17 Months – Encouraging a Sense of Humor

"TAG”Do you have a jokester on your hands?  Kids at this age tend to really start testing their limits and boundaries.  While they are doing so they develop quite a sense of humor on their own.  And there are many ways to encourage a healthy sense of humor as well!

We find a lot of “Uh oh” situations tend to lead to lots of smiles and laughs! You can do super silly things like put a ball on your head, pretend to sneeze, and make it fall down.  Try even making silly faces, making your hair all messy, doing silly dance moves, and more.  They will try to copy all of your models and be the funniest kid on the block.

Even at this age, playing peek-a-boo and hide and seek is a fun activity especially when it involves loud noises and funny movements.  My son tends to love seeing things that do not belong with each other.  For example, he loves putting his gigantic train on his train table with the rest of the small trains.  Or he pretends to sit in a very tiny chair that he knows he will not fit on.  You can even do the same with puzzles or shape sorters (e.g. – making the fish puzzle piece go where the cat is supposed to go).  There are so many possibilities!  Just keep laughing and having fun!


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