Week 9 – Bag of Tricks Ears are for Hearing!

In honor of our first music class with Roman, we wanted to focus on one of our 5 senses this week – hearing. Instinctually, children this young often get startled by loud noises such as garbage truck, a sneeze, cough, etc., but it’s great to gradually introduce a myriad of noises so their auditory system gets used to it and they develop a love for sounds.  It is always wise to show them and talk to them about what is making that noise so they begin to make the connection with what they hear and the source of the sound. You can of course use the radio, a traditional rattle, or toys that squeak like Sophie the Giraffe – but there are so many household items that can be turned into noisemakers as well. Make sure to vary the sounds so it is surprising and unexpected for your baby!  Here are some cool DIY activities below:

Shake Shake Shake – You can take a small box or can (without sharp edges of course!) and fill it up with items such as beans, buttons, etc.  If it doesn’t have a lid you can cover it up with felt or fabric using a rubber band.  Show them how you shake it and even physically prompt them to shake it to teach them cause and effect skills.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Crumple it up – I first saw this at the doctor’s office when the doctor ripped off a little bit of the paper the children lay on and put it in his hand when he was getting his shot.  It is so easy, yet so interesting to a newborn!  It’s always the things that cost $0 that make them the happiest!  Other items you can use are wax paper, cellophane, wrapping paper, aluminum foil, paper bag, etc.

Boom Boom – Find something that can be used as a “drumstick” (eg – wooden spoon, chopstick) in the house to bang on objects such as boxes or even pots!  Guess it all depends on how much noise you want to make – whether you wants to wake up the neighbors or not!  We also like to use empty plastic bins and containers (eg – coffee can, oatmeal container).  If the item vibrates when you hit it have them feel the vibration with their feet or hands.  You may also use your fingers, palms, or heel of your hand to tap the homemade instruments.  Try singing along too – it’s your very own band!  As they get older, you can even show them that different sized and shaped “drums” create different sounds that are deeper or more shallow!  Also try to vary the rhythm by making it faster vs. slower, louder vs. softer, etc.

Next week we will talk about sense of smell!


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