19 Months 1 Week – Making Reading Interactive

Roman loves reading Reading time! It’s a time where we all chill, get cozy, and grab one of your favorite tales! Yes, it’s true some children, even at this age, do not like to sit for long periods of time. But we have found that if you find a book that really motivates a child, you can get them to sit for at least a few minutes. For instance, in our household it’s mainly dinosaurs or anything related to animals for that matter!

When children get hooked on a book, they love when you read it to them over and over. Repetition like we’ve talked about before is key! At this age they may even request “read”, “book”, or “read book”. Some may even be able to tell you what book they want.  

Once they become familiar with a book you can begin to make it a very interactive experience!  You can start by modeling language that is not in the book. For instance, draw attention to other items you see that the story does not mention – “Oh look I see a kite in the sky!”. You can also ask simple “what” questions such as “What is that?” or “Who is that?”, especially if you know it’s a word that they know so that they can be intrinsically rewarded when they answer.  

As your child gains more language you can ask more complex questions such as “How is the weather?”, “Where are they going?”, “Why is he sad?”, etc. When they get older, you can have them predict what comes next, recall what happened in the story, or ask them to tell you about their favorite part of the story. Remember – keeping questions open-ended will get the most language out of your children!


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