them, etc.).  He requests clearly via “I want + item”.  He can now say “pacifier” clearly when he is ready to sleep, but we really need to take it away!  Wish us luck!

23 Months 3 Week Milestones

Dinsour He produces sentences “I need more”, “I need that”, etc.  He sometimes adds more words like “I need that dinosaur” or replaces “this” or “that” such as “I need dinosaur”.  If he hurts something he says “toes hurt” or “leg hurt”.  He’s great at initiating play and his imagination runs wild – he’ll pretend to roar and play chase.  He’ll also say phrases such as “water RUN!!”.  He’ll say “Let’s play”, “Let’s paint”, etc.  He tells us “I like it” and “I love it”.  He initiates songs by himself such as “5 Little Dinosaurs Jumping on the Bed” and if he wants you to sing one he’ll say a line such as “EIEIO”.  He sings lines such as “baa baa here”.

Eating sweets Roman got a visit from Uncle Dan this week and ate a ton of sweets.  He has been better about sharing at the playspace – was even sharing his dinosaur fossils.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Our table During the weekend, he joined us for our first Communiversity table where he blew bubbles, ate cotton candy (second time ever!), munched on popcorn, and lots more!  He also got to walk around campus with Anneanne and see all the blossoms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Roman watching a movieHe hit a huge milestone – his first movie ever!  We went to see Zootopia.  He watched the movie in his own big boy seat that reclines and ate popcorn like a champ!  He was a natural!  He tried to run up the stairs once, but that was all the way at the end of the movie.  We also got to visit the Queens Zoo where he loved the birds and farm animals.  This was of course followed by some ice cream.  We also celebrated his friend Asher’s birthday at Bounce U.  He was slightly afraid to go in the bouncy castles, but mommy went in with him!

Model in clothing line We tried Little Zookeepers again this week and he LOVED it.  He said “WOW!”  and repeated what the instructor Travis was saying about the animal such as “white teeth”.  He still said “I touch it”, but waited his turn very well.  He brings his bucket of dinosaurs everywhere – even runs with them in the playground and brings them on the swing!  He talks to them in the car and said “dinosaur teeth”, “bite”, etc.  Roman also continues to be our Gift of Gab model – check out our Gift of Gab store for the latest in our clothing line! 

23 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman with legosRoman got to go to his Marquand Park movie premier at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival – everyone recognized him!  He sat in the theater for a few minutes in the beginning… with his dinosaurs of course!  He then got to visit the playspace and loves it when it’s not crowded.  He was even pretending to be a fireman!  He also loves the infant toddler area and Lego wall.  He even helps mommy clean by wiping and putting away chairs.  And this past week he has become a Gift of Gab model!

He is into a new show called Dino Trucks and hasn’t stopped playing with them.  When we were at the hair salon he said “I looking dinosaur”.  He says new words and phrases left and right.  For example “rubber ducky”, “blast off”, etc.  We’re working on his /s/ sound by telling him to put his teeth together and making a snake sound.  Since his whole world revolves around dinos he produces phrases such as “dinosaur fossils”, “baby dinosaur” and other phrases to show possession such as “baby dinosaur”, “dinosaur legs” and “dinosaur horns”.  He can now label all different kinds of dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops – he picks them out from a mile away!  He also has the dinosaurs pretend to eat!  He’s also been enjoying Legos and loves walking on the canal.  He even feeds himself like he’s a king!

Another behavior he’s taken up is standing on the table, which he also did at a restaurant.  With repeated reminders and redirection the behavior stops.  He says phrases such as “Don’t touch” or “go away”.  And he is quite smart – if someone does not give him what he wants, he goes to another person.  He also associates getting certain items from certain people (e.g. – ice cream from grandparents, movies from dad since he is the only one that knows how to operate technology around here).  

23 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman and Mom under cherry blossomsThe weather has been getting much nicer and the cherry blossom tree has even bloomed!  He now initiates “I love you mommy” and “I miss you”, which of course melts our hearts!  If he by mistake hurts you or sees that you’re hurt he will say “Okay mommy?”.  He also waits for us at the window when we’re coming home from work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Roman watching dino videosHe has been obsessed with using Windex and cleaning – we need to replace that with water!  Our hobby with dinosaurs is ever growing and he even names a “pterodactyl” when he sees one!  He also enjoys watching dino YouTube videos and imitates actions with his dinosaur.  And he’s been having playdates galore!  We also went to PF Changs to celebrate the opening of the playspace – he did a great job of sitting at the table.  We continue to go to the city on Wednesdays so he can spend time with his grandparents and uncle.  He LOVES jumping on his uncle’s bed!  

Roman eating a donut He has been having quite a few meltdowns, but we’ve learned that talking about his feelings, and then ignoring negative behavior, and finally praising him when he calms down works best.  It’s been a struggle bringing him to the playspace since he sees it as home base and everything as his so you often hear “This is mine”, “I need it”, or “I use it” (e.g. – the yellow Cozy Cab, Lego wall).  He also insists on having a snack (usually chips) when we’re there.  He tried a donut for the first time!  At the Little Zookeepers class he had difficulty waiting his turn and said “touch” and “mine”.  If something is taken away from him he continues to say “no mama”.  And he’s been exhibiting toddler behavior all around such as lying himself on the floor so you can’t pick.

23 Months Milestones

Roman lovesMy baby is almost 2 – wow! He answered with “I love you too” when I said “I love you” this week. He is so proud of his name now and says “I Roman”. If he is pretending to be a dinosaur he will say “I dinosaur” and then will say phrases such as “eat the nose (or whatever else he is eating!)”.  Speaking of dinosaur, he loves opening dinosaur eggs and he continues to make them stand up as if they’re in a herd within a forest. And this animal lover even got to walk a dog this week! In terms of expressive language, he says “hotty soup”.  He comments on aesthetics of items.  For instance, he says “hair nice”.  He continues to ask “Where are you ____?” while looking for an item and says “I found it”. If he wants to use something such as our phone he says “I use it”.  

Roman smelling the flowersHe got to go on a Bunny Chase at Terhune Orchards where he ran around, went on a wagon ride, and ate lots of apple donuts. He was playing chase with children and telling kids to “wait!” when they were leaving. He was even trying to blow his bunny bubbles this week and loves smelling flowers – I guess that’s what living in the burbs does to you!  When asked “Where do you want to go?” he says “Demet house” because he loves hanging out with his friends Demir & Su Eva. During play, if we touch any of his puzzle pieces he says “this is mine”. If he wants us to hold something he says “hold it mommy”. He also requests help via “help me mommy”.  Speaking of help (or no help that is!), he has figured out how to snap himself into the car seat! In terms of pretend play, he now pretends to be a dog by getting on all fours. He also pretends there is a ghost and says “shhh”.  

Roman loves huge tvRoman help us set up the playspace before opening day – especially the sensory bins!  And he wore his finest on opening day!  It’s the first week the playspace has been open Roman came to visit for an hour or two a few days during the week.  His favorite part of the pretend town seems to be the ice cream store where he loves to scoop the ice cream into cones and pour tea into the cups.  He also loves the garage, running with the dog, and the light table.  Roman even got to have his first playdate at the playspace with his Thursday playgroup.  He had two rounds of play one day and was so exhausted!  Think we are going to gradually bring him there little by little since it’s time to get used to sharing with others!  And by the way, he already treats himself to gifts at the playspace’s store – he’s obsessed with the animal sticker books!  He does help us run errands for the playspace though.  We had to buy a computer at Best Buy and he was mesmerized by the big screen TVs!  He even got his nails done with mommy for the first time and LOVED it!

22 Months 3 Week Milestones

 Roman lounging  He has been putting lots of new phrases together.  For instance, he comments on items that are “pretty”.  When my mother put her sunglasses on, he said “grandma nice”.  He wakes up and finds me in the morning and says “Hi mommy”.  If he doesn’t want us to touch something he says “go away” or if he knows it’s time for sleep he says “go mama”.  But then if he wants us there and we are leaving he says “mama wait wait”.  He imitated “I love you” many times this week, which melted our hearts.  He also said “Uncle Reza” more clearly.  He tells us phrases such as “come on mom” and always requests to go “upstairs” because he wants to watch dinosaurs.  He produces phrases with “now”.

Roman with berrie  In terms of receptive language, he answers “What is your favorite animal?” with “dinosaur”.  He has also started to answer what he did such as “Where did you go?” with “gas station” and will say “bye station” as you’re leaving.  He also requests “yoga”.  He now sits in a chair at restaurants and eats without getting up most of the time – he can eat the bread for 45 minutes or so!  He comments on food such as “yummy chicken”!  Speaking of food, he loves his blueberries and raspberries this week – even sticks the raspberries on his finger!  He also comments on weather by saying “cold” and hugging himself.                                                                                                    

"Roman  He’s been great at eating his greens such as asparagus and collard greens.  He insists on eating by himself using his utensils, which is exactly what you’d expect at this age.  In terms of play, he has full on pretend phone conversations, which crack us up!  He also gets a kick out of hiding under pillows and says “I hiding” and loves when you say “Where’s Romie?’, which makes him laugh very hard!  He now watches movies with incredible focus.  We tried to go on an Easter Egg Hunt this week, but he was much more interested in the animals.  He got to visit the Mo Willems exhibit at the New York Historical Society.  And he got to see the Dinosaurs Among Us exhibit at the Museum of Natural History plus the Tyrannosaur again of course!  He takes his setting up of dinosaurs on the table very seriously and is obsessed with his dinosaur magnets!

22 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman sweepingHe produces 3-word phrases such as “eat the book” when he is using his dinosaur mask.  He say’s “I got it” if he picks something up with his dinosaur puppet.   He is getting better about pairing “open” with other words such as “open egg”.   My mother and I were talking about how he will imitate unfamiliar words – even “taxes” when he overhears us talking about it haha!  When we get home from work he says “mommy here” and “daddy here”.  He has been using “the” in a lot of his phrases such as “eat the sausage”.  He says “come lay down”.  He saw his dad eating chocolate and he said “I want eat chocolate”.  

Roman pretending.In terms of receptive language, he answered “where” questions.  For example, for “Where does a pig live?” he will answer with “farm”.  He went back to his old stomping grounds – The Art Farm on the UES where he petted a variety of animals.  He said “scared” when Benny the turtle was crawling toward him.  He’s also labeling “boy” and “girl” sometimes.  When at Barnes & Noble, he read tons of dinosaur books and kept requesting “another book”.  His grandparents bought him two dinosaurs and said “I got dinosaurs”.  On the way back home he was recalling the names of the dinosaurs and he said “T Rex”.  His symbolic play is also advancing.  He was helping me put together a stand and pretended two pieces were dinosaurs and had them “roar” at each other.  He’s been very into his magnetic dress up doll as well.  

Poking holes in boxesRoman is getting great at having a basic conversation.  Someone this week said Hi to him and he said “Hi” back.  He then answered his name “Roman” and said “5” when the woman asked how old he was haha!  We practice “2” since he’s almost 2!  Roman has been a big helper at the playspace.  He wants to help putting things together with screwdrivers and has mastered how to use a measuring tape.  He is of course has been trying out the pretend town as well. And he’s figured out a fun activity with boxes – to poke holes in them with a pen… oh the things that entertain most two year olds!  And he’s figured out how to put olives on his fingers, which I used to do as a child as well!

22 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman and filmingHe started the week right with a Mr. Ray performance at Forrestal Village!  He danced the night away and Mr. Ray even sang a dino song for him.  Roman says cute 3-word phrases such as “hold it dinosaur” if he wants you to hold it.  He pretends to feed his animals and says “eat + food item”.  He was looking for my dad and said “Aypo where are you?”.  He says phrases with “other” such as “other foot”.  And will repeat new phrases like “sweet guy”.  When he sees buses, cars, or trucks he says “round and round”.  He regularly greets everyone and parts with people via “Hi + name” and “Bye Bye”.

TAG.  He’s very into putting my shoes on and says “shoes on”.  He says the phrase “put here” often.  He loves using and repeating expanded phrases.  For instance, if he says “head” we may say “put it on my head” and he’ll try to repeat it back!  He follows lots of directions throughout the day as in “go get your sheep diaper”, “go give it to grandma”, etc.  Time to help with more chores! 😉  In terms of play, he loves trying to fix things and put them together with a screwdriver (e.g. – his guitar in my parents store).  We made play dough together in the kitchen.  He also helps mommy with errands for the playspace.  During the weekend, he got to be filmed for a documentary in Marquand Park.  He of course brought his dinosaurs with him – on the swing, in the snow, and everywhere else!  He brings his whole bucket and has them stand up wherever he is – at the pizza place, restaurant, book store, playground… you name it!  We also got to go to the Kids Food Fest in Bryant Park where he loved trying all the yummy snacks and drinks.  He loved the lion at the library and just running around the ice skating rink!

TAG. Roman got to see his close friends Demir and Su Eva during the weekend.  He was very interested in playing the violin.  He watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and was cracking up at the funny parts.  He also watched Good Dino, which is totally appropriate since he has an obsession!  He was mesmerized!  Think we know what his birthday theme is ☺  He loves acting like a dinosaur and roars all day long!  He even found a dinosaur within an egg by tapping away at it with a hammer – my little archeologist!  He loved digging and requested, “brush”.  And to top off the week – he got to see the Tyrannosaurus at the Museum of Natural History… biggest dinosaur of them all!  We also got to visit some playspaces in New Jersey called Coco Beans Café and Little Dreamers Café which he loved!  

22 Months Milestones

Roman and Ellis on a playdate Roman had a two fun play dates with his friend Ellie this week.  He loved chasing the cat around while saying “meow meow”.  We also got to go to Wild Flour Café to get gluten-free cupcakes and even visited Aunt Jill’s log cabin.  He tells us to “sit there” or “sit here” if he wants to play something with us such as puzzles.  He loves the more difficult floor puzzles and says “fits” and tries to say “doesn’t fit”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Roman is 22 monthsHe says “mommy huggie” and “mommy see you” if he found me and gets so excited!  For the first time he answered his own question: “What’s that? Banana”.  He recalls events from last week such as “circus animals”, “circus grandma”, and “birthday grandma” (because he was watching a birthday cake show with his grandmother).  He used other new words and phrases such as “tower”, “do it”, “reach”, “want”, etc.  He asks where his pacifier is for sleep “Fier where a you?”.  He also asks in question form “no more?” if something is finished.  He produces number + item such as “5 trees” while hiking, which he loves to do!  He also says “okay” all the time now!

Roman smelling fruits When asked “How many fingers do you have on your hand?” he says “5”.  He’s starting to follow directions with more prepositions such as “Put it on the couch”.  We went to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan to learn about Muslim Cultures all over the world.  When we got there he was not happy that we had to put his stroller and diaper bag away. He kept saying “stroller mine” and “my bag”, but as soon as he saw the space he was fine!  He loved the exhibits like the camel and listened to “Let’s get on the boat”, “Let’s drive the car”, etc.  He got to smell different kind of fruits, touch different fabrics, and build minarets.  His favorite was playing with the dates, pepper, and pistachios.  His grandmother got him a set of dinosaurs, which are now is prized possessions.  He thought the pterodactyl was an eagle and he said “fly eagle fly” – so cute!  His obsession with dinosaurs is intense this week – won’t leave the house without them!  He’s also loving long hikes on the canal, putting change into Robot bank, and wearing momma’s shoes!  And he’s a pro at helping out in the tailor shop – he tries to put on my mother’s glasses, labels colors of threads, and even tries to help take the customer’s measurements!

Roman with family And the little guys knows all the hiding spots for lollipops!  When he does get one as a treat he is on Cloud 9 – starts thanking you and smiling!  He’s so sweet when we get home from work – gets soooooo excited, runs to us with the biggest smile, and greets us with “Hi mommy” or “Hi daddy”.  And poor baby had another diaper rash – he told us “be careful” as we were putting the diaper rash cream on.  And he has been starting to go pee in the potty for the first time – we’re starting to work on it gradually.  Roman has also become very independent about using the toothpaste and toothbrush independently.  He is also really starting to understand the concept of being scared.  While reading a book at the library he said “ghost scary”.

21 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman watchingHe’s been quite a daddy’s boy this week!  When he didn’t see his daddy, he said “Daddy where are you?”.  He even told me to “call daddy”. And he is so loving this week – wants a “huggie” from everyone.  He comes running to you with arms open wide!  When he wants us together and misses us he says “mommy daddy”.  He got to make Valentine’s Day cards with his dad at Twirl Toy Shop this week!  He has also been very protective of his “bag” and always wants us to bring it everywhere with us.  He produces “box”.  He also produced long phrases such as “I need this” and “I don’t want to”.  He even says phrases with “there” such as “right there”.   He continues to say “no thank you” or “thank you”.  For instance, I offered a book without animals at the library and he said “no thank you” – it has to be about animals!  He continues to love reading and makes comments like “pee yewww” if he sees skunks and always labels or comments.  He loves playing with his letters in the bath.  He imitated his first curse word this week – rhymes with pit – uh oh!  We have to really watch what we say!  

Roman watching grandmaAs for receptive language, He has been listening to lots of complex 1-2 step directions that involve distance such as “Go give your Uncle Reza a hug” or “Go get the sheep diaper in the bathroom and give it to me”.  He even puts his clothes in the laundry basket!  We find that he is really curious and watches everything – he even watches my mother who is a tailor sew at her sewing machine… studies her every move!                                                                                                                  

Roman loves popcorn He got to go on a few adventures after he was all better!  We took him to the Toy Fair where he got to go see the latest toys at the Play Fair (wouldn’t let go of his popcorn!).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Roman at big circusHe even got to go the Big Apple Circus and was mesmerized by the trapeze artists (as were we!).

21 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman having a tantrum Roman is officially a toddler this week!  He has been producing so many different words, but if he is having a tough time communicating he gets frustrated very easily and screams or whines.  I find that even if he knows the word for what he wants he will not say it because the frustration takes over.  He also has quite a high-pitched scream these days – he definitely experiments with different octaves!  In terms of play, he engages in more pretend play (e.g. – farm, rescue vehicles, skyscrapers, etc.) and still loves trying to carry heavy objects.  Floor puzzles (especially dinosaur ones) have also been a favorite!  During Super Bowl Sunday, he loved eating the buffalo cauliflower.  He’s now into picking grapes of the vine and eating it.  And Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so he’s making his Valentine’s Day Cards!

Roman and valentine candy He has generalized “slippery” to the bathtub and loves saying “splash” while he splashes.  He labeled “crocodile” and “dragon”.  He produced lots of phrases such as “sausage bread”, “I want this”, and “take this”.  He’ll also say “have” when he hands you something since we say “Let me have it”.  He makes us hold all of his animals and can play with his farm for more than an hour.  He even asked a long question “Cow where are you?”.  He makes things fall and says “Oopsies” and “sorry” all day long!  And big news – he answered “Romie” when asked “What’s your name?” this week!  And he consistently says “anne” to my mom, which means mom in Turkish… the actual word is very close “anneanne”.  He also said “no thank you” when he did not want Valentine’s Day candy – shocker!  He did love eating heart-shaped lollipops while making his Valentine’s cards though!

Roman loves puzzles He’s been doing a very cute thing and showing off his new boots and draws attention to them by saying “shoes” – he even said it to a police officer!  He got to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show in NYC and was mesmerized.  He labeled animals like “bear” and told me to “clap” when the audience clapped.  He also got to visit a new playspace in Brooklyn called Curiosity on Court.  He loved the puzzles, wooden blocks, and went into a jungle gym for the first time.  His father and grandfather went in with him!  One of the boys there was picking on him by hitting and he didn’t hit back, but did scream and cry.  

21 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman with snowman It is the sweetest thing!  He now says “hold you” instead of “hold me” most likely because I say “Let me hold you!”.  He uses descriptor words like “big” and even said “heavy” when he was trying to open the refrigerator.  He says “mommy no” and “daddy no” if he doesn’t want us to do something or if he doesn’t want us to leave.  He pretends to count and says “5”.  He tells you to “stop” if he doesn’t want something done.  He will say “take” if he wants you to hold something.  From all the way across the room he pointed to a donkey and said “What’s this?”.  Since there’s still plenty of snow in the driveway we brought it in again and he made his first snowman and labeled “carrot”.

Roman in his dinosaur boots Roman continues to adore animals and pretends to ride a horse, roars holding his new lion, and loves the sheep on his nighttime diapers.  He plays endlessly with his farm and even has his monkeys sleep in his dollhouse.  He found a shark and pretended to be scared of it by throwing it and screaming.  He doesn’t want to leave the house without his dinosaur boots and always shows them off to people.  He pretended to be a doctor while on a playdate with his friend Alex.  He checked my eyes while saying “eyes” and made me say “ahhh” while checking my mouth.  He did the same to a bear.  He got to the Ice Sculpture Festival while we were away in Miami this weekend and loved dressing up the bear.  His feet got stuck in the mud, which he wasn’t too happy about!  He got to be spoiled by both his grandmother though, so you can’t beat that!  And he was thrilled when we returned ☺

Roman with his bear He hasn’t been a fan of his high chair this week and will fight going into it.  Our high chair days may be over!  He does enjoy sitting in the shopping cart when going shopping at Target, the supermarket, etc. While eating he says “taste”.  He also uses descriptor words like “soft”.  And if he really likes something he says “yummy”.  He loves singing “Let it Go” from Frozen and will say “Goooo” while dancing.  You see him with his Anna, Elsa, and Olaf bath toys everywhere.  He also tells you he wants to sing “Old McDonald” by saying an animal’s name.  Roman answer’s “What does a ____ say?” consistently with a variety of animals.  

21 Months Milestones

Roman loves cleaning grandma’s shop We’re still clearing the mounds of snow!  Roman said “nana car” when he was inside and his grandmother was clearing the top of the car outside.  When we get home from work as soon as he sees us he says “jacket”, “shoes”, “shoes off”, etc.  He says “mama no”.  He requests the TV Show “Blaze” and “Zoomi” for UmiZoomi this week as well.  He even labeled one of the characters “Molly”.  If he is hungry this week, he will tell you “eat”.  At breakfast time he tells you exactly what he wants by walking to the refrigerator – “cereal”, “juice”, “strawberries”, etc.  He produces “apple juice” and “orange juice”. He’s beginning to join “more” with more words such as “more apple” as well as “Where?” such as “Where taxi?” when he lost it.  

