15 Months – Using Sharing To Encourage Language

Roman sharing ice cream. Our children do not know how to empathize yet, but a great way to introduce empathy early on is to practice “sharing”.  Not every toy or food in the world has to be shared, but if it is an item they can part with why not teach them a positive lesson.  Some children even do it independently to initiate social interaction.  In any case, it should not be forced.  

And speaking of social interaction, it is a great way to introduce language.  You can target words such as “here” or even phrases such as “my turn”, “your turn”, “here you go”, “try it” when giving an item.

You can delve deeper into actions words such as “read” when handing over a book, “eat” when sharing a book, “play” when presenting a toy, etc.  Throughout these lessons, they also learn that sharing items make others happy.  Lots of positive things come from teaching SHARING!!  


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