18 Months 2 Weeks – First Toddler Phrases

Roaman pointing up. At this point your child is trying to imitate sounds and words.  They may even be saying quite a few words on their own.  Some may also be trying out phrases they’ve been hearing you say the past 18 months.  It is a fact that every child is different, but one piece of advice is to keep your language consistent to make it easy for your child to understand, store in their memory, and someday use on their own.  Here are some phrases that we often hear toddlers say early on and ones you might want to emphasize on a daily basis.                                                                                                                                                                                              

–  Hi/Bye Bye + person/item

–  All done

– Clean up

– More + item

– No + item

– I want + item

– Person + up/down

– Come + person

– Turn on/off

– Help me

– Put in/on

– Take off

– Out + person

– Open/close door

– Here you go

– Turn the page

– Wait + person

– Where + person/item?

– What is it?

– Why + person?


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