Roman loves throwing stuff in the garbage Roman loves following the direction “throw it in the garbage” this week.  He also loves helping grandma and grandpa clean the tailor shop.  He definitely knows the difference between letters and numbers.  His favorite letters are I, O, and A. He gets O right consistently – he labels them while reading and on mommy’s laptop keyboard!  He is starting to sing his ABCs really well too!  He loves counting when on the steps and he sees what looks like numbers he will start saying them such as “3, 4, 5”.  And as for colors, he has been labeling “purple”, “yellow”, and “orange”.                                          

Roman engages play by himself In terms of play, he will take a toy out of the box himself and engage in independent play. When he is done with it he puts it back.  He loves the Lite Brite prototype that we brought home for the Princeton playspace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Roman at the museum We went to Imagine That! Children’s museum and he loved the “dinosaurs”, “trucks”, sandbox, post office where he made phone calls, and even served me some pizza at the diner when I asked for it!  He also had a playdate with his friend Sammy.  He is sometimes rough and doesn’t realize it, so we talk about gentle touches and how we don’t want to hurt anybody.  Keeping directions literal and meaningful such as “hands down” instead of “stop” has also been helpful.

20 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman on the big slide Roman produced phrases such as “tv on” and “off”.  He also likes pretending to slip and says “slippery”.  He began requesting the TV show “Super Why” and is mesmerized by it!  He says “thank you” all the time when he is given an item or you help him out.  He has been attempting to count higher – up to 9/10!  He still loves making things fall down and comments (e.g. – “water fell down”).  He keeps saying the adjective “big” and even said “big slide”.  Now that the heat is always on, if he feels it when he passes by he says “hot”.

Roman got a haircutHe loves following along to “If You’re Happy and You know It” when we play it on YouTube – clapping, turning around, stomping, etc.  He always requests “help” when it is not a video he wants.  He got his 4th haircut and we had to play Frozen during it since he always gets a giggle out of Olaf.  And of course had to give him two lollipops!  When at the hair salon he saw birds and said “Wow birds!”.  He’s loves play dates with his grandma on Mondays – they have pizza parties with the big kids!  We also venture out to Quakerbridge Mall sometimes to go to the play area there.  He sometimes likes to run out toward the mall though, so it’s not the safest!

Roman loves LakeshoreWe got to go to Lakeshore to check out their latest toys.  He of course gravitated toward the animals and tried to have them balance on the balls.                                                                                                 

Roman loves magnatiles He’s been obsessed with his Magnatiles and gets so upset when they do not connect or stand up!  Finger crayons have also been a favorite.  He loves being with his baby dolls too and says “babies”.  He continues to love to play with his farm and says “cockadoo” for “cockadoodle doo” haha!  He also says “eat hay” when playing with the horse.  We ended the week with an epic snowstorm!  He woke up and found a winter wonderland of snow.  He said “shoes” right when he saw it then said “daddy shoes”.  He stayed outside for a few minutes, but wasn’t a fan of the wind the first day, so we decided to bring the snow inside so he could have some sensory fun!  He loved playing with his trucks and making snowballs.  He said “snow”, “ball”, “snowball”, “in”, “off”, “top”, “truck”, “tractor”, “digger”, “bulldozer”, and even said “water” and “more snow” when it melted!

20 Months 2 Week Milestones

Mommy, Daddy Roman at plaid party We went to a plaid themed birthday party for his dear friend Parker’s first birthday – he loved going in the bounce house and decorating cookies.  He also got to explore the Museum of Natural History’s activity room for toddlers this week where he studied birds, rocks, and more.  He even used a flashlight to investigate!  He loves going on walks on the trails near the house.  While on the walks he labels “bird”, “duck”, “rock”, etc.  He enjoys throwing the rocks and say’s “throw”.                                                                                       

Roman fascinated by ice He’s fascinated by ice, on a recent play date with his friend Sammy they had fun breaking the ice with their shoes.  If there is a specific part of a trail or even on the sidewalk that has a hill or bump he loves going back and forth on it.                                                                                                                                         

Roman new made up game Roman even created this new game where he puts two big balls together and lays himself on top to fall over – this guy has no fear!  We had dinner one night with some old friends (where he devoured green tea ice cream) and he spent 30 minutes running outside on the street!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Roman produced a very clear 3-word phrase – “bear fell down”.  He asked for “bati” as in battery for his train.  If something is stuck like a ball in the net or something that twists doesn’t open he says “stuck”.  He counted to four “12345” without prompting and said “ABC” this week.  While counting sometimes if you stop such as “123_” he will fill in the next number.  He loves to say other letters when reading the story “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and will randomly try to label them.  Since he still generalizes “open door” a lot I’m teaching him “open top”.  He produces a lot of phrases with possessive words such as “my book” and “mommy shoes”.  He also produces many phrases with “more” such as “more water”.  

Roman loves pretend play food I just love watching him play these past couple days especially with his pretend play food – it’s so cute how he uses his imagination, labels everything, comments, etc.  He uses words I never knew he knew like “cook”.  He turned one slice of cake into a slide, said “wee”, and then said “fall down”.  He enjoys playing with his stamps this week and requests “stamp”.  He’s also into beading and labels “circle” and “square”.  He says body part “back” when he puts the turtle shell on the back of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He loves watching “Diego” and “Dora” and always requests it.                                                                          

Roman stacking thread He is also into stacking threads in the tailor shop and will stack 7-10 of them on top of each other while labeling colors.  My mother has taught him other tailoring related words like “hanger”, “button”, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Roman standing on high chair He is starting to hate the high chair and finds a way to stand up.  He did sit for a muffin one day, which he finished in a matter of minutes!  Popcorn has also become one of his favorite snacks!

20 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman loves light up necklacesHAPPY NEW YEAR!  Roman is a party animal – he stayed up until 1 AM!  He loved the glow in the dark necklaces and kept taking it apart and putting it back together.  He got to play with his cousins all weekend – it was great to be altogether!  When we returned home, you can tell he missed his toys and immediately went to his Legos.  The next day we went on a walk on the canal and had brunch with old friends where he played the piano.  He has been initiating play with his toys – Mr. Potatohead, his city, etc.  He was still obsessed with his glow in the dark necklaces even later in the week.  

Roman loves flashlightsFlashlights have also become one of his favorites!  He’s also been very into doing yoga (especially downward dog) and dancing on the couch or whenever he hears a beat!  He can now do all of his puzzles with zero help – even more complex puzzles that do not have the pictures on the back to show him where the pieces go.  We have to invest in some harder ones!  He is very adamant about doing things alone, especially on the playground and will emphatically say “no no no no”.  If you ask/tell him things such as “let’s go to sleep” he will sometimes say “no”.  He produced “I do I do” when he wanted to use the spoon by himself.  He also says “I know” and constantly wants to “tickle”.  If the light is off he will say “light” when you enter a room.  His favorite animal of the week is a “whale” since he goes fishing with a puzzle.  When chocolate is done he says “no more?” while holding the empty wrapper.  We also heard him say some plurals like “waters” when holding two waters, “turtles” when holding two turtles, etc.

Roman loves jumping on sofaHe’s understanding a lot – especially with prepositions.  For example, if you say “look under the water”, “under the bed”, etc. he listens.  He likes sitting in a “W” shape, which is bad for your hips.  If you tell him to “sit nicely” he will listen.  He loves creating obstacle courses for himself on the couch and jumping into a pile of pillows.  He actually told his father to “go chair” while pushing him off the couch, so he could have room to play on the couch!  He tells us “table” if he wants us to put something down on the table.  In terms of mealtime, he’s been loving bagels!

Roman loves rampsHe went to two holiday light shows this week – one outdoors at Shady Brook Farm which he was mesmerized by (and also didn’t want to leave the playground!) and the other at NJ State Museum’s planetarium, which he sat through most of while looking up at the ceiling.  He loved all of the animals at the museum and even learned the word “beaver”.  He saw a skeleton of a deer and said “deer” – such a visual guy!  He also came across a “deer” in a snow globe ornament and labeled it.  He was a fan of running up and down the ramps.  He saw a box of money and said “money”… he has been asking for “money” all week even going to my mom’s cash register!  Too funny!  And keeps saying “sorry” in mostly appropriate contexts.  

20 Months Milestones

Roman with chalkboard Roman had a fun-filled Christmas! He started off with some pancakes while decorating his gingerbread house followed by some candy canes! He opened gifts from morning till night and was great at generalizing the category “toy”. He loved his dollhouse and tells the dolls to “sleep” and “wake up”. He also loves building with his city and drumming on his new drum set!                                                                       

Roman and Mom with train set The only toy which was not a hit, which we thought was going to be his fave was Thomas the Train ride-on– go figure! He was scared to even go on and only went on once because I was by his side and he could hold onto my arm! During dinner he finished all the corn! We even barbequed because it was so warm!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 Roman with play set Roman has been labeling everything he is doing whether it be action “eat” or “read… or something he sees like “flower”, “hippo”, “bunny”, “deer”.  He is even realizing size differences and calls children who are smaller than him (or the same size) “baby”. He saw himself on FaceTime and called himself a “baby” too haha! He also said “baby” when he sees a small dinosaur and deer. He keeps pointing to our body parts or his own and labeling them. He is starting to understand possession such as “Point to Elmo’s head”. He produced a new adjective “empty”.  He seems to be less frustrated because he asks for “help” (e.g. – watching videos on the computer although he has figured out how to move the mouse and make the screen come back!) and things he really needs like “water”.  He is also initiating “why” and “where” more. Since he hears us say “guys” he has been saying it as well.  He also requests a “plate”, “spoon”, and “fork” now. He started saying “hold” if he wants you to hold something like a teddy bear.  He loves pulling measuring tape and saying “pull” and also says the opposite “push” when he pushes anything.  He attempts to say multi syllable words such as “elephant”.  He has been saying more phrases like “here you go”, “pick up”, “mama down”, “open that”, “open this”, and “where Reza”.  He loves telling us to “lay down” so we can all pretend to sleep with him in bed – and it’s funny because he does a pretty real snore too!

Roman and Mom at Wedding He has a new obsession – Frozen! He watched the whole movie Christmas weekend. He also loves listening to “Let it Go” and requests “Go Go Go”. He laughs out loud when Olaf is acting silly!  Roman attended his first wedding in DC – his Aunt Janelle’s & Uncle Al’s. The drive there wasn’t bad at all – Roman slept most of the time! We made a pit stop to eat and he loved his chicken nuggets and playground. His grandparents did his tailoring for his tux and he looked absolutely smashing! He kept looking in the mirror and smiling – he knew he was looking dapper! He especially loved the jacket and kept saying “jacket” if we took it off. On the day of, we couldn’t handle his cuteness – what a handsome date he was!

19 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman at white farms He is spending the week on Long Island at his grandparents for the holidays and absolutely loves commenting on what is on the tree – “apple”, “horsie”, “star”, etc.  He even points out the lights and says “hot”!  He also knows that things like steam from a tea pot and a fireplace are “hot” although he occasionally avoids food by saying it’s “hot” haha!  He was asking for “baba” when he walked into his grandparent’s house, but he was still away!  He has been producing the opposites “up down” and “up and down” while playing with a garage and ball.  We went to a birthday party at White Post Farms and he got to go on a pony ride for the first time ever and wanted to keep going around.  He also got to see Santa again, go on another holiday train, hold a lamb, pet/feed the animals, and even give them bottles!

Roman and mickey At another birthday party he was obsessed with the Mickey Mouse balloons and loved putting on sunglasses while running around after his first photo booth experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Roman and horsie He fell in LOVE with a huge horse at that birthday party and kept asking for it even when we left, so we got it for him!  Same thing happened with a “lion” figurine at Target – he was crying hysterically because we weren’t going to bring him home, but we ended up going back to get it!  Little guy really knows what he wants!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Roman and target wonderland He now loves when we turn his bath water another color!  He says “under” and understands instructions such as “put the lion under the waterfall” as well as directions with actions such as “make the lion jump/ walk/ sit/ run/ swim/ splash” while in the bath.  If he does not want to be in the stroller or does not want to be carried he requests to “walk”.                                                              

Roman ball pitHe got to go to Target Wonderland and did not want to get out of the ball pit.  He also had some yummy treats like chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats.  He now says “no no no no” with an emphatic tone if he really does not want something.  He produced “cold” and “windy” since the weather is finally getting cold.  He produced “happy” and understands by smiling and laughing.  He requests “cereal” for breakfast.  In the middle of the night he pointed to his diaper and said “pee pee”.  He now tells me to “wait” especially if he needs help with the stairs and will say “go down”.  I also heard him say “open door” multiple times and “put down”.  He’s been very into tickle fests this week and requests that you “tickle” him!

Roman at Bryant park My mother and I took him to Red Rooster one day for a fun city adventure.  He got to visit Santa at Bloomingdales, go to Rockefeller Center with her, and walk to down 5th Avenue to go to the Bryant Park ice skating rink.  He’s been eating lots of sweets since it’s holiday time – he does this funny thing where he holds ice cream and doesn’t eat it letting it melt, but loves running around with it!  He now hugs and kisses everyone.  He’s making associations all the time.  For instance since he went on a pony ride this week at a farm, when he went to another farm he said “hodie hodie” as if asking where are the horsies I can ride!  We are beginning to work on “where” questions like “Where does the horsie live?”.  

Roman and Christmas lights He had a fun-filled Christmas Eve doing last minute shopping at Target, eating at all-you-can-eat sushi, seeing the Christmas lights, and he was even allowed to open a couple gifts!  Roman was a huge fan of the Hape cutting fruit and he produced “mato” for tomato, “onion”, and “cut”.  We loved seeing him excited while opening the gifts – “wow!” and “op!” for open.

19 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman loves the tailor shop Roman said other 2-word phrases this week – “fall down” and “lay down”.  He says “fall down” when he falls down (or is going to fall down), when his toys fall down, or other objects fall down.  In fact, he was in the living room eating cereal and he came to find me in the kitchen and said “uh oh fall down”.  I walk back in the living room and the cereal was everywhere! At the playground he said many prepositions like “out” and “through”.  He also said “slide” multiple times and even produced the phrase “thank you” throughout the week.

Roman at Sesame Street He visited Sesame Place and was so excited to use his “bikey”.  He was so thrilled to be there and kept saying “Elmo”.  He was very patient while waiting for the parade and requested “popcorn” numerous times.  When he saw a plane ride he produced action word “fly”.  His uncle Reza visited and he tried to say “Reza”.  We went to a sports bar where Roman loved the buffalo wings and nachos and then in the evening while getting sushi he gobbled up the fish, rice, and avocado.  That was followed by ice cream where he kept saying “ice cream” and “mine” if you pretended to take it away.  He is starting to understand the concept of mine and yours and does not try to steal ice cream cones anymore!

Roman loves being in a closed space And what melts my heart is that he’s learned to give kisses on the lips and cheek this week – too sweet!  Thursdays are usually my off day for now and we go out to lunch, explore, etc.  He loves sitting in little nooks and crannies when we’re out just like at home.  He’s been playing very well with other children (e.g. – dollhouse).

Roman taking care of baby Roman takes great care of his baby doll (e.g. – gives it a popsicle, many hugs, etc.).  He’s also been very interested in the rulers, powder, etc. at my parent’s tailor shop.  In terms of food, he’s been loving the tubes of yogurt.

Roman with his train puzzle He also went to a train show this weekend, which he was mesmerized by!  And ever since that trip he’s been making us put together his animal train floor puzzle – he gets so upset when pieces are missing or don’t go together!

19 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman Picking Flowers It’s been getting chilly out!  But there’s still days that are sunny and warm.  Those days he loves going outside and picking flowers, running with the track stars on the canal, and just exploring!  And we’re in trouble since he’s already picking out his clothes!  For the first time he requested to wear a specific pair of PJs by saying “monkey” and was so happy when we put it on.  He kept pointing to himself and said “That’s monkey”.  He went into a toy store and labeled a ton of familiar items – “boat”, “bear”, “pony”, “dinosaur”, and more!  He produced a new phrase “bye car”.  And he’s been doing the cutest laugh where he scrunches up his nose and gets everyone else to laugh.  He’s been loving his superhero Potatoeheads!  He is also obsessed with linking up trains in a very long row and pushing it along the tracks!

Roman and Mom at airplane exhibit We went to the Festival of Trees at the Morven Museum where there was also a Lindbergh exhibit.  He saw a plane and said “airplane” and then pointed to the sky and said “sky”.  When we visited his uncle in Brooklyn, he produced “park” and remembered where the park was in the evening. He then joined two words together and said “baba park” to see if his grandfather would take him at night – good try smarty pants!  He brings over water with his straw cup to tell me to fill it.

Roman loves running He is honestly pretty content just running around outside in the yard or in town now – he especially loves the Prospect House Garden in Princeton.  If he doesn’t go out right after breakfast he goes to the door and says “go”.  And if he wants to run around by himself he says “Bye Go” by pushing us away.  He’s been loving his new babysitter, which makes us happy!  He doesn’t want to see her go at the end of the day.  At the end of the week, he was going through a bit of teething, but think we are okay now!

Roman eating Meze When we went out for my mom’s and my birthday, he ate meze with bread like an adult – so cute!  We went to a local playground and he didn’t want to leave.  He also turned on the television by himself this week!

Roman loves reading. Reading books is also very interactive with him now – he comments using animals sounds, tries to answer questions, etc.  He consistently points to things in books (e.g. – “Point to dinosaur” and he’ll growl while pointing).  He even initiates topics by pointing to pictures and saying the word, especially when it comes to his “horsie” puzzle piece.  We may have a horseback rider on our hands!  And big news – we left him for 45 minutes at the gym daycare and he was totally fine… he actually pointed to the door and said “bye”.  He was thrilled to be with all the toys and the attentive babysitters!  He also loves having dinner with his buddies and sits in his high chair with no difficulty for a long period of time – as long as there are toys there!

19 Months Milestones

Roman afraid of santa.Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s Roman’s second!  He definitely preferred the desserts to the turkey.

Roman afraid of santa.He got to go on the Candy Cane Express Train in Flemington the next day and had so much fun meeting Mrs. Claus and the elves.  He was still a little afraid of Santa!  He thought the candy canes were delicious and had about three!  We then went to the annual tree lighting, which he got to take his bike to or “bikey” as he calls it.  He has recently been seeing his shadow and loving it – really curious as to what it is… keeps pointing to it and is slightly scared!

Roman loves rampsHe loves creating ramps with his blocks.  He gets upset if it is not set up correctly and will scream.  We try to replace that by saying “help”.  He produced “key”, “car”, “toes”, “pear”, “apple”, “cheese”, “go go go go” (especially if he is in the car and it stops moving), “more”, “money”, “wawa” for water, “book”, “truck”, and everything is his “mine mine mine”.  When he now says duck it sounds like a curse word that we won’t spell out here!  He produced multi-syllable words all on his own like “ambulance” and “chocolate”.  He imitated “bat” for bath after I verbally modeled it and also learned “wet” after a few tries since his straw cups keep leaking!  He also starts singing “Bu Bu Bu Bu” when he sees a picture of Bubbles Guppies or knows it’s coming on TV.  He has been requesting colors such as “blue”, “yellow”, and “purple”.  He says prepositions “in” and “down” consistently.

Roman on playdateHis spatial memory and ability to make associations improve every day.  For instance, he picked up a bridge that belongs to the train tracks, which he has not seen in a while and then walked all the way over to the train table that is on the other side of the house.  He also found a lot of his old toys that have been packed away and is loving it!  He also saw paper and wanted to color, so he found the crayons he loves to use in the bath and brought them over.

Romans tuesdays He now spends most Tuesdays in Brooklyn at my brother-in-law’s with his grandparents and absolutely loves it!  One night it was getting late though, so he got his diaper bag, went to the door, and said “Bye”.  He also understands waiting more and is becoming more patient if you tell him to “wait” or “hold on”.

Roman and Mom on canal We continue to take walks on the canal and he loves being by the water.  And he has become obsessed with brushing his teeth and does so for about 10 minutes each time while standing on his Roman stool!

18 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

Roman with Dad at library On Mondays Roman spends the day with my mother and they go on adventures like riding the bus to the center of town, running errands, walking around, and going to the library, etc.  He loves going to all the story times in the area.  He went to Music with Miss Amy at MarketFair and loved dancing along.  It’s cute when he recognizes songs when we’re in the store or in the car like Whip Nay Nay!  Too funny!  Then, on Tuesdays we go to Brooklyn to spend time at his uncle’s apartment.  He loves chasing the birds in the nearby park – no sleep till Brooklyn!

Eating two banannas He generalized “lion” when at his grandparents and when he saw it on TV while watching Dora.  He requested “apple” – his favorite food this week!  He called a pear an apple, but then imitated “pear”.  He’s been loving cauliflower too and enjoys eating two bananas at once!  He tries to say “come here” by saying “mama”.  He said “horsie” which sounds like “awdi”.  He loves putting his animals in a bus and says “go horsie” and “bye horsie”.  He imitated “done” when finished with a meal.  He also produced “no mama’ and “mama bubbles”.  He tries to say my mom and dad’s first name – “Emel” and “Aypo” – since they call each other by their first names all day long.  If he is done with an activity or does not want you near him he will say “bye bye” while waving his hand.  He listens to commands like “bring me a paper towel” even when I am in the living room and he has to go to the kitchen.

Roman loves dinosaurs Roman is starting to dance using new moves (e.g. – slapping his knees and stomping) and loves when everyone claps and sings.  If anyone stops he begins to get upset and insists they continue.  He got to go to the Museum of Natural History with both grandmothers where he came out with a LOVE for dinosaurs.  He now roars all day long if he sees his figurines, likes to look at dinosaur books, and do dinosaur puzzles.

Roman loves laying on his tummy He now likes to lie on his stomach and look at books, scribble, and watch random YouTube videos on the computer.  He also stacks random objects around the house – my little architect!  And he wants us to do the funniest thing – smell his feet and say “peeeeyewwww”.  At the end of the week, he helped mommy go shopping for Thanksgiving and painted his very own turkey!

18 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

Roman leaving new york. Bye New York!  NJ here we come!  We tried to make the transition as smooth as possible for the little guy.  Roman has definitely been loving having space to run around, climbing the stairs, riding his bike outside, pointing at the planes in the sky, running in the leaves, and making obstacles courses and slides with pillows.  There’s so much you can do with more space!

