4 Months 2 Weeks – Books with Repetitive Lines 

Roman readingReady, Set, Read!  As you know it is best to start reading to your children as early on as possible.  Many people even start reading to their kiddos while they’re still in the womb.  For our early language learners, we often recommend parents read books with repetitive lines.  This is because it gives children the opportunity to get used to the words and anticipate what their caregivers are going to say to them.  These books almost remind us of songs since they encourage children to predict the intonation and rhythm of speech as well. If you start to familiarize them with these books as infants, they will independently begin saying the target words as toddlers since they heard the same words over and over again throughout their first year.  Below are some of the ultimate books with repetitive lines that stimulate language development! You can even try starting the familiar phrases for your child and have them fill in the blanks.

Roman reading

Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See? – This story uses the same line repeatedly just replacing it with different animals. Not only will your child gain confidence as a reader and speaker since they know what words are coming up, but they will learn new animals along the way!  It’s also a great way to practice commenting using the starter phrase “I see…”.  It is great for generalization since there is also a Panda Bear version as well as a Polar Bear version by Bill Martin and Eric Carl.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – The beat of this book is so awesome it makes you want to dance!  It targets the letters of an alphabet in a fun way!  We often play the YouTube version of this book simultaneously using magnetic letters on a magnetic board or refrigerator to have the letters fall of the coconut tree.  It also teaches your children how to rhyme, which is a great pre-reading skill.

Going on a Bear Hunt – This may be our absolute favorite!  While people hike through thick wavy grass and tiptoe into dark narrow caves your child can practice fun sound effects and action words.  It’s also great for learning prepositions under, over, and through!  We personally love acting this story out!                                      

It looked Like Spilt Milk – Using your imagination is key for this book.  Children are presented with a white object on a blue background and are encouraged to comment on what it looks like.  We often do an art activity with this book by using blue construction paper and glue.  We spill glue on the paper and talk about what it looks like – great way to promote describing and increasing phrase length!

Pete the Cat Series – The main character in this book is of course Pete the Cat!   Our favorite one is “I Love My White Shoes”. There is actually a website that goes over the melody you should use while reading the book.  This really gets the kids into the story and emphasizes target words.  It’s so catchy you’ll be reciting it on your way to work!

Good Night Moon – You of course can’t beat this classic!  It’s a great book to include in you child’s bedtime routine.  In the book, they repeatedly say good night to things around the home.  You can generalize the skill by saying good night to novel items in your household.  Since it has become so popular, there is a huge variety of “Good Night” books ranging from “Good Night New York City” to “Good Night Construction Site”.


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