5 Months 1 Week – On the Move!

Roman at a Whitney class.As mentioned in our milestones blog “Babbling to Talking” this week, Roman attended another one of Walking with Whitney’s classes.  This time it was for 4-6 month olds to get tips on how to get them to perfect tummy time, roll over, sit up, and learn how to crawl.  Our babies are learning how to get moving soon on their own, but why not give them the appropriate tools to learn how!

Roman push up.

Tummy Time – At this point you should expect your child to show some advanced tummy time skills! He or she may be showing off some mini push-ups bringing their neck up way high by bending and straightening their arms.  What works for us is dangling an object up high in front of him.  If you want to take it easy at first use  something like a Boppy pillow by putting his arms on top, hands touching the ground to encourage the use of their biceps and pectorals!  It can be their daily little workout ☺ Remember physical therapists recommend 90 minutes of tummy time scattered throughout the day at this point in a baby’s life!

Roman rolling over.

Rolling Over – If your kiddo is not rolling over yet do not worry! Every child truly develops at their own pace, so here are some tips to help your child along.  When promoting rolling over, show them that they should straighten out one of their arms and lean over to that side to ease them into the roll.  This makes it a less scary experience!

Roman crawling

Crawling – Did you know that children do not crawl forward first?  They actually start going to the side instead.  We were told to dangle a toy in front of him and bring it to his side making a semi circle.  This in turn encourages him to turn to the side.  If your child does not turn independently, hold them from the side of their pelvis to do weight bearing movements to reach the item.  Although you are helping them out, they are still using their upper body strength, which is key.  This will lead to army crawling.  Propelling forward comes later!

Roman sitting.

Sitting – Feel free to put your child in a tripod sitting position, basically making a diamond with their legs and placing their hands forward in front of their legs.  We naturally want to hold them from the sides, but it is actually best to push down on their thighs to allow them to feel grounded.  The whole point is for them to be able to push up and get a stronger upper body!  Work those abs!  Once again you can use the Boppy pillow – this time behind them as support to make it less stressful.  Roman definitely seems fearful of falling backwards, so it’s definitely our go to support system.  If he ever does start to tip back by the way, we keep a smile on our face and positive attitude to show him not to be scared and that falls do happen!

And now – time to baby proof the house!  ☺  We have to get on that!


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