18 Month 3 Weeks – Normal Phonological Processes for Children 1 ½ Years Old

Roman walking through a park We come across many parents that are not worried about the amount of words their child has, but about how they produce the words.  In most cases – especially this early on – it is nothing to worry about. For example, our son produces “awdi” for “horsie” – his favorite animal.  This is a natural occurrence and is simplification of hard sounds – very clever actually!  It is called phonological processes.  We wanted to let you know what is normal for this age and what to expect.  They normally disappear by the age of 3-5 depending on the phonological process.  Here it is below:

Stopping – bus → bud

Weak Syllable deletion – banana → nana

Fronting – cup → tup

Devoicing – bed → bet

Final consonant deletion – boat → boa

Cluster reduction – star → tar

Gliding – rope → wope


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