Roman on his piano. He also does this new thing where he tries to sit on top of his piano and balance.  He has met his new babysitter and seems to really be getting along with her.  After a day with her he was imitating lots of new words like “eagle”, “lion”, “bikey”, etc.  He answers “What does a bear say?” He also says “puddle” for puzzle.  And speaking of puddles, it was a rainy week and he love jumping in those puddles.  Lots of fun!  His problem solving skills are also ever evolving.  For instance, his grandmother said “The remote control is not working” and he brought over batteries!

Roman loves Paw Patrol  He has been understanding a ton – if we say time to watch TV he’ll bring over the remote, if we tell him to clean up he’ll go get the broom, etc.  There was broken glass and his grandmother told him to stay back and he listened, bent his knees, and said “Yea??” as if to say “Really?”.  He labeled “olive”, which I was really excited about since that is one of my favorite foods!  He also labeled “banana” at the fruit stand”.  And we think he is trying to say “Here you go” when he is handing us something, but it is unintelligible.  In terms of play, he’s been obsessed with his Paw Patrol buddies.

Roman loves chuck e cheese.  It was the first time I was away for more than a couple day.  I went to Denver, Colorado for 5 days for the ASHA convention (the annual speech therapy conference).  Both of his grandmothers were there to babysit.  I heard through the grapevine that he gave them some trouble at night, but overall he did great!  Definitely missed the little man!  It looks like he had fun at Chuck E Cheese while I was gone though! ☺

18 Months 1 Weeks Milestones

Roman at Halloween Roman’s 2nd Halloween & this time he was Curious George while Daddy was The Man in the Yellow Hat, Mommy as Allie, and his Uncle Reza was a banana.  We had a great time at the 92nd Street block party.  He danced up a storm and actually went trick or treating this year.  He didn’t wait to get home to eat his candy!  He loved running down the street and going into random stores to get more candy – Manhattan trick or treating is a whole other ball game!  He has been pretending to sing and play the piano this week.  He likes to push the piano down and see everyone’s reaction.  He also tries standing on chairs to see everyone’s reaction.  He engages in more pretend play – even in the bath!  He’ll make all his Sesame Street characters go on the bus!

Roman in messy class He got to go to a Messy Art Class at Magic Activity Center and loved it.  They cut play dough, painted with sponges, learned about “soft” with sensory bins, and more!  He also got to visit his friends at the Art Farm one more time where he sang songs and did a great job of sharing his musical instruments.  He got to pet all the cool animals!

Roman climbing chains.The weather has been great lately so he continues to spend lots of time at the playground – loves going on the chain ladder and just running around!  And Roman did not miss the NYC Marathon! And guess what? He got a new pair of shoes – he’s a size 7/8 now depending on the brand!

Roman pooped in packaging He got to go to his friend Teddy’s birthday party after helping Mommy and Daddy pack all day.  We can’t believe we’re going to leave NYC – going to miss being a part of the hustle and bustle, but think it will also be nice to experience the calmness of the burbs.  Roman loves packing – cardboard boxes and tape – that’s all he needs!  He was so pooped one day that he fell asleep during our sushi dinner!  He’ll definitely miss all the fun playdates with his friends like Stella ☺

18 Months Milestones

"Roman Wow our little baby is not so little anymore – a year and half already!  He is 35 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds – on top of the charts!  He did not cry as much during this check-up even though he got both the Hepatitis A shot and the flu shot.  Brave man!  And the doctor said it’s time to go to the dentist since he has all of his molars.  More of his teeth seem to be coming in this week – his canines!

Roman at the carousel It was a week filled with art!  The Crafty Kids teacher was impressed by his fine motor skills.  He loved the dollhouse there and had the little dolls go to sleep.  He would take off the window and say “uh oh”.  He also practiced having snack in a group.  He imitates all of the letters in his name and can do his name puzzle with limited help.  He seems to be communicating more with “no” and “yes”.  He also answers when reading a story (e.g. – “Are you a cow?”).  He produced “more” and “mama no”.  He took a class at the 14th Street Y and loved building with Wedgits on the light table, painting with pumpkins, playing with the animals, and having snack with all the children.  He even pretended to clean!  He attended his last Central Park Zoo class and got to pet and learn about lizards!  He got to go to the Central Park Carousel and is not afraid to hold on by himself!  And when we go to the playground he likes to go down the slide on his belly.

Roman loves eating popcorn Roman recognizes our building from afar now and also people even if they are all the way across the street. He got to go on his first hayride and loved eating popcorn at the farm.

Roman on Dads Shoulders.Speaking of eating, he went to his friend Sadie’s birthday party and loved the cupcakes – has quite a sweet tooth!  We went to the Pumpkin Flotilla again this year and he loved sitting on his father’s shoulders as well as the glow in the dark toys!  We also went to Asphalt Screams for some Halloween fun outside!

17 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

"Roman Roman successfully climbed into his stroller all by himself this week!  We went to Madison Square Park Fall Fest as well as the Museo Del Barrio where he loved watching the shows.  We then explored Central Park together.  At the playground he continues to try to climb up structures and also ducks under bridges even if he is not going to hit his head.  He also successfully climbed out of the bathtub himself.

"Roman He got to meet a snake this week at his Central Park Zoo class and didn’t seem scared at all!  He is still drawn to the blocks during class and loves building.  He got to play in dirt, finger paint with foam paint, and pet a rabbit!  He loves our time afterwards in the zoo, especially with his seals!  He has been loving eating anything pumpkin flavored when we’re out and about.  We even took a trip to NoLita to the MoMa store and the Mulberry Street Public Library where he loved the computers and reading transportation books.

"Roman He independently does a shape sorter and will say “uh oh” if it doesn’t fit.  He imitated “bear” and pointed to the bear on his pants.  The answer or comment to EVERYTHING is “no” – “Do you want a cracker?” NO “Come over here” NO.  Never knew that phase came so early!  He saw a circle shape as we were walking on Broadway on some ironwork and he pointed and said “O”.  He has also been saying “bye” when he is done with something or someone is leaving.  He went to a TLB Music class in Spanish and LOVED IT.  He listened to “clean up” multiple times when the teacher brought out the bin and answered “What does a dog say?” and “What does a cow say?” when asked in Spanish!  He produced “bird”.  He also imitated his friend Teddy’s name when he was on a playdate in Central Park.  He follows directions that are more complex (e.g. – “Go get the frog” which is in another room).  He loved playing with play dough this week.

"Roman It hasn’t been a struggle getting him into the stroller if an adult is initiating it.  He prefers to walk or be carried, but when he is tired he will point to the stroller.  He is becoming more independent and even sat at a Pac Man table all by himself Crif Dogs.  He continues to love holding hands with girls on the playground and giving hugs.  He found a mini car totally appropriate for his size!  He also helped mommy and daddy pick out chairs for a playspace.  He continues to wear daddy’s shoes and now pushes his stroller while doing so.  He loves his animal puzzle and had a blast at the dog costume parade!  He’s been loving taking baths and stands right in the corner.  When at home he makes us make a tunnel with our legs and loves to go under.  He’s also been obsessed with brushing his teeth!

17 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

Roman putting his hands up Roman pretends to cut with a knife or scissors now since we always talk about the actions.  We emphasize safety while using the items.  He said an almost 2-word phrase “uh oh daddy” when he made a baby fall off the bed. He imitated “owl”, “banana”, and “George” for Curious George (his Halloween costume!).  What we hear most this week is “uh oh” and “oh no” – even before he does something bad!  He even said “uh oh” one morning when he woke up!  He imitated “one more” and “more”. Plus he started to put up his palms almost to say “Why isn’t it working?” if a song stops or if something is not functioning. He has been going up to everyone in a room to give them a high 5 – so sweet! and he has been doing silly things like putting on our shoes.  He loves throwing a ball and chasing it.  Food wise he’s been really into eating Snap Pea Crisps.

Roman playing a matching game. His memory is definitely improving.  During our Central Park zoo class he remembered where the animal were kept and kept “talking” about it over the teacher. Turns out it was a nocturnal animal – the hedgehog!  We also searched for stars within coffee beans, made our own bright stars with chalk, and played a matching game.  He loves the free play portion of the class.  We then went to the rainforest section of the zoo and spotted some bats hanging from the ceiling.  He loved seeing the huge beautiful blue parrot!

Roman at ferris wheel After class he had a play date with his friend Margaux, visited Washington Square Park (mommy’s old stomping ground), ate at Peanut Butter & Co. West Village playground, and Times Square.  He even got to ride the ferris wheel at Toys R Us and was obsessed with the ginormous dinosaur.  He couldn’t get his eyes off of it! During the weekend we went to the Bronx Zoo for Boo at the Zoo where he tried his first S’mores, saw Jack-O-Lanterns, went on the Bug Carousel, and more with his buddy Harper.

Roman playing the drums.We visited the Children’s Museum of Manhattan where he played pretend ice skating, read books about NYC, help build a tower, ride a taxi while talking on the phone, use the Lite Brite, and play in the sandbox.  We went on a lunch date afterwards and he shared a truck with an older child with no difficulty.  He also attended a really cool music class at Chord Club, which he loved since he got to play a drum for the first time!

Roman climbing. He is beginning to climb the chain structures on the playground and seems to have no fear of heights!  He also loves using the ramps with cars.  He occasionally gets irrational and throws a tantrum when frustrated and he can’t communicate his needs.  He sometimes even hits and says “no”.  Or he may cry to put the TV on while handing over the remote control, but it is not time to watch TV.  Speaking of, his new favorite show is Paw Patrol and he will comment during by pointing and saying “no” or “uh oh”.  We had to get him his very own Paw Patrol characters, which he adores!

Roman writing in the notebook He was introduced to Mr. Potatohead and had so much fun labeling and identifying body parts.  We also went to the Bank Street storytime on the Upper West Side and explored the neighborhood. We found a fun playground on Central Park West and he was clapping along with all of the other children when their teacher was calling them to line up.  He then painted his first pumpkin afterward! He loves writing in a notebook using a pen too!

17 Months 1 Week Milestones

”Roman He built his tallest tower yet with Legos when at his Little Hatchlings class!  He could not contain his excitement when the bird came out.  We worked on waiting his turn since he was the last to pet the bird.

Roman finds the penquinsHe even found penguins and seals in ice and blue and white rice followed by painting with ice. He then got to see the actual penguins in the exhibit and spotted his other faves like the seal and bear! He tried to put his jacket on for the first time while going outside. During the weekend, he went to Chuck E Cheese’s and an Italian Festival in New Jersey where he loved going on all the rides.

Roman holding handsHe got to go on a walk on the canal with his friends Ellie and Parker – little guy loves nature! He loves holding girls’ hands, running at full speed, and writing in chalk when on the playground. We’ve been using the subway to travel quite a bit and he enjoys the subway performers. We even took it all the way to Battery Park to the Sea Glass Carousel. And took a super fun trip to Roosevelt Island where he played on the playground, went to story time at the public library, listened to Bilingual Birdies in French, and explored – one of the most fun adventures we’ve been on!

Roman pressing elevator button He imitated “butterfly” and “elbow” this week. He now produced “uh oh” before he does something bad – too funny! He also likes to say “no no no no” if he doesn’t want something or something to happen and said “mine” for the first time when talking about his red Converse sneakers since my mom was pretending to take it away from him. He is consistently saying “baba” or “babu” for his grandfather. His memory is becoming more consistent.  For instance, he’ll go in a room to look for someone and get upset if it is not there.  He even knows how to press the down elevator button.

Roman destroying his stroller He can now reach more items on the counter so we have to be very careful. He is putting items such as strollers or chairs on the living room table and likes to watch it fall.  He is still very repetitive in his actions (even destructive ones like throwing his stroller down or taking apart the floor!).  He’s also into taking out all of mommy and daddy’s important papers and making a mess – oh no! But he’s also very helpful – even helps with cooking!

Roman in art In terms of toys, he loves his Elephant ride-on toy. He took a class at Jodi’s Gym and Yogi Beans to let some energy out. He also went to the 68th Street Public Library story time where they got to do an acorn art project. He is getting better at following directions, which is great, but is self-directed at times and insists on doing what he wants.  We find that redirection works best!

17 Months Milestones

Romantractor It’s officially fall!  We took our annual fall trip to Terhune Orchards for apples and pumpkins – so much fun!  He loved getting on and off the tractors, picking up the pumpkins (even tried picking up the HUGE ones!), and said “aminals” for the animals at the farm!  He tried to imitate “tractor” and “truck” while there.  He also tried to eat a dirty apple off the ground – yuck!

Roman elmo During a visit in Times Square, he insisted to see Elmo by screaming “Elmo” and pointing!  He says “uh oh” independently when things fall down (e.g. – the stroller) or if he falls down.  He said “up” while flying a plane and initiates “bubbles” all day long!  He also says “daddy” and “mama” all the time to get our attention or when looking for us when we are in another room.  He imitated his first phrase “I love you” many times throughout the week.  Overall, his imitation is more consistent and accurate.  And he continues to use jargon throughout the day – definitely seems like he has made up words and phrases for certain things.

Roman book He started his Little Hatchlings class at the Central Park Zoo this week where he gets to read books, enjoy free play, engage in sensory and art activities, meet an animal, and visit an exhibit at the zoo.  He was so eager to play in the sensory dirt bin and enjoyed making an acorn with leaves.  He absolutely loves sharing his toys with others and never wants anyone to be left out – he actually initiates it without us even asking.

Roman with fake frog The animal of the day was a turtle and he practiced waiting with a sensory toy. He got to see a bear after and we even went to the Children’s Zoo section where he saw a variety of farm animals.  He saw a frog statue and thought it was real! He spent a day downtown in the East Village and had a great time waving Hi to every passerby while eating ice cream.  He got to go to storytime in Central Park and watched very talented storytellers.

Roman in the obstacle course He has almost mastered climbing. He also loves playing in wide open areas chasing after big kids. This week he also painted his own pottery (a basketball!) at his friend Sophie’s Craft Studio birthday party. He had so much fun during limbo and just followed what the older children were doing. Our dance machine ate every bite of the chocolate cake!  He also attended the 92Y Street Festival the same day and was not afraid to do an obstacle course!  We also got to go the Museum of the City of New York where he loved the colors and windy staircases.  When we get home now he knows exactly where the apartment is, runs to it, and gives a big smile when he finds it!

Roman window shopping And let the tantrums begin!  We had a slight meltdown in public on the subway (only took it one stop but felt like 20!).  When we got off the train it was as if nothing happened.  Wonder what it was that got him all riled up – wish I could enter his brain sometimes ☺ We got to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab and he ended up loving it – especially the robots and dancing.  We walked down 5th Avenue, window shopped, and saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  My silly guy is playing more jokes like pretending to sit on a mini chair that he knows is too small.  He continues to lift huge things and smash them onto the ground.  His strength shocks me!  He’s definitely a lot more physical this week and initiates wrestling with my husband.

And his new favorite thing is yoga – his downward dog pose is perfect!  He even listened to “lift up your foot” during downward dog.  He also loves putting his legs up while lying on his back.  And he’s a fan of doing a trust fall with no one behind him and thinks it’s hilarious!  He’s been very into building with Legos… he can concentrate on it for 15 minutes.  And he has been LOVING baths and could stand in the same corner for hours if we let him!


16 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman playing drums We’ve been very lucky since Roman has been giving tons of kisses this week – especially if we give each other a kiss!  He loves going outside and tries to put your shoes on for you or tries to climb into his stroller (even at night when it’s time to go to sleep!).  He tries to put on his own shoes now too.  In terms of receptive language, he identifies “shirt” and “socks” (e.g. – if you ask “Where’s your sock?”) and will point to items on it such as “point to monkey”.  He feeds himself cereal with limited spillage of milk from the spoon.  He also loves spilling things (like milk!) not to cause trouble, but to see what happens when he turns over bowls and cups.  Speaking of turning over items, he began independently creating a drum set with a spoon by banging on the bottom of pots and pans after we modeled it once.  He has also been testing his strength and lifting up his huge toys like the basketball net, stroller, etc. in the air and slamming them down to the ground.  He also loves to do art at home and helps while grocery shopping by holding a basket.  He even got to go to the same 3rd Avenue Fair like he did last year on a Football Sunday!

Roman playing tag Roman is currently obsessed with stairs and ramps wherever we go.  He runs up and down, even going fast on the turns!  He has been eager to do what the big kids do on the playground and gets frustrated when he cannot climb up or go high like they do.  He then asks for help by coming to you and dragging you to what he needs help with.  He saw one child try to stand and walk down the slide and now insists on doing the same thing. He now “talks” to friends on the playground by using jargon, pointing, and shaking his head.  You especially hear him “talking” if he sees squirrels or birds. For the first time I saw someone chasing him at the playground after the San Gennaro Italian Festival.  His first game of tag!  While in NoLita he ate spicy sausage, seafood salad, and cannolis… the storeowners were impressed!  Since the weather is still nice we have been having picnics.

Roman loves pumpkinsDuring one of our picnics in Central Park he pretended a package was a ketchup package.  He also loved collecting acorns, finding the boats, seeing the Alice in Wonderland statue, going to music class, and more! He imitated “pumpkin” when we saw it in a store window.  He loves checking out the fall flowers at the florists too.  He also said “OK” a couple times and makes more sound effects like “Woahhhh” or “Uh Oh”.  He labeled “Elmo” numerous times – the stuffed animal, on the television, and the balloon!  He imitated the number “8” and all the colors.  He is starting to identify colors as well such as “yellow” and animals such as “elephant”.  He now answers “What does a lion say?” and “What does a dinosaur say?” with a scary “ROAR!”

Roman loves art. Little guy got to go to City Treehouse again and loved the turtles.  During the music and art class, he hid behind my leg which was so unlike him!  He then lunched with the ladies ☺ He has been saying “hello” more (almost in a Turkish accent!) and pretends everything is a phone or takes our phones.  He has a knack for getting people’s attention and making them smile!  He even got a guy on the subway to share his stereo with him!  He sat on the subway seat all by himself – little guys is growing up!  He got to the Bronx Zoo on the bus and loved the bears, carousel, and picking up leaves during our nature walk.  He fell asleep right before going into the Congo to see the gorillas.  This week he also painted his own pottery at his friend Sophie’s Craft Studio birthday party and was not afraid to do an obstacle course at the 92Y Street Festival!


16 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman on the plane phone.I will not lie – the flight back from Turkey was rough! He did not want to stay seated and was easily bored with the toys we brought… the snacks helped the most! He also made many “phone calls”.

Roman loves bubble wrap.He was quite jet lagged and had a hard time sleeping through the night for the first couple of nights we were back. He started taking classes again and was a huge fan of the Kids at Work art class where he did dot art, played with “clouds”, painted in his smock, stepped on bubble wrap (his fave!), and explored the sand box.

Roman sensory play with shaving cream.It’s still been warm out so we headed to Eataly (to get prosciutto of course) and got him some yummy Italian gelato in a cone. While home we engaged in some sensory play with shaving cream. And we are loving the picnics in Central Park, collecting leaves and sticks, blowing and popping bubbles outside, and finding squirrels by the East River while the weather is still nice! He also loves the pet store and gets very excited when we visit.

Roman hiding objects in everywhere.Since he always says everything is “hot” he now touches pots, pans, ovens, foods, plates, etc. and says “hot”…even when they are cold – so cute! Speaking of food, he now has a banana obsession!  “Mama” and “Dada” are becoming consistent although we do hear “baba” for “dada” sometimes since that is how you say it in Turkish. He tried to produce “stick” with a verbal model when we were collecting sticks in Central Park. We really have to keep an eye on him since he has been hiding things in drawers, garbage cans, and random boxes.  He is so quiet about it too… sneaky little fellow!.

Roman loves cleaning. Roman definitely still prefers when people are around him, especially since he was around LOTS of family members at all times while we were away. He gives us multiple step commands by gesturing. For instance, he wanted his dad to stay in his playroom, so he pointed at him, then the rocking chair, and then patted the rocking chair. He continues to gesture to ask where and really has a conversation with you as if to ask “Where is Daddy?” In terms of play, he woke up one morning and starting stacking Legos together and put nesting blocks together in size order! Something just clicked! He continues to love cleaning (which any mother would love!). We assume it is because one of my aunts is super clean and he picked it up from her.


16 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman in inflatable car. We made it to the airport in Istanbul to go to Bodrum! Quite the traveler he is now. Roman even carried over his cleaning skills to the airport. We got to the hotel and he was in LOVE with the room, the pool, the beach – EVERYTHING! He was practicing his swimming skills he learned at the 92Y and is grandmother got him an inflatable car which he adored (he was borrowing other’s toys by the water slides so we had to get him his own!).

Roman loves ice cream.He loved digging in the rocks with his shovel by the ocean, made flower soup by the pool one day, exploring the kid playground, and was very entertained by the pool noodles. All of the kayaks, sculptures, and fountains around the huge resort seem to intrigue him. While there he got to visit Bodrum City where he saw a castle and lots of sailboats. He visited his first flea market where he was obsessed with the mannequin and toy store. He now recognizes ice cream vendors – oh no! We also visited Yalikavak where he enjoyed watching the sunset and the last night we headed to Turkbuku where he took a long walk by the ocean. Roman loved the shows and dance parties at night with all the other little ones. Overall, he has been really living the life – even sleeping by the water for his afternoon naps!

Roman watching boats. He has been talking to himself a lot in his language and in the mirror (e.g. – screams, dances, imitated movements with me, etc.). He said “hadi gel”, which means “come on come” in Turkish. He also produced “boat” when he saw a sailboat sailing off into the ocean. Receptively, he pointed out motorcycle in a book in his First 100 Words book.

Roman feeding himself with spoon.Being in an all-inclusive resort has really opened Roman up to a variety of foods and he is LOVING it. He has been feeding himself with a spoon with minimal spillage. He insists on eating everyone’s ice cream and drinks from juice boxes and open cup with straw. He’s definitely getting huge doses of Vitamin C with all his oranges – the chefs even recognize him and cut him up a whole orange when they see him! And uh oh – he discovered nose picking, but listens when you tell him to stop. We’re going to miss you Bodrum – hope to see you soon!


