16 Months 1 Week – Increase Complexity in Commands

Roman sitting. By now your child is probably following lots of basic 1-step commands such as “give me”, “sit down”, “come here”, so you can begin making it more difficult for them while keeping it fun at the same time.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Roman picking up toys. Use books such as “First 100 Words” where there are multiple items on one page and ask them to “Point to the duck” out of a field of 8 for example. You can even put out an array of toy items… let’s say animals. Tell them to “Pick up the cat and give it me”. These are great basic 2-step commands to work on and you can use gestures (e.g. – open hand cue) as necessary. Try giving them more vague commands such as “Let’s take a bath” without using any gestures. Keep the wording the same and your schedule consistent. If you use the same vocabulary your child is going to recognize the phrase and is more apt to listen.  

And of course remember to praise them for what they exactly did. Instead of just saying “Good job” you can say “Good giving the bear to mommy” or “Great throwing the garbage into the trash”. It’s also great to generalize the directions. If your child is cleaning up in class independently when they see the teacher bring out the empty bin, try doing the same thing at home!


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