CONSONANTS: The Articulation and Phonetics Handbook for Speech Therapy


Interactive iBook on iTunes:

Our Consonants book is ideal for all ages – babies just learning how to imitate sounds, children working on their articulation, individuals diagnosed with apraxia of speech, early readers, college and graduate students learning about phonetics, and adults using it for accent reduction. We created this book because there was nothing like it out there for speech therapy! We have even had success with it while using it with our children and teenagers with autism – it is an excellent way to provide stimulation for nonverbal and limited verbal children. Within each chapter, each sound is explained in a clear and concise manner. This book will tell you how the sound is produced (place, manner, and voicing). The age of acquisition is included so readers are aware of the age each sound should be mastered. Every chapter includes audio and visual cues for each sound as well as corresponding words. We even end with some babbling examples to get babies imitating and talking!


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