16 Months Milestones

Roman loves cousins. We headed back to Istanbul on the ferry to pick Daddy, his grandparents, and Uncle Reza up from the airport!  My uncle picked us up from the ferry and brought us to the airport.  Roman got to meet his two cousins for the first time and was in love!  He wanted to play with their iPad, be carried by them, and he pretended to drive cars with them in the airport while waiting.

Roman in bathtub. Roman loved the elevator in the hotel and tinkering around with the antiques in the lobby. He fell in love with their bathtub and even took his first bubble bath!

Roman with birds.The view was amazing from the rooftop – wish we could eat breakfast like that everyday! He loved running around the square in Sultanahmet where our hotel was located – chasing birds has become his favorite hobby and he wasn’t scared at all! Birds! Birds! Birds!

Roman on a Istanbul tour.He visited many sites including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace (where he loved the blue tiles), Dolmabahce Palace (where he fell asleep during the tour), Yerebatan Cistern, Ciragan Palace (where he had afternoon tea), Ortakoy (where he took a night time boat tour), Grand Bazaar, Bebek, and more.  He got to go to a mall called Istinye Park where there was a store named Roman and he did not want to leave the playspace there.  He made friends wherever he went!

Roman at 360. We even got to visit where Daddy proposed to Mommy – 360! He really partied like an animal (or slept while we did) at Marmara Pera rooftop.  Poor little guy did throw up for the first time and had a fever, but he seemed to be all fine within one day thank goodness!  I think his absolute favorite place was Su Ada, which is a man made island with a pool in the middle of the Bosphorus in between Europe and Asia – how cool is that?!  Throughout the week he was doing silly things again like sticking his fingers in his uncle’s mouth and forcing him to eat things. He was even experimenting by walking on his tiptoes.

15 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

Roman pushed the luggage by himself We lucked out!  Roman slept for 6 hours on the plane!  I actually felt his bottom molars coming out, but it did not seem to phase him at all!  When we arrived to the airport in Istanbul, he pushed his own red suitcase through customs.  He then took his first ferry to Yalova to see my grandmother (his great grandmother!) and the rest of the family for the very first time! He warmed up to everyone immediately.

Roman dancing with grandma Great grandma and Roman were even dancing partners!  He got to pet a lot of animals during the week – bird, cat, and turtle.  He even got to go to his great aunt’s house where there was a mini farm and chickens, which he was mesmerized by!  He loved the winding steps in her house and they created his very own water play station since it was so hot out!  We also went to Bursa to visit the rest of the family.  He had iskender (a meat and yogurt dish) for the first time… he saw they had lollipops from afar and requested them by pointing and vocalizing!  He was in the car quite a bit in between trips and didn’t stop dancing!  He ended up taking a second nap if we did a lot in one day.

Roman with grandpas guitarIn terms of play, Roman was pretending to have phone conversations all week using adult intonation and said “bye” for the first time at the end while “hanging up”!  He loved pretending to play his great grandfather’s guitar whenever he could get his hands on it as well as with his great grandmother’s dolls.

Roman playing with hamper He even made a hamper into a toy by pushing it around the apartment.  He imitated almost all words even “apple”, “eyes”, “nose”, etc.   He pointed to his ears, eyes, mouth, nose, head, and feet consistently!   He imitated other animal sounds like “neigh” and answers “yah” sometimes.  He has been watching an Elmo app on the iPad, but it does not last longer than 10 minutes.

Roman loves turkey.He seems to love Turkey since he’s around tons of family members the whole time – a whole lot of attention!   Plus he spends the whole day walking by the beach, eating yummy Turkish ice cream, and playing on the playgrounds – kids stay up past midnight here!

Roman loves sunglasses and shovel.He continued to bring his sunglasses and shovel anywhere he went.  He has been doing silly things like trying to bite our toes to get a reaction out of us.  He also thought it was hilarious to crawl again.

Roman and his belly laugh. His belly laughs cracked us up!  In terms of mealtime, he loved Turkish breakfast and ate lots of olives, cucumbers, and eggs.  He’s also been drinking juice boxes and eating LOTS of chocolate – all rules go out the window when on vacation!  Want chocolate for breakfast – why not? ☺

15 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

Roman at art exhibit..Roman explored downtown all day Friday going to City Hall, Winter Garden, World Trade Center, Tear Drop Park, High Line, Chelsea Waterside Playground, and Pier 62 Carousel.  He had the time of his life and got to have a playdate with Ellie and Parker!

Roman with popsicle.He got a bloody lip for the second time ever after trying to climb a bench like big girl Ellie was doing, but we got him a Popsicle and it was all better!  We also went to Governor’s Island by boat during the weekend.  He was eager to see the helicopters above while on the boat and seemed to love the colors in the art installations.

Roman with yankees certificateAnd another big milestone – he went to his very first Yankees game and got a certificate!  We all went together on the subway – he loves when everyone is together.  He fell asleep for the first half while we stuffed our face with hot dogs, popcorn, and nachos.

Roman running up the rampsWhen he woke up, he loved running around the ramps at the stadium and got to try cotton candy!  We’ve also been having lunch at restaurants outside more – even went to the Central Park Zoo to have lunch while watching the seals!

Roman loves pickles.His balance is getting better – he tries to balance on our laps while standing up.  If you bend down on the ground he loves tackling you from behind and giving everyone a big huge hug!  He’s been obsessed with pickles and olives – just like mommy!  He’s also a fan of granola bars.

"RomanPlay with the boys in the hallway continues to be a favorite and he tries to “talk” to them more.  He’s also been into coloring since he always sees us writing.  He seems to get a kick out putting cards/objects under him.  He plays jokes such as pretending to give you food and takes it back or putting the ball on the train table and laughs.

Roman at train table.Speaking of train table, he loves dragging people into the room to play.  He can still play with it for hours!

Roman playing with post-it. He adores his First 100 Words book and imitates most of the farm animal names – he even says “ducks” – his first plural!  He produces “out” and “look” consistently.  He now answers “yah” for yes.  His comprehension has greatly improved this week!  He follows “wash your hands”, “touch your head” (although over generalizes it to other body parts), “touch your feet”, “give it to uncle/grandma/grandpa” etc. He pointed to the door when he heard “doorbell”.  He now listens to “lay down”, “relax”, or “go to sleep” by pretending to sleep.  He requested a napkin by pointing and wiped his mouth.  We had our last American meal at Shake Shack before heading to Turkey – hamburgers yummm!  He got his second haircut at Cozy Cuts for Kids and we packed tons of fun things for the flight – like Post-Its!  We’ll let you know how the flight to Turkey went in the next post ☺

15 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman with ducks.Roman had a fun-filled weekend – sensory art at Explore + Discover, sprinklers in Chelsea and Madison Square Park, High Line, feeding the ducks at his dad’s childhood pond, John Jay Playground, Seaport Village, and Long Island Children’s Museum.

Roman creating bubbles His favorite is the water play and bubble area at LICM.  He created his own bubbles and worked as a team with another child filling the well up with water.  He’s also been more aware of items that are in the sky, in a tree, or on the ceiling – constantly pointing up.  He’s obsessed with going outside and staying outside in the sandbox and sprinklers.  We joke around that it’s time to move to the suburbs because he’s constantly waiting by the door wanting to go out!

Roman is climbing. He’s becoming more of a risk taker and trying to climb ladders on the playground, up a slide, etc.  And also a trouble maker – pouring water in places he knows he should not, pinching girls on the playground, and more!  This little man definitely does not want summer to be over!

Roman holding onto the wall.He began carrying heavy objects like his car, drum, and garage up and down hallways and steps this week.  He was testing gravity by sending his car flying down steps.  Must have done it about 50 times in a row!  He is definitely cautious though always looking back and reaching out his hand or holding onto the wall… making sure to stop at the top or bottom of the steps.

Roman sitting.He really enjoys sitting on steps, chairs, etc., and has also figured out how to go backwards while sitting on the ground.  He gets on the couch by himself and watches TV or reads a book – his love for Elmo is really growing!  He really interacts with television shows as well – claps when they say to clap, dances when they dance, etc.  He’s also more interested in drawing and even grabbed a paper and pen on his own.  He managed to figure out how to pull the gates up on his train table all by himself.  And he played baseball for the first time at Kids in Sports – great eye hand coordination!  We also go on more lunch dates since he can sit for a meal for longer periods of time at a restaurant – especially when it’s pizza or Pinkberry!

Roman eating yogurt.He said “no” twice and labeled “duck” and “dog” at the park.  Whenever he hears the word duck in conversation or on TV he imitates it haha!  And speaking of dogs, he has been slightly less afraid of animals, but still points in amazement (and fear) when he first sees them.  He has been saying “uh oh” when he drops things or something is going wrong.  He produced “up” when he put his arms up.  He is starting to try to follow more directions with body parts such as eyes, nose, ears, etc., but often points elsewhere – so cute!  He follows directions such as “play the drum”, “stand up”, “touch your shirt”, “time for a bath”, etc.  He pretended to use a spoon as a guitar and remote control as a phone – look at that symbolic play!

15 Months Milestones

Roman turning 15 months.Roman has now transferred to one nap all on his own – goes to sleep around 12:30/1 for 2 hours.  He does this new thing where he screams if his pacifier falls out during a nap or at night.  He usually goes back to sleep if you just put it back in his mouth.  I think it just comes with him being more assertive these days!

Roman with dollhouseRoman can now throw a ball forward (used to slip back) after practicing with his uncle.  He still tries to drink bath water now by bending his neck down, which is hilarious or sometimes uses a toy as a cup.  And he has been loving other pretend play such as telephones, doll houses, kitchen, etc. during playdates.

Roman playdate with beach ball.He’s Mr. Social this week – especially when it comes to older girls haha!  Such a flirt!  He somehow gets them to smile and engage with him.  Sharing is also his forte – even if it is something he loves such as ice cream and the person is not asking he tries to share it!  He generalized “up” to 5 different situations now: telling someone to get “up” during a playdate, the cars going “up” the garage, being picked “up”, picking him “up” out of a highchair, and going “up” the stairs.  He says “ball ball ball ball” repeatedly when he sees a ball.  He is extremely expressive with his gestures and will make his needs known.  For instance, he will gesture for you to come and point to the ground for you to sit.  He is also testing his limits more.  He will squeeze water bottles so the water comes out or stand up on the living room table.

Roman eating a peach. He has been hitting some children with objects such as pails in the playground… not sure if it is to “initiate play”, but we firmly say “hands down” and model positive behavior or redirect behavior.  The pail, by the way, has been attached to his arm all summer – so cute!  His new favorite foods are lollipops, cheese sticks, green juice, and peaches!

14 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

Roman sitting in chair.Roman’s last week of Free to Be!  He still continues to be the observer and participates when he wants to.  He can now play for a good hour or more all by himself!  He also sits and watches TV for a longer time if you give him a snack – even interacts with the TV (dances when they say to dance, claps, points, etc.).  He also likes to sit on his chairs and his stool now and insists that you sit next to him.

Roman playing with boys in hallway.His new favorite activity is to play with the boys in the hallway – he tries to communicate with them through gestures and vocalizations.  Sometimes he goes by the door and insists to go back in the hallway and looks for them if they’re not there.  He says “ahhh” with a question like intonation and is beginning to lift his palms up as if to ask “Where?”.  He’s obsessed with sprinklers – hard to go to the swings only now if we’re at the playground!

Roman at museumWe visited the Natural History Museum where he LOVED the dinosaurs and planets… and we even found the secret sprinklers!  He’s been into his puzzles, especially the dinosaur ones and says “roar”!

Roman playing supermarket check out.We went to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan too.  His aunt Nasrin was visiting from DC and he was glued to her the whole time!  If she asked him, “Do you want to play ____?” he would answer yes by nodding his head or shake his head no.  He has been very persistent in getting what he wants.

Roman with a train table.For instance, he got a train table this week and loves it, but prefers that an adult plays trains with him. He will grab your hand and drag you to the table.  Or let’s say we’re at the sprinklers and he wants to show us something he takes your hand and with all his might takes you to the area.  He now tries to say what sounds like “dog” and imitates “woof”.

Roman walking dog.He also loves walking his dog by pulling the string and began pulling his lego truck all over the apartment. He followed the direction “sit” consistently this week.  He continues to make associations and he tried to put a HUGE train on his new train table and tried to sit on a teeny tiny chair, so we go over “big” and “small”.

Roman with needles He opened the oven while it was on all by himself this week by hanging on it – so dangerous!  And another dangerous thing – he loves playing with the magnetic pins and needle device at the tailor shop… we have to keep a very close eye on him!  He now throws paper towels away into the garbage can.  He even threw a dollar away thinking it was paper!

Roman using adult utensilHe tried to drink bath water for the first time – yuck!  As for eating, he loves using adult utensils now – especially forks.  He continues to be quite the flirt – kept going up to girls at Nordstrom Rack and flirting.  He knows how to make the ladies smile!

Roman in warehouse.And some big news – we’re planning on opening a Princeton Playspace in the fall.  Roman has been very helpful in choosing a space – he loved running around exploring the warehouse spaces!

14 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

Roman with pool noodles Roman had a wonderful weekend at the pool and even went to a bbq and birthday party!  When he goes in the pool now he refuses to come out haha. He loves having sword fights with pool noodles too and just dragging them along or pushing them in front of him.  He’s also obsessed with carrying around his red and blue pail and yellow shovel. He’s just loving summer – especially because of his homemade ice pops!  And as an aside, he now tries to actually clean the toilet bowl – hope this phase is over fast!! ☺

Roman at Barnard School. We went to a study at Barnard where they showed him a video and to assess early math skills – he’s such a baby scientist!  He also went to Play Garden NYC for a gym class and absolutely loved it.  He was being so silly – when everyone else was sitting at circle time he was running off and laughing while doing so!

Roman with puppet. He participated in an obstacle course and loved giving hugs to the puppet animals.  He LOVED the steps and worked on taking alternating steps.  He also got to play lacrosse for the first time!  This whole summer we’ve loved exploring NYC’s playground and parks together – we even spotted some dinosaurs this week!  He also had a playdate with Harrison this week.  He even spent one day in Central Park and we went to Victoria Gardens.  We were more afraid of the rides than he was!

Roman on the boat ride. He absolutely loved the rollercoaster, swing, boat ride, and train!  During soccer practice, he had less difficulty separating, which was great!

In terms of receptive language, he listens to “spin” and thinks it’s hilarious when his grandfather does it.  They also pretend to get dizzy and fall down – too cute! He also follows directions with family members consistently now (e.g. – Bring the book to Daddy).  He produced “go go go go” when he took stacking cups and started shaking them (something he sees at Free to Be).  He has been pointing a lot more this week at things on the street and vocalizing.  He now follows more gestures in “The Wheels on the Bus” song such as bringing his arms wide for “all through the town”.

14 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman playing the sand. We headed to LBI this week for Fourth of July weekend.  Think his molars are gradually coming in the so the first day was rough… all Romie wanted to do was sleep poor thing!  The next few days he loved playing in the sand (took him a while to get used to the feeling on his feet) and was obsessed with pouring it into pails and “ice cream” cones.  He also loved digging, scooping, pushing, etc. with his CAT trucks.  He preferred walking on the sidewalks when we took our evening walks.  He’s getting very fast and is also starting to begin to swing his arms even more.  He also loved putting his back against things to itch his back – very clever!  He had so much fun at the lighthouse, amusement park, and playground.

Roman loves the FireWorks He wasn’t even afraid of the fireworks – unless it was the super loud ones!  In terms of separation during soccer class, he had a difficult time…most likely because we were altogether the whole weekend – he didn’t want the fun to end!

Roman on the swing. Later on in the week took a class at My Gym this week and absolutely loved it… although he was a bit afraid of the forward roll! His favorite was going up the steps and he was even alternating! They had swings inside too!

Roman playing with stars. And he also loved the Baby Stars class where he engaged in problem solving activities.  He is definitely getting stronger and more persistent. For instance, if he is not done with the swing he will insist on staying on.  Or when he gets frustrated he will hit us with what he is holding (remote controls hurt!).  He has difficulty gauging his strength!

Roman playing with toilet. And the toilet obsession continues – now he is sticking things into it oh no!  His love for sprinklers grow so hopefully he’ll trade that in for his only water play!  And he has figured out how to put things in the printer and press buttons to make copies this week.  We’re also in trouble because he now likes to open the oven and dishwasher door.

Roman driving Elmo around. Receptively, he listened to “Where’s Elmo?” and found him when his grandmother asked.  He likes to put Elmo (or anything for that matter – even a magazine!) in his play car and stroller this week and gives it a ride in the apartment and hallway.  He made his arms go around for the “Wheels on the Bus” song for the first time.  He is starting to confuse “up” with going down and sometimes says “uk”.  He also says “out” after a verbal model when he wants to be taken out of a high chair.  In terms of food, he has been loving peanut butter and broccoli!

14 Months Milestones

Roman turns 14th Months. Little man has been extra clingy this week, especially in classes.  He’ll come grab onto our legs or if we try to put him down he wraps his legs around our leg so that we do not put him down.  He used to go off on his own, but he is going through a phase where he’d rather sit on our laps and just observe.  There will be days in the future where he doesn’t even want to hang out with us, so we’re fine with that!! 😉  We celebrated 14 months with a concert at Madison Square Park and a Celtics Draft night!

Roman in the sprinklers at Central Park. He also attended his first outdoors music class in Central Park with ABC Do Re Me and went to the sprinklers right after!

Roman at his first ice cream party. During the weekend, he went to his first ice cream social birthday party and loved it – although it seemed he was overwhelmed by the number of people there. He also loved exploring the water table at the Please Touch Museum in Philly (even had his first cheesesteak sandwich!).  And his second haircut was a success!

Roman gives bear hugs. He’s doing a lot of exploration while walking.  For instance, he sometimes bends forward and puts his hands at his back or he might bend his knees.  He is also beginning to walk VERY fast…like he is gliding!  Almost running!  He’s starting to use his arms more while walking too.  He even runs over and gives the biggest bear hugs.  He now looks back and extends his arm if he wants to take you somewhere and he knows exactly where he wants to go!  He even sometimes makes a “come here” gesture by flapping his fingers toward himself.  His new favorite activity is putting Elmo in his play stroller and pushing it in the hallway while saying “go go go go”.  He even tried carrying the stroller while he was going up the stairs at my parent’s house.  His other favorite thing to do is sit in his chair and eat snacks.  He seems to love music videos – especially Taylor Swift.  He likes to tap dance while listening.  He figured out how to open the toilet bowl and stuck his fingers in – big time yucky!!!!  He of course laughs as he does it… he’s been a jokester this whole week! He is saying “hi” while waving and “up” consistently.  He said “mommy” for the first time instead of “mama”.  He followed the direction “go get the book from the bathroom”.  He is beginning to bring diapers into the trash by himself – it’s funny what children pick up as they observe you.  He has even figured out how to use a shape sorter with minimal prompting.  He keeps trying each hole until he gets it right!  He’s gradually beginning to understand body parts and followed “touch your head” while in the car.

13 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman in the pool.

Roman had some fun this weekend!  We went to the baby pool and he did not want to get out… We practiced some of our swim moves in the big pool too!

Roman at the strawberry farms. We went to Terhune orchards to pick strawberries and he kept sneaking them into his mouth even though we were saying “no”!

Roman playing hockey. We went to the Garden State Discovery Museum where he was obsessed with the bubbles, science exhibit, hockey, and fire truck.  We also went to the children’s section at the Firestone Library, which was a nice break from the humidity!  Roman also loves visiting Jazams toy store in Princeton and quickly generalizes what he learned at home to the toys there.

Roman on the FAO piano. Other places he went were FAO – he ran on the Big Piano for the last time since it’s closing ☹ – and joined a Music for Aardvarks music class.  He also tried PLAY Greenpoint where he loved all the vehicles!  His attention span is increasing and he can now watch TV for a longer period of time –he will sit on the couch or his chair while doing so!  Just like an adult – so cute!

Roman eating a snack. He also figured out how to eat out of snack cup by putting his hand in.  His favorite snack right now is Annie’s Bunnies and he loves eating spaghetti for lunch and dinner.  He also has a new infatuation with Elmo and carries him around the house, hugging him and laying down with him.

Daddy reading to Roman. He is now consistently saying “up” when he goes up my parent’s staircase.  He insists you open items that are closed.  If there is an unopened package (e.g. – toy) he vocalizes until you open it.  I heard “ach”, which is Turkish for “open”.  He even imitates “open”.  If he is thirsty he goes toward water bottles. He now gives us the remote control to request turning on the television. And wants books read more than 10-20 times while sitting on our lap!  It may get boring, but repetition is key!  And his new obsession is wanting us to carry bags everywhere – puts things in and takes things out!  Such a busy man ☺ He’s also been getting on top and standing on the living room table and we ask him to get down, but he of course thinks it’s a joke!

Roman on a bug carousel He imitated “fish” during one of the many repetitions of a book.  You can tell he’s really trying to communicate.  He also keep trying to say “kick” since he had his first soccer practice with Kick & Play this week!  Since we instilled basketball into him before this the “no hands” rule was difficult!  ☺  He followed direction “give the book to grandpa” this week.  He also pretended to talk on mommy’s cell phone and put on mommy’s shoes for the first time.  He got pretend play cleaning toys, stroller, and ice cream Duplo legos for summer since he loves pretend play!  And it was Father’s Day – we celebrated at the Bronx zoo where he loved the elephant and monorail.  He even got to go on the bug carousel!  He tried ketchup for the first time dipping his fries in!  Roman gave daddy the books “DADA” and “Daddy Hugs” along with lots of kisses!  He cracks up when reading “DADA” and his new thing is to imitate belly laughs haha!!  He even tries to say “book” ☺

13 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman pretended to use a thermometer this week – how cute!  Dr. Roman Rezvani here to save the day!  He continues to love pretending to be a plane.  He initiates it by spreading his arms wide and then wants you to do it.  He will even start doing it if he sees a picture of a plane.  His new thing is to also pretend to relax and put his head on a pillow… beyond adorable! The sun is out, so he started wearing glasses and imitates movements with them such as pushing it on top of his head.  He now blows a kiss with his hand – I fall in love all over again each time!

We went to the playroom at the Scandinavia House.  He tried building it with legos and loved the Velcro ocean animals.  He went down a mini slide by himself for the first time and kept climbing back up.  I don’t know how he wasn’t exhausted – he must have done it about 50 times!  He got along great with another boy there.  They kept imitating each other’s movements and sounds.

