What better way to encourage language from your children than using our Baby Actions book created by speech pathologists!  This book is perfect for ages 0 months and up… it’s never too early to expose them to language learning! Series 2 has pictures and videos of actions such as reading, tickling, and washing. The chapters are in alphabetical order to make it easier for you and your children.  On the left-hand side you will find a video of the action word so that your child can see it come to life. Just tap the play button and you’re all set!  You can also make the video bigger so that it takes up the whole screen.  This video modeling component encourages children to imitate the action they see.  On the right-hand side is an actual picture of the action word.  Since many children are visual and auditory learners, we would often spend hours searching the Internet for the perfect images and videos depicting the vocabulary we were targeting in our speech therapy sessions. Since it was so time-consuming, we decided to make it easier for families and therapists by creating this all-in-one book.  It’s not only fun, but also educational!

Found here….


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