Week 10 – Power of Smell!

When you incorporate all of your baby’s senses they get a fuller picture of the world around them.  This week’s tips focus on the olfactory sense. Babies are actually already born with a sharp sense of smell, but you can definitely build upon it by introducing new smells and fragrances.  Here are some possible ideas to introduce new smells…

Bag of Tricks Sense of Smell Gardens Post 10

Gardens and Nurseries – Take a trip to your local farm, nursery, or botanical garden to expose your child to a variety of colors and fragrances.  Carefully, put their head as close to the flowers as possible – roses, lavenders, etc.  Roman also loves trees especially if they are swaying back and forth in the wind – he is mesmerized!                                                                                      

Bag of Tricks Sense of Smell Orange and Citrus Post 10

Mealtime – When meals are being made bring your baby into the kitchen and talk about what is being made and what they smell. It’s even a great idea to bring their high chair into kitchen while meals are being prepared.  If you cut fruits such as citrus bring it close to their face shortly after you cut it.                                                                                   


Bag of Tricks Sense of Smell Massage and Oils Post 10

Massage – You can use a variety of essential oils such as lavender when you give your little ones a massage.  Just add a few drops to any type of oil to dilute it.  As you massage their body parts, talk about the smell. Another great fragrance includes peppermint (especially if they are not feeling well).                                                                                 


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