He also went to the NY Aquarium and Coney Island for the first time this week.  It was World Oceans weekend at the aquarium – Bubble Guppies were there!  He was mesmerized by the fish swimming and the whale show.  At Coney Island he went on the firetruck ride all by himself and insisted to stay on.  We went to the Smorgasburg after to visit his uncle and he went on more slides by himself!

There was also the Museum Mile bash where he loved the clowns and magic tricks.  He insisted on walking on the street holding our hand and leading the way.  Once he got comfortable he pushed our hands away – Mr. Independent!  He crossed the street while walking for the first time too!  This little guy is all grown up ☺

He pointed to his nose a couple times while he was in the high chair.  He produced “bye” while waving to his grandma for the first time.  He produced “up” a few times as he was climbing up objects like the couch.  He’s become more confident with his movements and tosses himself around the bed and couch, gets off and on, etc. – so much energy!!  He imitates all arm and hand movements while dancing to music.  He seems to be picking up all sorts of social cues, which is amazing!  When we went to the Union Square Park it was all older children and you can see how he was observing their every move.  They’re like sponges!

13 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman dancing a storm. We were at his grandparents on L.I. and Roman now loves using brooms, vacuum cleaner, swiffer, etc. to help clean!  He’s also becoming a pro at getting on and off his elephant and other cars.  He loves to be pushed around and hasn’t figured out how to use his legs to push yet.  He is bending his knees and putting them together this week while dancing and also raises the roof!  He was dancing up a storm all weekend!

Roman loves being outside. He continues to have lots of fun during swimming and loves having an audience (Daddy, grandma, and his aunt from Turkey were all there this week!).

Roman loves playing with rocks.He also loved being outside in the beautiful weather and played with rocks for the first time – love watching him explore novel items and textures.

Roman cleaning He also enjoys flying planes while saying “zoom”.  He saw a driver’s license and said “vroom vroom” – how cute!  He now blows on food when it is hot after a model is provided.

Roman using his tools He pretends using tools when presented with his Melissa & Doug puzzle and we encourage sound effects such as “boom boom boom” with a hammer.  Overall, he always seems to be one of the loudest in the classes always trying to request something by vocalizing or screaming – can’t wait till he has the language to communicate.   Speaking of classes, he tried to climb out of the pool twice this week.  He can now climb on top of the living room table and knows how to get off safely.

Roman catching ball. Free to be Under 3 continues to be a success!  Roman bounces up and down in my arms to show his excitement before class starts.  He seemed to be the most active one this week and kept bouncing the ball in front of him and catching it – he was so non-stop I got exhausted watching him!

Roman dunking shots. He’s even mastered dunking a basketball in the hoop with his dad.  He also got to have a playdate at Playroom NYC where he loved driving the cars, jumping on the soft play, and playing with the train table.

Roman at uncle's birthday party. And most importantly he got to celebrate his favorite person’s birthday this weekend – Happy Birthday Uncle Reza.  He helped him blow out candles at the restaurant!

13 Months Milestones

Roman turns 13 months! Memorial Day weekend fell right on his 13-month birthday this week!  He was surrounded by children under age 5 at the bbq and absolutely loved it.  He likes to follow their lead and engage in games with a ball, bike, iPad, etc.  He kept saying “bak” (which means “look” in Turkish) and pointing at things to draw attention to them.  His teething is intense this week – I think the molars may even be coming in!  His teething banana goes everywhere with him!  As for gross motor skills, he gets on and off his elephant toy with no difficulty, walks long lengths to get balls (even under the table), etc.  He plays Peek-A-Boo by trying to hide his face under the table!

Roman inside the refrigerator He even tries to stand inside of the refrigerator.  Many times we find things on the kitchen floor that he took out of the refrigerator and cabinets – our little Romie getting into trouble 😉

Roman playing basketball with dad. He also walked into the pool by himself this week – he is not afraid at all!  At the pool there was a basketball court where he walked to the balls, picked them up, and threw it to his dad.  They were dunking the basketball together too which he loved!

Roman playing will ball and learning the b sound. We started Free to Be Under 3 this week, which is a language-based program.  They start off with beach balls while repeating the first sound of ball “bbbbb”, “ball”, and ending with “ee” such as “ballee”.  This really allows the word to stand out.  Roman imitated “b” out loud!  The kids are just absolutely mesmerized.

Roman playing with tunnel They did this with the “tunnel” as well.  They also introduced the words “go” and “stop” while going around shaking the stacking cups.  The instructor also sang songs such as “If You’re Happy and You Know it!”, “1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Fingers”, and “Wheels on the bus”.  They then picked a color and introduced a phrase like “yellow bus”.  Roman said “kkkk” out loud when he saw the “car” and made transportation noises.  They also pretended to fly like a plane after they brought Elmo out of the big black bag.  Now when holding him on the street he goes “zoom” and pretends to fly like a plane.  He is imitating blowing, especially when there is hot food.  When he saw bubbles, he initiated blowing too!

Roman playing with bugs. We also tried a Kidville class called Wiggle Giggle where they started off with socialization while the children engaged in play with wooden toys.  We then read a book about bugs, played with bugs, dove into soft blocks, and sang songs.  Whatever class we’re in Roman now goes off on his own and plays with the other children, coming back to just to say hi and give a hug.  He is also waving hi and bye to a variety of people.  He listens to “put in” and “clean up” with the gesture of bringing a bin or bucket in front of him.  For instance, he is obsessed with his Green Toys helicopter, which came with a bear and he will listen to “put the bear in”.

12 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman turns 13 months! Memorial Day weekend fell right on his 13-month birthday this week!  He was surrounded by children under age 5 at the bbq and absolutely loved it.  He likes to follow their lead and engage in games with a ball, bike, iPad, etc.  He kept saying “bak” (which means “look” in Turkish) and pointing at things to draw attention to them.  His teething is intense this week – I think the molars may even be coming in!  His teething banana goes everywhere with him!  As for gross motor skills, he gets on and off his elephant toy with no difficulty, walks long lengths to get balls (even under the table), etc.  He plays Peek-A-Boo by trying to hide his face under the table!

Roman inside the refrigerator He even tries to stand inside of the refrigerator.  Many times we find things on the kitchen floor that he took out of the refrigerator and cabinets – our little Romie getting into trouble 😉

Roman playing basketball with dad. He also walked into the pool by himself this week – he is not afraid at all!  At the pool there was a basketball court where he walked to the balls, picked them up, and threw it to his dad.  They were dunking the basketball together too which he loved!

Roman playing will ball and learning the b sound. We started Free to Be Under 3 this week, which is a language-based program.  They start off with beach balls while repeating the first sound of ball “bbbbb”, “ball”, and ending with “ee” such as “ballee”.  This really allows the word to stand out.  Roman imitated “b” out loud!  The kids are just absolutely mesmerized.

Roman playing with tunnel They did this with the “tunnel” as well.  They also introduced the words “go” and “stop” while going around shaking the stacking cups.  The instructor also sang songs such as “If You’re Happy and You Know it!”, “1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Fingers”, and “Wheels on the bus”.  They then picked a color and introduced a phrase like “yellow bus”.  Roman said “kkkk” out loud when he saw the “car” and made transportation noises.  They also pretended to fly like a plane after they brought Elmo out of the big black bag.  Now when holding him on the street he goes “zoom” and pretends to fly like a plane.  He is imitating blowing, especially when there is hot food.  When he saw bubbles, he initiated blowing too!

Roman playing with bugs. We also tried a Kidville class called Wiggle Giggle where they started off with socialization while the children engaged in play with wooden toys.  We then read a book about bugs, played with bugs, dove into soft blocks, and sang songs.  Whatever class we’re in Roman now goes off on his own and plays with the other children, coming back to just to say hi and give a hug.  He is also waving hi and bye to a variety of people.  He listens to “put in” and “clean up” with the gesture of bringing a bin or bucket in front of him.  For instance, he is obsessed with his Green Toys helicopter, which came with a bear and he will listen to “put the bear in”.

13 Months Milestones

 Romans first shot.Roman finally had his 1 year check-up!  He got his MMR shot and first blood test.  He now weighs 25.3 pounds and is 33 inches long!  He is so tall that he keeps bumping his head on things now and can almost reach the knobs on the stove.

 Roman climbing the stairs His preferred mode of getting around is now walking and you can tell he is so proud of himself.  If he falls he does not cry, but just gets back up and keeps going.  No difficulty getting from Point A to Point B at all!  He tries to climb on top of the living room table, by putting his knee on top.  He also tried climbing out of the pool with some assistance.  He successfully climbed onto the couch.  And a big milestone – he climbed all the way up the stairs at my parent’s house!!!!  We were trying to show him how to get back down safely by turning his body around and going backwards step-by-step.  He also loves moving super heavy items such as chairs across the room!

Roman emptying draws. And another activity he adores – emptying out our drawers… especially taking out all of daddy’s white undershirts!

Roman playing peek a boo. We went to the MET to see the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit and the rooftop.  He imitated “f” for “fish” when we were looking at the fish tank on the rooftop.  We went to a Chinese restaurant after and he kept playing Peek A Boo with the bamboo dishes.

Roman at cloisters He also got to go to the Cloisters for the first time this week.  It was Mommy and Daddy’s 2nd anniversary!  My aunt from Turkey was visiting and Roman especially loved to watch her talk.  He imitated “tete” for “Teyze”, which means aunt in Turkish.

Roman lifting his leg. They also bonded over being pushed in his wagon – he automatically lifted his legs up off the floor and waited to be pushed the whole time!  He listened to “feed the bear” this week, when he was holding one of the bath stacking cups.  His pretend play continues to impress me!  He was playing with a stacking toy this week and decided to pretend it was a cup for himself.  If you tell him to “Feed the baby” he now does so consistently with a bottle (he even imitated “baby”!)”.  He also listens to “bounce” or “jump”.  When we were leaving the MET he initiated waving bye because it is part of our routine.  Before we enter places he is also starting to wave hi and he greets people at the door when they enter by walking over.  He also let his social skills shine at Twinkle Playspace in Brooklyn when he was at the water table and construction zone with the older children. He has been more observant about things others need.  For example, I got a text on my phone and he handed it over to me without me even asking.  He sometimes brings items back into the kitchen when we are cleaning up.

Roman at sesame place Since it was a long weekend, we went to Sesame Place and he was surprisingly not afraid of the characters – he loved the carousel, teacups, and firetrucks!

Roman throwing elmos Since his new favorite activity at home is emptying out drawers he was throwing Elmos around. We also went to the West Windsor pool and he did the cutest thing – started blowing bubbles in the water since that is what they do in swim class!  GREAT GENERALIZATION!!!!

Roman by the canal And we took a walk at my favorite place – the canal by my parents.  He ate a whole apple by taking many bites – an apple a day keeps a doctor away!  He also tried artichoke leaves for the first time… quite the palate this little guys has. ☺

12 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman in dc We’re off to DC this weekend to celebrate his cousin’s birthday (the one born on the same day) and Mother’s Day!  We stopped by in NJ first to celebrate early with my mom – we went out to eat and he was using a straw at the restaurant with no difficulty.  At his cousin’s birthday party, he engaged in parallel play with the other children and kept pointing at their faces.

Roman with a clown He didn’t seem afraid of the clown and even let her draw a heart on his hand.  He loved the bouncy castle, baby doll, stacking Legos, and driving the jeep.  He had his first juice box and loved eating all the Persian stews!

Roman daddy birthday Mother’s Day also fell on Daddy’s birthday – we love you!  Roman continues to love to dance – really anything that has a beat (even if you’re reading with a rhythm) he initiates dancing.  His favorite is still house music!

Roman on the great lawn We’re starting to spend more time in Central Park, especially the Great Lawn since it’s empty during the day.

Roman watching the pigeon Since the weather is getting warmer we have been spending more time outside.  He saw a boat on the East River this week and started making a transportation noise.  He also saw a pigeon and bird and said “duck” and “quack quack”.

Roman pretending with tooth brush His symbolic play is pretty amazing – he took a toothbrush and pretended it was a hairbrush.  He also took my adult toothbrush and started brushing his teeth – what an observer!

Roman with plate in peek a boo He has mastered Peek-A-Boo with his hands (sometimes he covers only his nose which is so cute) and has even generalized it to other objects.  He’ll put a plate in front of his face, phone, or anything he can find!  He initiated feeding the baby all by himself this week using a cup and bottle.

Roman and rolling toilet paper He also pretends to drink from anything that resembles a cup.  He is beginning to engage in more undesirable behavior like unrolling toilet paper and going near high shelves and pulling things down.

Roman moving boxes He loves bringing big boxes from one part of the apartment to the other – such a busy guy!  Play is his full-time job!

At story time with his grandmother he was taking books off the bookshelf and found Brown Bear in Chinese!  His grandmother noted that he realized it was the same one that he had and kept looking at her and flipped through the pages – what a visual memory!  He is also becoming more aware of what items belong together (e.g. – he brought a bear that belonged in the sea plane when he found it under the shelf).  He anticipates activities such as going on a swing when he sees it in the playground.  He listens to “put it in” and started to listen to “bring it to me” with gestures.  He is walking more by taking 10-15 steps while carrying items this week… so impressed!  He also goes back and forth to the table and TV stand.  He came walking back to us when we said “Come back here Roman” when we were in the living room.  He sometimes falls, but of course praises himself when he walks to his destination!  I think he is realizing that it is an easy way to get around.  During swimming he went under water and stood up in the water for the first time!

12 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman eating spaghetti. We’ve got an independent man here – Roman was successful in piercing melon with a fork and feeding himself this week!  If he can’t get a food on a fork (e.g. – pasta), he tries to pick it up with his hand and stick it on his fork.  He also loves slurping spaghetti and eating yogurt all by himself.

Roman cherry blossom During the weekend, we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival on Randall’s Island and he was crawling far far away on his own toward older children who were playing games.

Roman with bean bag toss He tried initiating interaction with one of them by handing over a beanbag for the beanbag toss.  He seems to be more comfortable in swim class and is initiating socialization with the other children by pointing and vocalizing.  He is also starting to initiate “Peek A Boo” by covering his eyes with his hands (while peeking through his fingers haha), but holds it there for a long time and doesn’t let go – so cute!!

Opening the bathroom door. One of his birthday presents was a basketball net and he has figured out that the only the orange basketball goes in the hoop and can he dunk it independently!!  As for other motor skills, he took more independent steps this week – about 6-7 in a row when he saw his Uncle Reza enter the apartment!!!!  We were all in shock and froze when we saw!  He even gets to the bathroom door now and opens it if he knows someone is in there.  And he’s always been a super cute dancer flapping his arms in the air, but he has really amped up his dancing skills this week – he does some new shoulder movements (to imitate his grandpa), bends his knees more, and wiggles his hips to any beat or song he hears!  Speaking of songs, we always sing a song while we cut his nails (eg – “cut cut cut your nails”).  Since he’s heard it so many times he said “cut” and handed me the scissor.  He also tried to say “oink oink” and “pig”.  We now try to keep technology away from his because he gets frustrated if he cannot operate it and produces a frustrated “grrrrr”!

Roman at met storytime We went into midtown this week to the MOMA where they have a great Arts Lab for children.  He loved exploring the summer clothing, various textures, and the films hidden by doors.  There was an old automobile scene and he pointed and said “car”!  He truly loves art and couldn’t stop pointing when we were in the Bjork exhibit!  We also went to the MET for story time, where he initially listened to the story, but then wanted to go say hi to everyone.  He loves pointing at the children’s eyes, nose, mouth, etc. and vocalizing.  He especially loved the new water fountains in front of the MET and had fun splashing!

12 Months Milestones

Roman turning one year!. ROMAN IS ONE!!!!  Can you believe it?  Couldn’t imagine the world without this little guy – all the jokes he plays, the millions of hugs he gives, and the smiles that melt your heart.

Roman turning one year!. We spent his actual birthday at a street fair where he requested watermelon from afar by pointing and vocalizing.  We then walked around The Plaza and Central Park.  And last but not least, we went to Central Park Zoo for a special treat!  When we got home he got to practice smashing his cake with a cake I actually made myself!  The next day we got ready for the big party – Roman sat on mommy’s lap while she got her hair blown out.  We celebrated with our closest friends and family at Art Farm.  There were lots of people there and he surprisingly didn’t get overwhelmed!  The children did a music class, art class, pet the animals, and then ate lots of pizza and cake.  We tried to practice blowing out candles on his actual birthday and he tried imitating the action a couple times.  He still didn’t quite get the idea of smashing the cake, but we physically prompted him in the end and it got all over mommy haha!  He had a blast opening.

Roman playing with a plunger This week he has become a lot more affectionate and even started leaning into your face if he wants a kiss.  If he sees us hugging he comes over to hug us!  He initiates more play routines by crawling up to you, then jumping in your face, and screaming then laughing because he thinks what he did was hilarious!  He’s also been coming up to us more and just wants to sit on our laps, which I love!  This week he is starting to stand while I change him, which is so helpful since he’s not a fan of the changing table anymore.  As for fine motor skills, he successfully closed a water bottle this week!

Roman eating with a for, He tries his best to eat with a fork by poking the food.  And his favorite toy this week is unfortunately not any of his birthday gifts, but a plunger and toilet bowl cleaner – gross!!  He now knows what items belong to people (e.g. – my phone) and will give it to that person.  He is beginning to become more aware of others’ body parts (e.g.  – will pull on my earring, hair, etc.).

Roman pretend play with doll He imitated “up” today and said it independently twice.  Now that the sun is out, he imitated “glasses” twice… I was so impressed especially due to the clusters and later occurring sound /s/ and /z/.  He also tried to imitate “dog” a few times and labeled it once when we saw a neighbor’s puppy in the hallway.  I even heard “hi” several times throughout the week.

Roman pretend play with carsHe labeled “car” more frequently this week.  What I am realizing is that a word a child says one week they may not say for a few more weeks since they’re trying to learn others.  His pretend play skills are also evolving – he was pretending to eat this week and was making pretend drinking sounds.  So amazing to see him gradually develop!  Can’t wait to see what the next year has to bring – thank you too Roman for bringing such happiness into our lives!  We love you more than you know handsome fella ☺

11 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman new haircut Roman is prepping for his birthday party and got his first haircut this week!  He seemed okay at first, but then began crying when he saw another child cry.  We made it through it and he received his first diploma with his hair attached ☺ His appetite seems to be back and is better than ever – he’s eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, soups, and smoothies.  We even tried a little peanut butter and will gradually increase it to make sure he is not allergic. He’s obsessed with chicken now (really anything meat!) and ice cream sandwiches.

Roman eating chicken with grandma. He started to take a few more steps by himself from the table to the couch using big wide steps – it was adorable.  He also walks more while you hold his hand and we walked in a circle today.  He can also stand for longer period of time.  My husband’s parents came back from a month long trip and he had no difficulty remembering them… and he was so excited to see them!  His new favorite activity with his uncle is to listen to house music while he holds him – seems to really soothe him (he even fell asleep in his arms once!).

Roman with piano He also loves playing hide and seek with his grandmas, looking in the mirror and making silly faces, swinging on the swings in the playground, playing mini pianos, and opening and closing drawers (hopefully the next step is not to take everything out!).  He even refined his xylophone playing skills this week!

Roman looking at the mirror. He pointed to “banana” this week in a book.  Speaking of pointing, he started requesting via pointing pretty early on, but now also points in unfamiliar settings.  For example, at Fairway he pointed to the clementine from afar to request them.

Roman with kids music round class We also went to a Kids Music Round class where Roman loved the various instruments, but he saw Legos from afar and kept requesting it via pointing.  Overall, he seems to be getting more persistent about getting what he wants when he points and will often get upset if you do not give him the correct item – he sometimes even turns red while he is doing angry vocalizations!  As for speaking, he imitated “help”, which we keep modeling to decrease frustration.

Roman with hedgehog The weather was beautiful so we got to spend a lot of time in the park.  He had his first picnic in Central Park at Sheep Meadow where he wasn’t afraid to socialize with others – he would crawl right up to them… he even got to meet a cute little hedgehog!

Roman with Birthday InviteWe actually started to face his stroller outward so that he can see the world – although I miss looking at my little man and talking to him while we walk.  We’ll probably switch it back and forth so he gets the best of both worlds.  And we can’t wait for the big birthday party next week!  Roman loves looking at his farm themed birthday invite ☺  Love my spring baby!

11 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman in the snow The snow has fallen again!  We were on Long Island and Roman got to play with it inside and feel how cold it was!

Mommy and Daddy Date NightMommy and Daddy had a date night and went to a friend’s wedding.  Poor little guy is sick again – this time just a little stuffy nose!  After he got better later on in the week we headed over to Craft Studio for a kid’s party and to hear the Little Maestros perform.

Roman at craft studio He is starting to say a sound effect close to “vroom” (eg –“ oo oo oo oo”) while playing with a car.  He imitated “bye bye” this week.  I do a lot of cooking with him while he sits in the high chair and he attempts to imitate words such as “cut” while I do the action and sing!  He’s shaking his head “no” this week to show that he really does not want to do something.  He now says “dada” and “mama” specifically – he even said “daddy” with the two different vowels /dadi/.  He also understands “Where’s mommy?” or “Where’s daddy?” and looks at the door when either of us are out or at work.  He also pretended a remote control was a car, which was so cute!  He is now aware of more body parts, so he is hitting his head and touching his ear a lot this week.

Roman trying to climb two steps He’s definitely a pro at combining crawling and cruising more efficiently now and is getting to where he needs to get to more easily without any help!  He crawled straight down his great grandma’s hallway at full speed – I guess all he needed was more open space!  We even find that he now crawls all the way to the kitchen in our apartment if we are in there.  He loves exploring the broom and Swiffer in there!

Roman playing with swiferHe also crawls with things in his hand to bring it to a certain area.  He even tried to crawl up the two steps at his grandparents’ house.  Because of this increased mobility we enclosed his play area… we don’t think he was a huge fan of it, but it’s best for safety!  His new favorite snack is graham crackers and he continues to love Indian food – it seems like the spicier is better!

11 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman with wheels. Someone is obsessed with his new Hot Wheels cars this week!  Grandmas get the best gifts!  He now pretends everything is a road and makes his car go “vroom” on the table or even on mommy’s computer while she is typing (as in right now!).

