8 Months – Baby Lead Weaning (BLW)

Roman eight months old.We always find that BLW is a hot topic these days!  Simply put, parents that choose this method skip purees and go straight to foods that the child can pick up and feed himself (feel free to even offer a spoon for things such as cereal).  It is recommended to start this method around 6 months – and watch out it gets quite messy!  The theory behind it is, children are in charge of feeding themselves, so they can initiate eating when they are hungry and stop when they are full, which in the future may help reduce the chance of obesity.  I personally have done a mix of purees and baby lead weaning – we essentially have Roman eat what we eat!

Tray with food optionsYou present the child with a variety of items and have them explore and self-feed by picking it up with their hands.  And just like feeding therapy at first your child might observe the food, then touch it, then bring it close to their mouth, then touch it with their tongue tip, and then ultimately eat it!  Eating is instinctual and you’re allowing them to figure out how to handle the foods, maneuver it in their mouth, and determine how much to take in safely all on their own.  And don’t be scared – gagging is common since it is a reflex to avoid choking!   Also, keep an eye out for pocketing of food.  All in all, BLW is a great approach and teaches your children how to be an independent and safe eater!

These are some foods we recommend you start with:

Avocado slices

Banana Slices

Peach slices

Pear slices

Cooked pasta/rice

Cooked meat/fish

Cheese sticks

Bread (in squares)


Hard-boiled egg (chopped)



Kiwi Sugar

Snap Peas

Carrot Sticks

Celery Sticks

Cucumber Slices

Sweet Potato Fries

Happy eating & exploring! ☺


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