5 Months 3 Weeks – Object Permanence 

Object Permanence  You may have heard of the term, but “object permanence” is just a fancy phrase for your baby is realizing that objects and people still exist even if he or she cannot see them.  It is a huge step in terms of cognitive development and it is something your child may understand already.  With this skill also comes some separation anxiety!  A month ago Roman barely cared if I left him with a grandparent or babysitter, but now that he understands that oh wait mommy left and is going to come back it’s a whole different story!  Here are some ways you can promote object permanence in your home…

Roman at meal timeMealtime – When at the high chair or a table it’s a perfect opportunity to target object permanence.  Food is of course very motivating, so what better item to hide!  We have stacking cups that we enjoy using. You just flip them over to hide berries, Puffs, or anything teeny tiny.  Set up a few snacks or items on the day’s menu in front of your child, put the cup over it, and ask them “Where did it go?”.  Surprise them by lifting up the cup!

"RomanPlaytime – There’s tons of learning that can take place during play!  One of our favorite and most basic activities is Peek-A-Boo – one second daddy disappeared and one second daddy is there!  Pair it with language like “Where did Daddy go?”.  We also do the trick where we hide under his crib where he can’t see us and then pop our head up.  These activities also teach anticipation.  Some other faves include Jack-in-the-Box type toys as well as hiding yourself or toys under blankets, scarves, etc.                                                                        


Roman at storytimeStorytime –  To teach this skill flap books are best!  You do have to be careful that your child doesn’t rip them, but it’s a perfect opportunity to show them something exists even when they cannot see it.  We love our Bubble Guppies book and anything with transportation!  Once again try to pair it with language such as “What’s behind the door?”, “Open the flap”, and so on!   Happy Learning! ☺


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