Roman with pound and playHe seems to love his pound and play toy as well and tries to hit the balls all by himself with a hammer.  We used physical prompting at first to show him the motor movements required.  He is also beginning to point to picture frames if he sees familiar family members and will say “mama” or “dada”.  He has been doing this more ever since my husband’s parents have been away.  He also nods his head “yes” often.  He recognizes familiar theme songs and begins dancing now (shhhhh!  One is the theme song to Damages… blame Netflix!).

Roman 74 magic classWe tried out our first movement class at 74th St. Magic which was fun – we got to spend time in the ball put, stairs, trampoline, etc.  It’s always great to go somewhere and get moving since it’s still chilly out.

Roman starbucks date with mom.This was followed by a fun Starbucks date while Roman had a fruit pouch ☺  Since he is up and about he now follow commands “come here” by crawling to us or “time for bath” and he crawls to the bathroom.  While in the bathroom he has figured out how to flush the toilet too – uh oh! ☺  He also loves to open and close drawers in the bedroom now!  He has even figured out that the printer has a function and attempts to push the buttons – we have found the more we say “no” the more he wants to do it!  Ignore, Ignore, Ignore is the best parenting technique to decrease negative behavior (of course you must make sure they’re safe while doing so!).

Roman bunny earsIt was Easter this weekend and he got his first basket – he’s a huge fan of opening and trying to close eggs.  He even dyed eggs with physical prompting – what a unique experience!  We had a family lunch date on the Upper West Side at Jacob’s Pickles – we ate outside for the first time this season and Roman fell asleep while eating!

Roman at the zoo.We also went to Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, which was a blast!  He saw peacocks, birds, seals, and more!   At the end of the day, Roman even got to go on his first carousel ride in Prospect Park!

Roman eating cantaloupeHe loves cantaloupe and ice pops this week.  Tooth number 5 & 6 are starting to pop out – we feel the bumps!  Poor little guy had a tough time sleeping for a couple nights!  He’s had a couple fevers, but thankfully they all went away right when we gave him some Tylenol or Motrin.  Mommy does love his cuddles when he isn’t feeling well though!

11 Months Milestones

Roman with Bubble Wrap Wow 1 more month until Roman turns ONE!  My baby is 11 months and I remember the time we used to count the weeks.  He all of a sudden looks so much older to me. Some speech and language milestones: he imitated “yum” and consistently saying “nana” for Turkish version of grandma, which is “anneanne”.  He is also beginning to what seems like asking questions such as “What is this?” by pointing and going “uh?”. And also if someone leaves the room it is almost as if he asks a “Where did you go?” by saying “ah ah”? with question like intonation.  His favorite thing to do is read books and I think his word “guk” may mean “book”.  He especially loves the “Subway” book and requests that you read books by handing it to you.  He often wants you to read the same book over and over, which may get boring for us, but for them that is how they learn!  Repetition is key!  His favorite toys are Ernie, big new Thomas his father got him, ball drop and bubbles, and bubble wrap!

Roman under a chair This week he has been crawling into various rooms when we’re not in them.  He’ll spend a few minutes there by himself and then come back out into the living room.  He is not hesitant to go under chairs or tables to find his balls that have rolled under them.

Roman at egg hunt We attended his first egg hunt this week although it was snowing!  We also went to the orchid show at New York Botanical Gardens and he loved seeing the different colors and touching the various leaves.  We went to a very fun Music for Aardvarks class where he explored various instruments and did lots of dancing.  He now walks forward while we hold his hands in front of him!

Roman at car show We also went to the International Car Show at the Javits Center, which was lots of fun… he even got in a car and tried out the steering wheel! ☺

Roman feeding Mommy He seems to be interested in the letters on the refrigerator door and the back of his bedroom door that is magnetic.  He loves making them all fall down!  He tried fish for the first time and absolutely loved it!  He still loves feeding his mommy and makes sure she isn’t hungry – he’ll take turns taking a bite, then mommy takes a bite, etc. for the whole meal!  He continues to be a jokester – he will sometimes pretend to put something in his mouth and then laugh or pretend to give you something and smile.  Speaking of pretend play, he pretends to mix with a spoon.  He also tries brushing his hair and has generalized it to multiple brushes and combs – so cute!

10 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman at City Tree House. Spring is definitely here – yippeeee!!  Roman went to the City Tree House this week on a play date with his friend Eli and played with a water table for the first time!  He was standing on his tippy toes to reach all the balls! He sure has a strong throw now!  He also loves trying to interact with older children by reaching out toward them or pointing at their face and vocalizing.

Roman at Kidville. We dressed him up in green and went to the St. Patrick’s Day party at Kidville and he had a blast watching Rockin’ Railroad perform.

Roman with Persian Art. We also went to the Children’s Museum of Art and engaged in some super cool Persian art activities for the Persian New Year!

Mom and Daddy Married Afterwards we went to go check out where Mommy and Daddy got married – Angel Orensanz on the Lower East Side!

Roman throwing books. His uncle taught him how to throw books down from the bookshelf so he’s been experimenting a lot with that – uh oh!   Their relationship is so cute – he’s obsessed with him since he lets him do whatever. His love for reading is definitely growing more and more each day.  Roman is beginning to stand (not even realizing it!) for 5-10 seconds.  He even bent to pick something up in a basket and brought it back up while standing!

Roman with Moms Wallet Another current favorite activity is requesting mommy’s wallet, opening the zipper, taking all the cards out, and trying to put it back in.

Roman with Transport Basket Others include transportation, swinging, taking the alphabet magnets down from the fridge, and balancing items. He just wants to see how the whole world works!

Roman feeding Mom. He consistently imitates “quack quack” and “duck” when we play with ducks.  And speaking of play, he pretended to mix an empty bowl with his spoon this week.  He also fed his mommy with the spoon! I physically prompted him to feed the duck.  He is beginning to understand more complex commands such as “get me the book and bring it here” with gestures or “give it to grandma”.  He is quite the curious guy when he crawls in new places – looks in every room, stops to look at novel things, etc.

10 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman in the snow The snow has fallen again!  We were on Long Island and Roman got to play with it inside and feel how cold it was!

Mommy and Daddy Date NightMommy and Daddy had a date night and went to a friend’s wedding.  Poor little guy is sick again – this time just a little stuffy nose!  After he got better later on in the week we headed over to Craft Studio for a kid’s party and to hear the Little Maestros perform.

Roman at craft studio He is starting to say a sound effect close to “vroom” (eg –“ oo oo oo oo”) while playing with a car.  He imitated “bye bye” this week.  I do a lot of cooking with him while he sits in the high chair and he attempts to imitate words such as “cut” while I do the action and sing!  He’s shaking his head “no” this week to show that he really does not want to do something.  He now says “dada” and “mama” specifically – he even said “daddy” with the two different vowels /dadi/.  He also understands “Where’s mommy?” or “Where’s daddy?” and looks at the door when either of us are out or at work.  He also pretended a remote control was a car, which was so cute!  He is now aware of more body parts, so he is hitting his head and touching his ear a lot this week.

Roman trying to climb two steps He’s definitely a pro at combining crawling and cruising more efficiently now and is getting to where he needs to get to more easily without any help!  He crawled straight down his great grandma’s hallway at full speed – I guess all he needed was more open space!  We even find that he now crawls all the way to the kitchen in our apartment if we are in there.  He loves exploring the broom and Swiffer in there!

Roman playing with swiferHe also crawls with things in his hand to bring it to a certain area.  He even tried to crawl up the two steps at his grandparents’ house.  Because of this increased mobility we enclosed his play area… we don’t think he was a huge fan of it, but it’s best for safety!  His new favorite snack is graham crackers and he continues to love Indian food – it seems like the spicier is better!

10 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman at Persian Story Time What a fun week!  We went to a Persian story time on the Upper West Side at Book Cultures.  My in-laws often throw in Farsi words and phrases the days they are babysitting and my parents usually speak Turkish to him with a sprinkle of English.  I love exposing him to the cultures he came from!

Roman visiting Columbia UniversityWe also visited Columbia University – perhaps his future alma mater – or maybe NYU or Binghamton! 😉

Roman with remote control This week he imitated coughing and sneezing, which I thought was hilarious.  He even initiated it with my mother!  He now also points the remote control to the television copying how we turn on the television ☺ If it breaks and the batteries fall out he attempts to fix it.

Roman eating snap peas He even tries to feed me his food, which is the sweetest thing!  Speaking of food, he is being adventurous and trying new vegetables like snap peas.  He certainly understands the way more objects work now – the coconut oil has a lid and he tries to put it on, the toy egg has a top, etc., but he’s still working on refining those fine motor skills!

Roman playing with bus His favorite toy this week is a the MTA bus his grandmother got him at story time – the doors open and close and he goes “vroom vroom vroom”! We made him a book of all of our faces since he is really beginning to say “mama” and “dada” more consistently.  He is also starting to use more jargon with adult intonation almost like he’s having a conversation with himself.

Roman with flapjacks booksHe also likes to pretend to read books by vocalizing, turning the pages, etc.  He often starts off with the book upside down, but we show him how to flip it around – never to early for pre-reading skills!  He uses the flaps and slides pages by himself.  He’s also been sticking his tongue out more this week to act silly and make us laugh!  He loves getting a reaction out of us.  As for gross motor skills, he stood by himself for a few seconds a couple times and even tried to jump while we held his hands.  One of his favorite activities is being bounced around with his grandfather while he makes vibrations with his voice!

10 Months Milestones

Roman confidently standing This week he’s become more confident when standing… shaking objects with his other hand, dancing, letting go to wave, etc.  He also stands near items where he may not be able to hold on, but can lean.

Roman in music classWe went to an Applause music class this week where they concentrate on a specific letter of the week, sing catchy music, and engage in pretend play!

Roman with PenAnd uh Oh!  He figured out how to open a marker and draw on himself this week.  He also tries to close water bottles, so we of course have to be very careful with the caps!  We have a new babysitter since our first one was pregnant and is due soon!  He seemed to do really well with the transition.

Roman with garage and cars His new favorite toys include a taxi cab and he even figured out how to put cars down his tiny garage!  We have also found that he has great attention span during play – he can attend to a task for at least 15-30 minutes (e.g. – putting coins in a piggy bank, train tracks, etc.).  He tries to put the coins in the piggy bank himself and the trains on the track.  We heard an approximation to “choo choo”!

Roman spoon feeding He now definitely says “mamama” for me, but only when he needs something, is hungry, or tired.  We made a photo album of our faces to help him associate us with our names.  We attempted to work on blowing out candles for his first birthday, but he seemed very afraid!  He seems to be scared of loud or abrupt noises nowadays (e.g. – vacuum). He will easily get frightened and run over to the nearest adult to be hugged.  He now follows “give me a kiss” consistently.  And the cutest thing – he is attempting to spoon feed himself!

9 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman with Valentines Crafts The weather has been super cold and lots of germs are going around, so we try to stay inside as much as possible.  We do arts and crafts as well as cooking – we even made Daddy a holiday card and red jello!  We woke him up with big hugs on Valentine’s Day!  Roman aka Dr. Love got some fun new Boon bath toys in his Valentine’s Day gift bag ☺

Roman with Mama I think he is saying “mama” more specifically to me when he needs help or is hungry.  He independently labeled “car” twice and imitated an approximation of “jump”.  He pointed to duck and car in a book.  He loves playing with his taxicab this week and gives it to you to help him.  He is starting to listen to command “clap hands” and says the “k” sound as he does it.

Roman playing with puzzles Roman continues to love exploring big knob puzzles – this week he’s trying the zoo animals!

Roman drinking from open cut He continues to try to drink out of an open cup and loves drinking out of our water bottles.  His new favorite food seems to be pasta and he finger feeds himself – he’s growing up too fast! His top two teeth are out this week and he is beginning to grind them – poor guy!  One of them is coming in a little later, so we’re definitely experiencing bouts of teething as well – hope it’s over soon!

Roman is sick Poor little guy also had his first cough and stuffy nose after Valentine’s Day – the doctor said it was croup and had to give him a shot!  His sleep and appetite have definitely been a little off.  ☹

Roman turning corners He’s now doing fast laps around the living room table and has 100% mastered maneuvering the corners.  He can also now transfer from the table to the couch and to other toys that are higher up such as the activity table.  When he falls down while standing he is less likely to cry… he is trying to learn how to go from a standing to a sitting position.  He even held my hand and took a few steps – he’s almost really on the go!  He can also get off his elephant by himself as long as he is holding onto something for support.  His crawling has really gotten stronger too!

9 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman watching ScienceRoman saw his first official play at Princeton McArter Theater – Sid the Science Kid!  He did a great job focusing for his age – we were impressed!

Roman cruising around tableThis week he seems more confident when he is cruising and can go around the whole table and even tries to navigate the corners (while throwing every object that is on the table to the ground)!

Roman bending to pick up objectHe bends down to pick items up while standing by leaving one hand on the table for support.  He even tries to stand up during bath time and get out of the bathtub by himself – oh no!

Roman in bouncy ball classHe is becoming even more of a jokester.  He’ll initiate games like standing up and falling down repeatedly on a pillow and laughing, blowing bubbles on our skin, etc.  He pretends to burp me by tapping me – too funny!  We also find that he uses the nonsense word “guk” to call attention to things.  He continues to love the weekly music class and is beginning to interact with the other children more – he loved bouncing the balls this week!

We still see sprinkles of separation anxiety, so we continue to gradually ease him into spending time with his babysitter.  Grandparents are no problem – he gets excited and forgets we are even there!  We explain to him that “Mommy is going to work and will be back soon”… social stories are often helpful for older children that are going through similar emotions.  He totally understands if someone else comes during the day Mom is leaving and hooks his arm around me – sometimes friends stop over and he thinks they’re babysitters! He seems to get used to whoever is babysittiyng quickly though, but cries when I come home from work because he can’t believe I left!  I think I may have a mama’s boy on my hands – my sweetheart ☺ He also gets upset when daddy leaves for work in the mornings now, so we make sure to walk him to the door and say bye-bye at the elevator!

9 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman watching football A big first this week – Roman’s first Super Bowl!  He played ball with the fellas and LOVED the halftime show with Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliot!

Roman eating strawberriesWe ate a ton of food and he even tried chocolate covered strawberries!  We also had a dance party with Turkish and Persian music – we need to play it more so he gets used to the melodies.

Receptively he’s doing very well – he followed the direction “give it to mommy”. Sometimes when people say “give me” he tricks them by pretending to hand it over, but then takes it back!  He also imitated shrugging his shoulders when we were asking funny “wh” questions like “Where’s Elmo?”  He keeps pointing to everything he wants and if he likes something on TV he will point to the characters.  He seems to be saying even more difficult sounds such as “ach” (which actually means “open” in Turkish!).

Roman watching water spout He’s also starting to explore how the water is coming out of the faucet in the bath – loves running his fingers through it and smiles!

Roman loves puzzles His exploration with big knob puzzles has also increased – he loves taking them out, bangs them, and attempts to put them in. We just label the items, review asking for help, and then physically prompt him to put it back in place.

Roman in Mom bagAnd his absolute favorite thing to search through is mommy’s makeup bag and jewelry while she takes a shower – he loves taking everything out and putting it back in (a couple times he even threw some items in the garbage!).  Don’t worry my eyes are on him at all times!

Roman with elephant walkerHe continues to pull himself up to stand, but you can also tell he is beginning to get frustrated if he can’t sit back down by himself.  It’s best to teach them by bending their knees to a squatting and then sitting position. He is also cruising from one end of the table to the next.  He can now let go and transfer his hands to the couch.  He even stood by himself without holding on for a few seconds!   I also saw him use his elephant walker by taking a few steps while pushing it.

Roman at music classHe attended a Moosiki Kids music class this week, which was a hit!  Laura has a great rock’n’roll feel to her classes and he even got to touch chimes.  We also practiced sign language like “want”, “more”, and “strawberry’.  It was tons of fun!  This is a great age range to begin targeting baby sign language – many families even start earlier since research shows that sign language leads to verbal word production.

9 Months Milestones

Roman turns 9 months We had his 9-Month check up this week!  He was totally fine until they looked in his ear, but thank goodness we had toys and snacks to keep him preoccupied.  He was 30 inches tall (90th percentile) and 21 pounds 9 ounces (50th percentile).  He sat with all the other kids at a birthday party for the first time eating pizza and cake – what a big boy!

Roman in music class And he continues to love his music class – he vocalizes and tries to sing along with the instructor while shaking the objects!

Roman is cruising Roman is trying to scoot on his butt a little this week.  We have the feeling he is going to skip officially crawling and just walk.  All he likes to do is stand and is even getting more confident and starting to let go with one hand to try to cruise a little.  He especially loves the wooden living room table that is low to the ground and very stable.  He loves to push everything off the table – water bottles, papers, etc… you name it!  Another favorite hobby is ripping magazines or newspapers and taking things apart like the foam floor – such a puzzle trying to put it back together ☺

Roman pointing. He has always loved pointing and now imitates if you say “you” by pointing toward another person.  He keeps saying “go go go go” this week.  We are trying to have him generalize it to the actual action word (e.g. – while cruising or crawling) and pretend play with cars (e.g. – “Ready Set Go”), which he LOVES – such a boy!  He’s beginning to engage in simple hand games such as “Pat-a-Cake” and “Miss Mary Mack”.  He also insists on getting objects I’ve taken away more so than other weeks such as the computer since his object permanence is becoming more established.  In terms of play, he takes turns throwing a ball back and forth with no difficulty and gets so excited about it!  His father and uncle are so proud!

Roman at the Bubble Show Roman went to his first NYC show this week – the Gazillion Bubble Show!  He was mesmerized by the bubbles coming at him and loved popping bubbles with his index finger!  He was also clapping with the crowd, which was adorable.  Another first was a big snowstorm, so we went to Central Park to check out the people sledding and skiing.  He loved touching and feeling the snow!  Growing up in NYC sure is fun and entertaining – the city that never sleeps ☺

8 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman in the sandA big first this week – a plane ride!  We made it through it and it was not as bad as we thought it would be!  As long as the fellow passengers were smiling at him and engaging him Roman was totally fine!  One woman kept pretending her hand was a monster and kept making it crawl up his seat…we played lots of Peek-A-Boo too! ☺

Roman in pool with cousinsWe went to sunny Cancun, Mexico to meet his cousins there and we all had a blast!  Roman swam in the pool, played in the sand, ate lots of guacamole, and even went to karaoke where he “drove” his first car in a video game – he was obsessed and was having so much fun!  We ventured out to some different foods such as eggs, waffles, pancakes, plantains, and churros.  I don’t think there is a thing that this child won’t eat!

Roman eatingOne thing about this kiddo that stands out is that he ADORES people.  When in the dining area, for example, he would choose one person out of the whole room and make eye contact until they smiled back at him – he especially loved the waitresses.  He tried to initiate interaction with his cousins by grabbing their arms and vocalizing loudly!  He really enjoyed getting hugs from his aunts and uncles.  He even cried a couple times if they let him go… it’s so beautiful to see him build a rapport with family members.  His aunts and uncles kept singing and saying rhymes – he was anticipating it all such as Humpty Dumpty where he fell into the pool each time at the end of the nursery rhyme!

In terms of speech he is producing very clear nonsense CVC words such as /kuk/ and /guk/, which we try to mold into actual words.  My parents often speak Turkish to him and we were trying to have him say “kalk” which means “get up”.  He imitated “dede” this week using adult intonation, which means grandfather in Turkish!  And he is so mobile this week that he can pull himself up in his crib…we have a Spiderman over here!

8 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman with Scarves Roman mastered independent straw cup drinking this week!  He will even pick it up himself, open the top, and voila! We always recommend families use a straw cup to encourage mature swallowing patterns, which correlates to more advanced sound production.

Roman with clementines And speaking of mealtime, he absolutely loves eating kiwis, but his ultimate favorite is clementines!  I think he’s just into anything sweet and slightly sour.

Roman with music We’re hearing a lot more vowels consistently such as “oo”, “ee”, or “e”.  I’m also hearing more difficult sounds such as /lalala/, which is surprising since it is a later occurring sound.  V-C (vowel-consonant) combinations such as “ak” and V-C-V (vowel-consonant-vowel) such as “ada” or “adi” were also heard more this week.

In regards to play, he is beginning to imitate play with a car.  He continues to love banging items together like blocks and is he even starting to bang with his hammer while using the mini workbench.  This requires lots of balance!  And he’s such a social guy – when he senses people are leaving he starts giving kisses.

Roman with bubbles Oh and we started a new music class with Brett at a friend’s apartment – Roman loves the singing, stories, and bubbles!!!!

In terms of gross motor skills, he’s flipping around everywhere rolling, twisting, and crouching anytime he wants.  He also tries to rock back and forth on all fours when he is in a crawling position.  He sometimes even rolls multiple times to get where he needs to be!

Roman on his tummyWhen on his tummy or pushing up on his belly he looks around everywhere – even all the way behind him!  He also slept on his tummy for the first time this week.  Hopefully that will lead to uninterrupted night’s sleep ☺

8 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman first snowstorm Roman experienced his first big snowstorm this week and was mesmerized by the snow!  Since we were cooped up inside he really got to practice his motor skills.  He mastered pulling himself up to his knees and standing up on mommy or the Busy Town toy while holding on tight.  Next stop is cruising!  He even tried getting out of the bathtub – uh oh!

Roman standing He definitely prefers to be standing and loves being high up all the time now – it’s a totally new perspective!  Overall, he seems to be a very cautious baby.  He still holds onto the sides of the bath or stroller most of the time.  He also likes to throw things across the room this week, which makes cleaning up so much fun!  It’s so cute though – he is so proud of himself when he throws things far and smiles, vocalizes, and looks up for praise.

Roman reaching and crawling He’s doing great transitioning from a front-seated position, to a side-seated position by turning his legs, and lastly to a crawling position.  We’re still going backwards, but I feel like forward crawling is right around the corner! He’s definitely starting to get items that are father away from him. He often gets close to an item and then reaches as far as he can to grab it. He is initiating and imitating clapping.  He thinks it’s the best thing on Earth when everyone is clapping for him!  Roman also imitates the arms up motion when we say “yay”. He even said “yay” once after a verbal model!

