Week 12 – Let out that energy!

As we mentioned in our milestones blog, our teeny tiny 3 month olds can be quite the Engergizer bunnies!  They’re constantly kicking, flapping their arms, stretching, etc. to show off their newly learned moves and to show they’re excited. Here are some of our favorite physical activities to allow your baby to let out some energy – they can also benefit you as well!  We also find that the more you do during the day the more soundly they sleep at night!


Walking the streets of NY for baby and me exercise

Roman absolutely loves walks on the streets of NYC. He’s just a guy that’s always on the move!  Why not join that with some cardio for yourself?  Depending on the location, you work on powering walking, running, stretching, increasing strength, and toning while singing songs and engaging your babies in social activities.  It’s also a great way to meet other new mothers!  There are outdoor and indoor options depending on the program you choose.                                                                   

Fit 4 Mom

Mind Over Matter NYC – Boot Camp


Movin Mamas

Shape Up with Baby


Yoga Baby Class

Or perhaps you would like something more low-key.  Moms who previously did yoga or have no experience at all can attend these yoga classes.  I know it personally helped me regain strength in my body after giving birth.  There is an emphasis on strengthening your core in most classes, which is helpful for every mom out there!  A big plus is that it helps you find some peace in your busy day.  Baby yoga and singing is often included.  It also gives kiddos a chance to practice tummy time and socially interact with each other – what more can you ask for! Ohmmm

Pure Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Center


Swimming is a fun activity that let’s your baby practice kicking away with their flippers!  It’s also great because it is low impact exercise for you!  These lessons teach your child swim readiness and allows them to develop a love for the water. As they get older, it will teach our tots self-confidence, make them aware of water safety, and increase their strength.  We feel that the earlier they are exposed to swimming the better!

Asphalt Green

92Y Polliwogs

Physique Swimming

Swim Jim

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