Since he is getting into a bit more trouble and testing limits and boundaries, we are starting to say “no” more, which he actually listens to by stopping the activity. He sometimes returns to it, but at least we know he understands! We often replace the unwanted activity with another toy or book to redirect him.  A couple more weeks until Roman’s vacation – we can’t wait!

8 Months Milestones

Roman at Eight MonthsHappy 8 months my little man!

Roman drinking from open cupRoman is trying to drink from an open cup independently this week.  He is also starting to wave when someone waves to him.  I could swear I heard him say “hi” and “bye”!  He is consistently imitating /h/ sound, which is a great sound to work since it’s easy to produce – just blowing air out with your mouth open.  We’re attempting to use some baby sign language such as “more” and “gimme” by tapping his chest.

Roman pointing into book He’s really beginning to understand items and pictures have meaning to them and can be labeled.  I especially see this when reading simple books and he is pointing to familiar pictures. He may not understand everything yet, but he is getting the fact that things and people have names!  He is beginning to point more specifically this week to call attention to items or requests.  If I give him an open hand cue and say “give me” he now puts the item in my hand.  He responds to his name consistently now too!

Roman Pulling himself up.He is trying to pull himself on top of objects – standing up while holding onto items is near!  He definitely prefers to stand now too when he is with someone.

Roman playing with mature toys Roman is definitely beginning to play with more mature toys like cars and Legos and does not have an interest in the newborn rattles, etc.  We’ve made toys more easily accessible by putting them in baskets that can be reached so that he is free to explore.

Roman using puzzles We also put big knob puzzles on lower shelves and place books low enough where he can grab them and “read” by himself.  Roman’s absolute favorite toy is his Tomy eggs – he loves throwing, smashing, and opening them!  He is really learning how things relate to one another, so any toys where he can spill items, take items out, put items back in, etc. are popular this month!  As for noises, sneezes used to scare him, but they now crack him up.  He also thinks burps and farts are pretty funny too!  The vacuum cleaner now seems to not be his enemy – less cleaning for mommy and daddy! 😉

7 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

Under crib He’s definitely more on the move this week!  I even found him under his crib when I left the room for 30 seconds!

turningheadHe also independently go from laying down to sitting up position more.  And he used to cry if he fell back while sitting, but rarely ever does.  He also turns his head while sitting now too – his confidence seems to be increasing!

Barnes and NoblesHe went to FAO Schwarz for the first time and was mesmerized by the toys!  We also took him to the train show at the New York Botanical Gardens, which he seemed to love.  Roman also went to his first story time at Barnes & Noble to listen to Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer being read.  I must say when it comes to books he has quite the attention span!

christmas It was also his first Christmas this week!  You could tell he loved being around the whole family.  We went out to eat on Christmas Eve and he independently waved to the waitress!  And on Christmas day, he was absolutely adorable while opening gifts – kept doing a surprised face and voice when he would see something new like his Sesame Street stuffed animals – he’s obsessed with Ernie!!  And his new favorite hobby is ripping paper!  And speaking of voice, we’re hearing more babbling with back sounds such as /gagaga/ and /kakaka/ this week.

Eating cookiesIn terms of eating, at this point he pretty much eats what we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we’ve lost count of everything he has tried!  He’s even eaten well-cooked pasta such as spaghetti – yummy!  He even tried a chocolate chip cookie that we had left out for Santa – he couldn’t resist! ☺

7 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

Roman went to some quintessential NYC spots this weekend such as Grand Central Station to see the train show, Rockerfeller Center to see the Christmas tree, and Bryant Park for some holiday shopping!  He started producing the /s/ and /t/ sounds this week, which is so amazing since they are later occurring sounds!

Rooman at Grand CentralHe seems to be getting over milk this week and wants to eat more table foods, which is nice because it takes the pressure off of pumping!  He now officially enjoys playing by himself and can do so for at least 30 minutes on his mat.

Roman at Rockerfeller Center We still have a backwards crawler – actually found him under the tree so we have to be extra careful!!  He does this funny head banging thing now when he is on his stomach where I think he is trying to propel himself forward.  He now initiates kisses with people that smiles at him and I think he is starting to understand the word “kiss”.  He also lets you know that he wants to be tickled with head gestures and smiling.  I can just eat this kid up!

7 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman with santa. It was mommy’s and grandma’s birthday this week though – Roman was a gentleman and treated me to dinner and lots of kisses!  We even saw Santa on my birthday – let’s just say we had to give it two tries since the first time he was slightly terrified!  He is definitely having some increased separation anxiety this week most likely because he spent the whole week with me last week with Thanksgiving.  I think he is starting to differentiate between family members and strangers.  He tends to cry initially when he is left with anyone else but mommy.

Roman learning to swim Roman went to his first Polliwogs swimming class at the 92Y – he was hesitant to go in at first, but loved splashing to all the songs.  We began assisted cup drinking this week too using a Zoli Cup!  He gagged on it the first time, but we kept offering it during every mealtime and then he started to get the hang of it!  Don’t worry – at first your child may find it difficult to suck out of straw cup, but it’s all a learning process! He is now producing VCV (vowel-consonant-vowel) combinations such as “ada” or “ata” and I definitely see some variegated babbling such as “dadatatadaba”.  /t/ and /d/ are fairly new sounds in his repertoire.  It is an early occurring sound since it requires the tongue tip to touch the alveolar ridge (the bumpy ridge behind your top teeth), which makes it very visual.  Using a straw or open cup instead of bottles at this time will encourage the production of these sounds since it allows the tip of your tongue to go up!

Roman with Christmas  tree We went shopping for his first Christmas tree and he even helped us with the lights ☺

Roman with Christmas  lights He also started pointing more with his index finger – I think he got the hang of it now since we always point to familiar objects in books and now he is beginning to use it as a tool to bring attention to items that are interesting to him.  He also tries to move the tiniest objects (bread crumbs) with his finger – amazing eyesight this week!  And he’s been really trying to sit up from a position where he is lying flat, which is awesome!

7 Month Milestones

Roman is 7 months oldHappy 7 Months Baby Roman!  Such a social kiddo our Roman is!  He loves play dates and being around other children.  He will play side by side with them.

Roman saying mmmmRoman has made great strides expressively this week.  He definitely knows what type of food he wants now – he’ll close his lips tight if it is something he does not want or turn his head to the side.  When he is upset he says “wuwuwuwu” or “brrrrrr”.  He vocalizes with displeasure if a toy is taken away now.  He even produced “mamamama” and “dadadada” this week. He now says “mmmm” when he sees food he likes and being a speech therapist mommy I’m trying to shape it to “more” by using the sign language simultaneously.  Other good signs to target include “want”, “eat”, and “milk”.  And I could have sworn I heard him imitate “hi”!  In terms of motor imitation, he imitates kissing, blowing, and high 5 consistently.

Roman sticking out his tongueHe now initiates sticking out his tongue more often and knows he is being silly – what a sense of humor this little guy has already! ☺

Receptively, I think he definitely has a stronger sense of himself and realizes it is him in a picture or video.  He also recognizes mommy and daddy through a picture – we realized this when he got very excited when he saw an oversized picture of our engagement photo

Roman loves looking around To all our OT friends – We’re working on the pincer grasp and finger feeding.  He seems to be picking things up with his thumb and index finger with little to no difficulty.  When supervised, he practices picking up small objects such as beads too.  He even pointed a couple times this week nonspecifically.  Perhaps he was calling attention to something interesting!  In terms of gross motor skills, he loves looking around now while he is sitting up, so his core seems to be getting stronger!

Romans first thanksgiving And it was of course Roman’s first Thanksgiving – he was eager to try anything he could at the table from cranberry sauce to licking a drumstick!  We found out he prefers apple pie over pumpkin pie too – he even tried vanilla ice cream!

Roman eating blueberries For breakfast he had a variety of berries – blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  We also got him Baby Mum-Mum vegetable cookies and Happy Puffs made of sweet potato to promote finger feeding and self-feeding.

Roman at the aquarium He went to his favorite place in Princeton – the library – since it has an aquarium with cool fish and an awesome kids section with transportation toys!

Roman with playdate. In regards to play, he is making sense of toys and understanding cause and effect more – loves shaking larger items to see what happens, learning how to push buttons to have objects pop out, etc.

Roman watching Thomas the train Grandma also let him watch Thomas on TV, which he seemed to be mesmerized by!

Roman with train We introduced a train track to him with a few trains – started off slow to show him how they relate to one other.  He was really inspecting the tracks and attempted to put the train on the tracks all by himself – cutest moment ever.  We love you Roman!

6 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

Roman doing a Push UpSome big news – Roman started crawling backwards!  And his push-up skills continue to amaze me.  He can hold himself up for longer than I can!

Roman with cause and effectHe can also activate cause and effect toys and he tries to open and close doors of toys.  He tries to bang and smack toys together such as his stacking cups and big legos.  We imitate his actions to get him confident in turntaking – he thinks it’s the funniest thing if you copy him!  At this point he can get any toy by raking it toward himself and still loves exploring with his hands and mouth!  Simple games like Peek-a-Boo are also very motivating to him and he cracks up!  When playing stops, he definitely gets upset, but quickly gets happy when you redirect him with singing, talking, reading, or another item.  We try to sing the “Clean Up” song to show him finality in activities.

Roman being pushed in carHe loves being pushed around in his new car too!

Roman with Glass BottleRoman also holds his glass bottle now to drink milk, which is super heavy!

Roman Other new motor movements include bringing his toes up to his mouth and biting them so adorable!

In terms of speech, he started saying more CV (consonant-vowel) strings such as “bababa”.  He also began saying “mmmm” if he is enjoying a food.

Roman sticks out TongueAnd yet another milestone – he’s beginning to imitate tongue movements! He does it the most with my mother and actually sticks out his tongue when he sees her because he knows that is the game she plays with him!  What a smart little man! He also tries to imitate emotions like “surprised” and “happy”. Overall, he’s a happy little kiddo and we love hearing him laugh, giggle, babble, and squeal all day!

6 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

Roman loves banaasIt was my first weekend alone with this cute little guy while daddy was away with his friends in Florida!  Roman imitated banging on the tray of his high chair this weekend.  We were in the fall spirit and made some applesauce, which he gobbled up.  Roman also loves bananas so much he tried to eat the bowl!  He was also into an apple/green beans mix.  He was not a fan of the pea puree that we introduced to him, but we will keep trying.  The rule of thumb is to keep exposing them to foods even though they may not like it at first.

Roman loves bathtime Roman enjoys sitting in the bath this week instead of laying down.

Roman with boon pulp. He is giving more high 5s too!  Green Sprouts Teethers and Sophie the Giraffe have been his teething buddies all week.  He also loves using the Boon Pulp when we put frozen fruit in it.

Roman with frozen washcloth Frozen washcloths are even a hit!

Roman in music class Roman tried a Three Little Birdies music class this week, which are awesome since they are all theme based according to a certain genre of music and singer/band.  He was able to touch and feel some new instruments and loved the puppets!

Roman lifting his head He’s getting stronger day by day – getting more independent with sitting, lifting his head up when on his back for long periods of time, and really trying to master the whole crawling thing.  I definitely have to be more aware of wires and baby proof!  He is able to sit by himself in the play area and pull any wire or string and can easily make items fall.  Uh oh!

6 Months 1 Week Milestones

”SittingHappy Halloween!  Roman is a pumpkin – his first official costume!

”Roman We even carved out a pumpkin and placed him in it at home.

”Roman And we went to the Jack-o-Lantern float in Central Park which was so awesome!

”High Roman sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time and absolutely loved it!  He was screaming out of joy – guess he felt like a big boy!   And speaking of mealtime – he tries to assist with the spoon.  Our food of the week is bananas, which he loves!

Roman now seems to be fascinated by Sesame Street and Sid the Science Kid.  He loves all sorts of music (e.g. – Pop Goes the Weasel, Wheels on the Bus) and enjoys being read too.  He is especially loving. He continues to be a very friendly kiddo and always smiles at people he knows and strangers!

His new favorite thing to do this week is banging objects onto his leg or banging the tray of the high chair. It seems like he also anticipates getting dressed and brings out his arms.  And I think he definitely understands it is his own reflection in the mirror.  You go Roman!

”RomansHe’s starting to go in circles when on his tummy. Pretty impressive!

6 Months Milestones

Roman 6 Months Can you believe a half a year has already passed already?  I can’t.  Prince Roman is 6 months!  The doctor said he is off the charts for height and he now weighs 18.8 pounds.  He got 2 vaccines this week and also his first flu shot… poor kiddo ☹  His hair is coming in which is just too cute!

Holiday Decorations. We’ve been doing lots of fun things like walking around the neighborhood and looking at the Halloween decorations.  Halloween is right around the corner!  We even went to Lincoln Center to see the Sesame Street exhibit.

Roman eating avocado In terms of gross motor skills, Roman is moving from side to side turning himself more toward an object when he is on his tummy – what a strong man!  This week’s game he has come up with is throwing objects onto the ground when sitting in his high chair.  He is getting better at reaching for objects and actually getting them.  He is also able to transfer an item from one hand to the next, which is pretty cool!  We tried avocados this week and he absolutely loved it… think it may be one of his favorite foods so far! The doctor said he can also begin eating meats now such as shredded chicken and soft beef – looks like it’s time for lumpier purees!

5 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman loves the fall. Roman is loving the fall!  He now definitely recognizes his bottle.   He starts crying and reaching for it if he is hungry.  The skill of reaching is key to learning how to request verbally.

His sleep is still definitely off – we’ve tried everything from cry it out method to staying in the room with him and just soothing him.  I do feel he is getting a bit of separation anxiety even when we go in a different room, but this comes with the learning object permanence – the fact that objects and people still exist even when we do not see them in our immediate visual field.

Roman in yogaRoman loves yoga

We went to our last yoga class this week – we’re going to miss our weekly ohm!  He even pushed up on all fours to make himself a V while there! ☺

Roman in music class. We also attended a MusiBambino class this week, which was awesome since he got to hear different instruments and even touch a French horn while it was being played!  Learning through your senses at its best!

5 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman is playing. This week I feel like baby isn’t such a baby anymore!  He sits on the couch with toys around him, grabs books and tries to flip the pages, gets a hold of toys and tries to operate them.  He’s really getting the point of cause and effect toys – if I press something, something happens!

Roman really laughing. He also laughs hysterically when he is tickled.  In terms of sounds, he is saying more distinct vowel sounds such as /e/ and we heard the consonant /w/!

Roman and his longest situp. We get a kick out of the fact that he tries to do the longest sit ups when laying down – Prince Roman is getting super strong and working those abs!

5 Months 1 Week Milestones

Roman in the country

Roman went to a farm to go apple picking for the first time (or really mommy and daddy eating apple donuts)!

Roman Turning

Roman is starting to do mini push-ups this week – one of the early signs of crawling!  He is beginning to try to turn more when he is on his tummy.  Walking with Whitney gave us tips on rolling over, sitting up, and crawling.  He loves playing with objects that are in front of him during tummy time too!  She told us to stay away from exersaucers and door jumpers.

Roman with balls

In terms of motor skills, he holds balls with no difficulty now such as a soft baseball or ones with grips and even tries to throw it!  We love the Edushape balls!

Roman in high chair

He loves sitting in his high chair now to play and read –a great break for mommy if she needs to go to the bathroom as well ☺  As for language skills, he looks for objects if they fall out of his sight.  He also screams if he wants you to pick it up and bring it to him – my little communicator!

Roman with pacifier

His pincer grasp is getting more refined… he has almost independently put his pacifier in his mouth.

Roman eating squash

We also tried mashed up squash this week, but don’t think it was a hit!  We’ll keep trying!  We have given him prune juice this week since he was constipated – poor little guy!  Luckily it is working!

5 Month Milestones

Roman turning five

At his friend Sophie’s Birthday it looked like he totally wanted pizza and his grandmother said he was looking longingly at her coffee and ice cream.  So we figured it was time to start food since the interest in food is glaringly there – we cut up and mashed up a little sweet potato and he seemed to enjoy it.

Roman drinking milk

 At first he made a disgusted face and then started laughing – probably saying “This isn’t milk…WOW this feels so different in my mouth!”.

Roman exploring food

He had no difficulty getting the food from the spoon and bringing it to the back of his mouth to swallow.  At around this month most babies are ready to eat.  You of course need good head control.  Just be sure to be patient, allow them to explore the food, and just because a baby might not like a food the first time don’t give up… keep trying!  Our pediatrician advised us to start with vegetables.  She said that children often love sweet fruits so you can introduce them a little later which makes sense!  Check out this week’s Bag of Tricks blog for food ideas!

We had a rough week of sleep – growth spurt, teething, gas… we’re not sure. Heard there is something called the 4 month sleep regression.  At this point babies are even more aware of emotions so we often talk about how we feel while in front of the mirror or by placing him in front of us – this week mommy and daddy are super tired!  All worth it though to have this cute little guy in our lives.

4 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman with Cousin

SO EXCITING – Roman met his cousin Alana who was born on the same day!  We encouraged them to do tummy time face to face and they seemed to be very interested in studying each other’s faces.  Roman absolutely loves meeting new people so he enjoyed every second of it.

He officially found his thumb this week… he sometimes brings it out at night to soothe himself.  (He also found his treasure down there & explores during bathtime!  He’s going to kill me for saying that when he’s older!).  And speaking of sleep, he has been talking himself to sleep and sleeping through the night.

Roman at Gym

We also went to Elliot’s Gym class with my mother this week – they have a free class on the Upper West Side for children younger than 6 months.  They even held him with one hand and he stood in the air – he’s got quite the balance!  They recommend seating your child at the table to get them used to the idea of food, so we did and this week he was trying to grab the food we were eating for dinner.  Think he may be ready for table food soon!

4 Months 2 Week Milestones

TAG It’s post summer vacation, but the weather has still been very nice.  In fact, we went to the neighborhood playground a couple times this week and also went to his first NYC street fair!

TAG This week our little man is consistently rolling over onto his back when he starts on his stomach. He is trying to roll to his side while sleeping, which I believe is waking him up.  Since he’s squirming around quite a lot these days, we have to make sure we have ALL hands on him, especially during diaper changing!  He tried to imitate opening his arms to his side after his dad provided a model this week.  Imitation of motor actions is the foundation for imitating speech!

TAG His new favorite song is 5 Little Monkeys! The repetitive lines in the book make it very motivating for children. When taking care of Roman my husband likes to put on the video version when he is upset and it seems to work like magic! His daddy even went as far as ordering monkey puppets!  We are attempting to do an earlier bedtime these days since he seems to be EXHAUSTED by 6 PM. Wish us luck!

4 Months 1 Week Milestones

Family at Cape May

Lots of firsts this week!  Our little guy took his first ever vacation to Cape May for some beach time and then to Buffalo on some more adventures.

Roman Sleeping

Lots of time in the car, but he was quite the trooper – slept 90% of the time!  He even went to a zoo for the first time and his first movie – a drive-in!  He slept through most of the tours we did with him – Niagara Falls, boat ride in a cave on the Erie Canal, Frank Lloyd Wright house, etc.  Such a sweet baby!.

Roman Screaming

He is definitely screaming with a purpose this week – either for attention, if he is mad, or if a toy that he wanted fell down.  He is now easily distracted.  We noticed him screaming if someone interrupts his breastfeeding by talking to me – how funny!  “Hey don’t you see I’m trying to eat here” is what he would say if he could!.

Roman and Family in Cape May

It seems like he is starting to reach toward mommy and daddy when others are holding him this week.  He tried to imitate waving by lifting his hand twice!  He also tried to get a toy and bottle that fell next to him a few times.  He is even beginning to hold his feet and whenever you give him paper he rips it!  He continues to laugh like no other.  Roman especially loves playing vocal turn taking games or having “conversations” with everyone, especially his uncle.  This is the basis for an adult conversation – so exciting to see it all develop and come to life!

4 Month Milestones

Roman turns 4 months old

Happy 4 months baby boy!  At his check-up he weighed 16 pounds 12 ounces and is 27 ½ inches tall! His head circumference is 16 ¾ inches.

Roman playing with his firefly toy

He certainly has a strong preference for certain toys and items – his firefly, monkey blankie, oball, etc.  He started kicking his ball when you place it near his feet.

Roman doing a pushup

When on his tummy, he attempts to do mini push-ups. He tried to propel himself forward the other day too!

Roman loves standing

And when you pull him up by his arms to stand now, he does so with no difficulty. He loves standing bearing weight on his legs and pushes down with his feet while we bounce him on our lap, the floor, or on the ball.

In terms of vision, it seems like he can definitely focus on smaller items like a string or thread.  He also loves gazing at all the tall buildings you can see from our window that are at a distance.  As for fine motor skills, he continues to try to pick up a variety of items, mouth them, and is practicing letting them go.  The more textures you allow them to explore the better!

And he is definitely more vocal this week – screaming has begun!  He is thankfully sleeping more this past week (8:30/9 to 6:30/7) with no feeding in the middle of the night.  And we seemed to have created a TV fanatic.  He watched his first episode of Curious George!  I had sworn I would never put on the television for my baby, but things definitely change when they arrive! ☺

3 Months 3 Week Milestones

Roman Standing

Prince Roman is so super silly this week!  He likes putting his hands on other people’s faces and in their mouth.  We use it as an opportunity to label body parts and talk about what they do.  For example. “Roman those are my eyes.  I SEE Roman with my eyes”.

Roman with OBall

He is beginning to hold certain items with no difficulty such as his Oball that has circular whole making it easier to hold.

Roman Teething Giraffe

We unfortunately went through the classic 4 month sleep regression – he is waking up every 2 to 3 hours in the night.  I’m wondering if he is teething too since he keeps putting his whole hand in his mouth.  But good news is tummy time is officially more enjoyable and he smiles when doing it!  We put the TV on in front of him to encourage him to do it for a long stretch of time. He also enjoys being put in a standing position and exploring his world at a new height!  Stop growing so fast Romie!

3 Months 2 Week Milestones

Roman with Mom

Prince Roman is starting to roll over to his side independently when he is in bed!  And guess what??  When you put him on his tummy for tummy time he now rolls over onto his back if it is on a hard surface with minimal frustration.  And OT friends – we’re so impressed with his fine motor skills – we saw him pick up his pacifier that fell one time.  But he is now unfortunately grabbing mommy’s hair and pulling it – ouch!


His distance vision is also excellent at this point.  If he is on the other side of the living room and someone enters from the door he recognizes them right away and smiles.  And PT friends – he definitely prefers being upright now… my mini little adult!  He has toppled over though, so we have to keep a close eye on him!  We’ll keep on working tripod sitting.

Blowing Bubbles

As for sound production, he’s such a fun-loving kiddo and always giggling!  We heard him produce the /m/ sound – maybe “mama” will be his first word?  Wishful thinking!  He continues to make /b/ sounds too and bubbles come sputtering out.

Playing with mobile

Roman also attends to toys more independently and continues to self-entertain.  He will swat, pull, push, hold, mouth, or shake it to explore and see what it can do.  We think that it’s very important to give him his “me” time.  He’s probably happy to get a break from all the daily kisses we give him!  And since we document everything that happens I think he definitely understands it’s time for pictures when we bring out the camera or our phone.  He automatically looks and smiles – so cute!  Next step for the SLP mom… get him to say cheese ☺

3 Months 1 Week Milestones

Guess what cool sound we heard this week?  Brrr!  And bubbles come out of his mouth as he does it – love how he is exploring to see what his lips, tongue, and vocal folds can do!  We’ve also heard /b/ in isolation as well.  We repeat it right back to him to encourage more frequent production of all these cool new sounds!


We also went to the Koons exhibit at the Whitney this week with his Auntie Olga. So much fun!


His eye-hand coordination is ever improving!  Since he now brings his hands to his face he often knocks away his pacifier.  He sometimes tries to hold his pacifier in place if it is falling out and he will grab my hand with his fists to bring the pacifier closer to his mouth.


He is also mouthing a greater variety of objects (eg – his monkey blanket).  As for gross motor skills, he’s really working those abs this week!  He keeps bringing his legs up so that he basically makes an “L” with his body and he is constantly bicycling his legs.


We are also ecstatic that he can withstand tummy time for a longer period of time!  We find that putting mirror or noisemaker in front of him is ultra helpful!  And he is now trying to lift his head up when he is on his back… quite the sit-up workout ☺ I sense that someone is going to roll over soon!

12th Week Milestones

3 months old

You’re 3 months old Prince Roman!  He got his second set of shots this week.  He now weighs over 14 pounds!

Tummy time with mirror

We keep doing tummy time in the mirror, so he can work on supporting his upper body with his arms. He officially laughed while looking in the mirror with his grandmothers.

Date night

Mommy and daddy had a date night at one of their friends wedding, so the grandmothers were on duty!  That was probably the longest time we have spent away from him, which meant that he had more bottles than he usually does.  The next day he actually experienced some nipple confusion and preferred bottles rather than breastfeeding.  He then got the hang of breastfeeding again the next day… thank goodness!  I was afraid there for a second thinking I would have to pump and feed each time, which is double the work to me! Roman can be quite restless!  He absolutely loves being outside – especially in Central Park!

Bicycling his legs

He continues to be very energetic during the day constantly bicycling his legs.  He can even bring his legs all the way up while lying on his back!  Expressively, he shows excitement by kicking his legs, swinging or tightening up his arms, and smiling.


He is also learning to self-entertain – he could honestly watch his fingers for 30 minutes at a time).  The activity gym is also one of his favorites.  He can even grab onto the toys hanging from above.

Learning to use fingers

He LOVES sucking on his fingers now and tries to put his whole fist in his mouth.   And I’m very happy to say we are getting on a more consistent schedule.  We didn’t use any of those sleep books or anything – just kind of naturally happened. Bath time is now around 8 and he is asleep by 9 or so… wakes up around 6:30 and sometimes needs one feeding at night.  He now burps like a man too without any assistance usually!

11th Week Milestones

Milestone alert!  Roman can now hold a rattle, shake it, and even mouths it!

He is definitely recognizing his own name as well as his grandparents and uncle more consistently.  This week he totally recognized his new favorite song Wheels on the Bus – when the yoga teacher began singing it he smiled the biggest smile!

He can now imitate tongue clicking and follows objects when you bring them above his head by looking up.  Roman continues to loves to suck on his fingers all day and tries to put his whole hand in his mouth.

His kicks are currently so strong that he can push the ottoman and even the coconut oil off the changing station. He now definitely prefers to sit up on the couch or bed so that he can look around everywhere. He holds his head steady for longer periods while sitting.

He’s also been into listening to books and looking at pictures while we read to him – he even tried turning the pages this week!  Mommy’s little man is growing up!

We also tried East Side West Side Music Together class for the first time & absolutely loved it!  What a fun and informative instructor!

And we went to our friend Ellie’s 2nd birthday party, which was a blast!   It was a cowboy theme – yeeeeehawwww!

10th Week Milestones


Roman is officially in his big boy stroller – this kiddo is too tall to fit in his bassinet!  This week he has exhibited longer sustained turn-taking with his sounds and even giggles!  He consistently imitates “oo”, “aa” & “agoo”.


Giggling and Smiles

I find that he is also expressing more emotion (eg – whimpering or sustained aaaa to protest).  My husband and I often call him the “show baby” since he now smiles at every unfamiliar and new person!

Museum of Art

And before I forget to mention it we hit another milestone (non-speech related) – Roman went to a museum for the first time!  He saw the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with his grandma and I.

Smiles and Giggles Prince Roman Blog 10th Week Milestones

In terms of motor development, he is bringing his hands to his mouth to suck on his fingers (no thumb yet!).  I figured this out one afternoon when he was in his crib and I heard a continuous sucking sound.

His head is more stable this week and I can now hold him upright on the side of my hip.  I love this because he is high up and it gives him a fresh new perspective! He’s also exhibiting the skills of shared attention where he is starting to look where we are looking.  His favorite place in the apartment is the kitchen – he keeps looking from left to right and becomes very curious.  My real life Curious George! ☺

9th Week Milestones

Yay for Roman’s first music class this week at Sprout San Francisco with Making Melodies NYC.  It is a Kindermusik program that is language based – perfect for an SLP mommy!  They began with an intro song where everyone imitated each other’s actions (with physical prompting as needed of course).  We then danced around a circle at different speeds and beats, said hi to other kiddos in the class, explored shakers by shaking them and having them feel the different textures on their bodies, listened to a story, watched bubbles being blown, and sang a goodbye song.  Roman’s friend Stella who is a few months older also joined!  I will admit Roman was more of a spectator than a participant, but he was definitely into it!  Once his nap time is more set in stone I will sign him up for weekly classes.

Prince Roman Blog 9th Week Milestones Roman’s nerve cells in his brain are definitely maturing!  Around this time, infants gain more control over their body.  This week he actually imitated a kiss by putting his lips together – what a flirt!  Imitation of motor actions is the foundation of imitating sounds and words!  He is definitely making more squealing and growling noises – vocal play check!  He is giving us sustained eye contact now, which means he’s really taking it all in and studying all the cool motions of our face.  It seems like he is also starting to recognize familiar people and objects from a distance.  Grandparents often get a huge smile when he first lays eyes on them!

And his favorite activity still seems to be stretching his fingers wide and staring at them in wonderment.  I could eat those little fingers! ☺

8th Week Milestones

Happy 2 months, Prince Roman!

The family spent most of the week watching the 2014 World Cup that is taking place in Brazil.

He also went for his 8-week checkup!  The doctor said he now weighs 12 pounds, 14 ounces – my little big man!  We decided to spread out the shots, so he only received two this time.  Therefore, we will go in every month instead of once every two months.  He does seem to be getting more gassy now, especially toward the end of the night, but the doctor did not seem worried.  He communicates this by crying – breaks my heart!  The doctor also attempted to lift him by using his arms only, but he was definitely not in the mood.  She said to give him extra massages in his shoulder area to get him to be less stiff.

Our little man is starting to swat at objects this week, so he is definitely gaining more strength and coordination in his arms!

We went to a “Walking with Whitney class” at Sprout San Francisco that is run by a physical therapist.  She gave us tons of great advice!  She noted that Roman definitely still favors the left side of his head, so she said to make sure we always keep him in midline to avoid flat spots.

She recommended rolling up swaddles (our favorite is Aiden + Anais,) or even getting a SnugginGo, which has been extremely helpful in providing total body and head support.  It avoids your baby bending their neck all the way to one side when in the stroller or car seat and allows them to have better alignment.

A total game changer was also the Tortle Cap, which we now swear by!  It is a repositioning hat with a slight weight on one side so that your child begins to turn their head in the opposite direction to avoid flatness.  Another piece of advice she gave to improve their vestibular system is to hold them using a variety of holds – airplane, football, etc. Pictures of various holds to come another week…

Thank you for all your help Whitney!


7th Week Milestones

Happy Father’s Day to my handsome husband! Roman is the luckiest boy in the world!  And also Happy 60th Anniversary to his grandparents.

Prince Roman went to his first real deal restaurant to celebrate!  We took up lots of room with the stroller, but I don’t think anyone minded since he’s still quite a sleepy baby.

He’s alert one moment and then falls asleep at the drop of a hat!  For any new parents – now is the time to take your kids out to eat! ☺

This week he is beginning to smile spontaneously to express happiness.  And many times when he smiles he does so with his shoulders, almost like he is being shy, which is just the sweetest thing ever!

Roman continues to be mesmerized by his fingers and stares at them by putting them in front of his face.  He can now follow down with his eyes too and has no difficulty focusing on objects moving across his field of vision.  He’s trying to straighten out his legs more often this week and is still kicking up a storm.

Keep up the great cooing and vocalizing buddy!!  I find it crazy how every week you build upon previous skills and do so many new things… You rock Roman!


6th Week Milestones

Can’t believe Prince Roman is already 6 weeks old!

To celebrate he had his first trip to a farm and we picked yummy strawberries.  We also went for a walk to one of my favorite spots by my parents – the D & R canal trails.  I think it’s great to expose children – whatever age they are – to new experiences, sights, smells, and sounds!

Roman definitely gets an A+ for head control this week – he is holding his head steady for an even longer period of time during tummy time now.  When lying on his back, he opens his hands and spreads out his fingers.  He is also beginning to straighten out his legs.  And speaking of legs, his kicks are strengthening!  A future karate star?

One big milestone I see is that he is starting to recognize us – mommy and daddy!  He is even starting to smile in response to our smiles, which is simply amazing!

Now that bath time is part of our regular routine, it is getting easier and he seems to really enjoy that part of the day.  We continue to massage him right after the bath and he LOVES it!

And speaking of water, he went to a pool for the first time this week!  We dipped his toes in and let’s just say he didn’t like it very much!  We are still hopeful that he’ll be an Olympian swimmer one day with those big feet of his!


5th Week Milestones

Lots of firsts this week!  This mommy is already back to work.  My husband and I are beyond grateful to our parents for helping out with childcare.   I spend most of the morning and early afternoon with Roman and he seems to be adapting to the transition just fine.   He’s even taking breast-milk from the bottle with no difficulty – yay!


Roman also went to his first birthday party – his cousin Lucy’s first birthday!  He of course slept through the whole thing!

It was also his first time at Baby & Me yoga.  The class started with yoga for the adults and many of the positions promoted social interaction with your child.  Towards the end it was time to stretch baby and sing some songs!  It started with a basic massage, tapping their feet together, bring their toes to their nose, bringing their knees to their lap, clapping their hands together, and pulling them from their arms to practice standing up.  One of my favorite moves was taking their opposite hand and foot and having them touch over midline – great opportunity for brain stimulation!  It helps build pathways in the brain.  The yogi version of This Little Piggy was super cute too!  The piggy ate tofu ☺

He’s also been going into some adorable positions when sleeping. Somehow he starts off vertical in the crib and then somehow makes himself go sideways! So afraid he’s going to get little footsies stuck in the crib!

He’s even rolling some of his body off to the side while sleeping.

I have a feeling he’s just getting stronger overall and even picking his head up for a longer period of time when he is on his tummy.

And we gave in to the pacifier and swing this week – not sure it was the right move, but it was definitely soothing for him!

I made myself feel better about the pacifier by choosing one created by orthodontists, but even then I had to promise to myself to take the pacifier out before his teeth start coming in to avoid any articulation issues.  I know – such an SLP mom!

Love you little bear Roman.


4th Week Milestones

Massages aren’t only for adults!  This week we had an infant massage specialist come to the apartment to teach us techniques that help improve baby’s digestion and circulation.  Prince Roman loved it, but started to get hungry toward the middle & we became more of a spectator. So excited to try the techniques this coming week! I plan to massage him after his bath so that we can start to build a routine.

Our little man is also starting to bring his hands in toward his face and unclenching his fists.  Looks like he’s becoming more aware that he has arms and hands!  He is even starting to kick when he is on his back and tummy – pretty hard too!  We hear more gurgling noises as well as cooing.  And he reached another milestone – he’s starting to turn his head to familiar voices and sounds!

And of course this week marked 1 month!  Happy Birthday Roman!!!!  We took him to the pediatrician.  He is now 10 pounds 3.5 ounces and is 22 inches tall.  Turns out he falls into the 75th percentile – I knew he was feeling heavier!

The doctor said he is doing a great job lifting his head for a few seconds when lying on his belly.  It’s apparently a 2 month milestone – you go Baby Roman!


3rd Week Milestones

Happy Birthday to Prince Roman’s daddy – his first birthday as a father!!  We got to celebrate with my husband’s favorite – ice cream cake and Pio Pio (THE BEST Peruvian chicken and green sauce on the face of this Earth!).

Our little bear cub is definitely getting much stronger like his daddy!  He’s even starting to push off with his legs during tummy time.  He’s also beginning to turn his head from side to side when he is flat on his back.  I see a future swimmer on the horizon… And speaking of swimming, Roman took his first official bath in the bathtub, but wasn’t the biggest fan.  Hopefully that won’t affect his swimming career!

His eye contact has definitely improved this week as well.  He’s gradually beginning to look more into my eyes rather than my hairline or other high contrast patterns behind me.  Another milestone that he achieved was visually tracking moving objects from left to right.  His grandmother was wiggling 4 fingers close to his face and he started to follow them in each direction – how cool is that!  And don’t worry if your baby’s eyes cross at this age since their eye muscles are still developing.


And as for speech milestones, we’ve seen him make some raspberries and constantly hear throaty gurgling sounds!  Yay for the beginnings of speech!  He’s also starting to pucker his lips, which of course in this mommy’s eyes is the cutest thing in the world!!


This week we also celebrated Mother’s Day – what an amazing feeling it is to be a mommy and grandma!  Everyone came to our apartment for a potluck style brunch and then we took a walk with the whole family in Central Park.  It’s only been 3 weeks, but we couldn’t even imagine life without our little Roman – you make me us so happy… every day feels like Mother’s Day with you!  We can’t believe how much you change every week and hope to capture every milestone through this blog!


2nd Week Milestones

I think I’m gradually getting into the groove of this whole motherhood thing!  However, this feeding on demand stuff is certainly something to get used to.  Roman can eat up to 12 times some days!  And poor thing has breastfeeding blisters on his lips.  I am feeling like an all you can eat buffet at times, but every time I look at his face it’s all worth it…

He’s still sleeping quite a bit but also goes through longer quiet alert stages where he is up yet still, and active alert phases where he is up and making jerky movements.  I use the times he is awake to have him hear our voices and study our faces & environment while we talk to him, present him with a variety of toys and play different types of music.


It’s also never too early to read, especially books with bright pictures.  But I’m careful not to overstimulate him!  By the end of the second week, he also began opening his hands and bringing them near his face.  He even started making minimal eye contact!

He’s started to open his eyes for a longer period of time so much so that on Day 10 his newborn photo shoot took forever.  NOTE TO OTHER NEW PARENTS:  Schedule the newborn photo shoot for the first week otherwise it will take two plus hours like ours did.  Luckily we had the most amazing photographer who was so patient and a baby whisperer.  We totally owe her a blanket since Roman may have pooped on the beautiful gray one she brought.  But at least we got a couple smiles in some of the pictures – the beginnings of smiles are so sweet!

I’m also starting to understand the differences between cries.  It seems if he wants attention it is a softer cry almost like a whimper.  He somehow doesn’t seem to mind having a dirty diaper and never voices his discomfort.  We go by the smell and feel test for that one.  I definitely know the hunger one is the LOUDEST and most sustained cry.  When he wakes he is often immediately hungry, but also has a full diaper.  I find that when I come into his room and go to his crib he almost makes a sound of relief like “ahhh” once he hears my voice and is picked up.  Recognizing voices – check!  But then when he is placed on the changing table it is when I realize he is extremely hungry because throughout the whole diaper change he cries hysterically.  As soon as he is picked up and turned horizontally to get ready to breastfeed he stops automatically – he understands food is near!  Even as early as 2 weeks, it’s interesting to see how well babies respond to a regular routine.  We make sure to open the shades in the morning around 9 and sing the “Good morning” song, make lots of noise and take walks during the day, and make it peaceful and dark before he goes to sleep in the evening around 9.  The later “bedtime” has even allowed us to venture out to some restaurants with him for dinner, which has been nice.  I put bedtime in quotes since he is of course still getting up every 2-3 hours to eat!

 And speaking of eating, you would think with the way he eats he’d fit into his 0-3 month clothing, but he’s still swimming in it.  Such a tiny little man!  In fact, a lot of our visiting family and friends are afraid to hold him since his head is still so soft and he needs a lot of neck support.  My husband is gradually becoming more comfortable with diapers and putting his clothes on – what a super dad!  At his doctor’s appointment we were happy to find out he now surpassed his birthweight – 7 pounds, 13 ounces!  His umbilical cord also fell off when we were there.  The doctor pointed out that the right side of his head is slightly flat.  We have to switch it to the unpreferred side as often as we can when he is laying or sleeping.  I was researching and it turns out flat heads have become more common ever since it was recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that infants sleep on their backs and not their tummies due to safety issues like SIDS in 1992.  The doctor gave us some homework – tummy time!

All in all, we just love holding, hugging, kissing, and massaging this little man!  And speaking of massage, we are getting someone to come to the apartment to teach us specific techniques in a couple weeks – Stay tuned!


1st Week Milestones

 So here it goes… my first attempt to write a blog!  And I couldn’t imagine a better topic to write about – my little bear cub Roman.  I say bear cub because my husband and I call each other “Bear” (not sure how that name came about), so it’s only natural that he’s our bear cub.  He decided to arrive into the world a week earlier on April 25, 2014 and was born the same day as his cousin – what are the chances!  He weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and was 21 ¾ inches tall.  I’ll never forget the moment when he was placed on my chest… skin to skin contact – something so many books encourage & simply one of the most beautiful feelings in the world!  Although I was still in quite a bit of pain (not sure how people say the pain automatically goes away when you see your baby!), all I could do was smile while he lay on me grasping my thumb with his tiny hand as if he was going to hold on forever.  Poor thing was crying so loudly – probably saying, “Why on Earth did I have to leave such a comfortable place?”   It may sound cliché, but it is a miracle.

The first couple days of parenthood were definitely a shock in terms of lack of sleep.  The first night the nurses brought him into the nursery so I could get some rest and brought him to me every 2 hours when he was hungry, but the second night they told me if I wanted to breastfeed it was best if he stayed in the room with me.  Our little man wanted to eat every hour and sometimes even less than every hour.  Boy was my boy hungry!  It turns out babies have a growth spurt during this time, which makes them EXTRA hungry!  (I must have missed this chapter in the two baby books I read.)  I was exhausted and I barely knew what time of day it was!  But after a few days of feeding, burping, and changing him (with the occasional visits from family & friends), your body adapts and life all of a sudden has a different meaning – you realize you’re holding the most precious teeny tiny baby in your arms – the next generation.

 And of course my SLP brain started to kick in!  Before Roman, I had administered speech language evaluations such as the PLS-5 & Rossetti Infant Toddler Language Scale numerous times, and now the milestones were coming to life one by one!  I was talking to him non-stop during the few minutes he was alert and even when he was fast asleep.  Within the first hour of his life, my doula encouraged me to introduce breastfeeding to him.  Here is where I saw natural instincts at its best.  Without even being taught, he was searching for the milk by rooting.  Sometimes (selfishly) I would even bring him to my cheek and pretend he was kissing me, but he was of course just a hungry growing boy.  Right off the bat he automatically made sucking motions when I gave him my finger, which seemed to be very soothing to him.  And I couldn’t believe he was communicating so well by crying.  Let’s just say – someone definitely doesn’t like diaper changes!

The next step was the Newborn Screening.  Doctors were telling me the results.  The tables were definitely turned… this was something I had only asked parents of children I was evaluating.  And now someone was telling me about my son!  As an aside, did you know that in 1965 they tested for 1 disorder and today they test for more than 40??  The doctors said he passed the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening with flying colors.  And then the next day it was time for the circumcision, which was definitely more difficult for us than him!

 We went to our first doctor’s appointment a day after we left the hospital on April 28th.  My mother joined me and I must add grandmas are definitely the cutest…the love & happiness they feel with their first grandchild is like no other.  It deserves a whole blog in itself!  She literally snapped a photo of every step I took while pushing the stroller in the streets of NYC.  A walk that should have taken 10 minutes took 30 and we were of course late to our first doctor’s appointment.  But I now realize that being on time for anything is a thing of the past!  He ended up weighing in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces.  Unbeknownst to me, newborns lose a few ounces of weight in their first few days of life and are supposed to be at their birth weight again after 2 weeks.  While there, I was so proud Roman was putting one foot in front of the other when the doctor was holding him upright.  Turned out it was another reflex!  And then he had to get the dreaded prick of the heel to get his bilirubin levels tested again, which he obviously was not a fan of!

The first week passed by in a flash while we ooo’ed and aaah’ed over his “first” sneeze and hiccup.  He will definitely be overwhelmed by the amount of pictures and videos when he is older (keeping up with the photo albums is a full-time job by the way!). Times have definitely changed with all this new technology that I barely know what to do with, but by the time Roman is reading this, it won’t even be so “new” anymore.  My husband and I joke saying that when he is a teenager they’ll have things called “face computers”.  We already have some great material that we can use to embarrass him in front of his future girlfriends ☺.  In any case, I hope our little bear cub Roman doesn’t think he has a crazy SLP mom!  I’m so excited to be on this journey of mother & son with him.  I am also thrilled to share his milestones as well as what I’ve learned being a first time parent with you!


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